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RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 Commentary and Bracket

Are you ready for RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3? Yaaaas queen, you are.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 Bracket Commentary

See our commentary on the queens’ progress below.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3: Important Links

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RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 Spoilers: Trixie Wins

After the Final Four twist that sent two queens home at the hands of the jury of their queers, we were left with a finale lip sync of Kennedy vs. Trixie. The live challenge performance that led up to it was incredibly entertaining, and a lot of fun to watch. Those girls can dance.

With Trixie’s win, there are bound to be some people upset that Shangela wasn’t in the final two. It should have been Shangela’s, they say. Shangela was the second-best queen this season, and the best left, so perhaps. Let’s not lose sight of the fact, however, that there was one true winner this season, and it wasn’t Shangela. It was BenDeLaCreme. Trixie has the crown, Shangie has the fans, but this was Ben’s year, and she was the most deserving queen all year.

At least Trixie is an established, well-liked queen. Now on to Season 10.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 Spoilers: Morgan’s Second Elimination

BenDeLaCreme gave her Drag Race life so that her sisters may live. Of course, the one sister whom she restored to life in the game went right back out the door. An acting challenge was the order of the day.

Trixie: Clearly in the top two as Sharon Frockovich. Trixie got into it and delivered comedy.
Shangela: Also the other obvious top two contender, playing pie-making Actavia. Shangie knows how to deliver those punchy one-liners.
BeBe: Flat performance as The Queen. She’s a very regal queen, so you’d think it would work, but when it comes to delivering camp and bombastic acting, that’s not BeBe’s game.
Kennedy: Playing the role of La La, Kennedy was like a character on Snatch Game that has only one oft-repeated joke (just like she actually did on Snatch Game earlier this year.)
Morgan: She needed to go for the crazy as Beige Swan, but she never got off the runway.

A winner is crowned next week, and the far-and-away top two are Shangela and Trixie, with BeBe third. Ben was winning if she was there, but we have to break All Stars 3 into BC and AD: Ben Competing and After Dela. It’s a whole new show.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 Spoilers: Ben’s Self-Elimination

There was the Reddit T; there was the foreshadowing for weeks. And then, the moment we knew and feared finally came in the March 1 episode of All Stars. A victorious BenDeLaCreme, winner of five of six challenges, fell on the sword to save the other girls. Kind of like how Spock, the top performer of Star Trek, went into the radiation chamber in the Wrath of Khan to save the Enterprise.

Winning the lip sync (and it wasn’t close), and given the chance to bag one of the top five, Ben chose herself rather than eliminate one of her drag sisters. This ended arguably the most successful run in the her-story of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Morgan, the first queen out, will replace Ben. Will the winner of All Stars 3 be a legitimate winner? I suppose so, but let’s be honest: if Ben had not done this, she absolutely would have won. It would have been a bigger cakewalk than Alaska in All Stars 2. Instead, the only walk BenDeLaCreme took was off the plank.

Raise a glass in a toast to the dearly departed BenDeLaCreme. Whenever I hear Anaconda, I’ll think of you. Long live the Queen.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 Spoilers: Aja’s Elimination


(instant rimshot dot wav)

The only Season 9 queen on the show got the “pride goeth before the fall” edit, or more accurately, “pride goeth before the ball.” It was Aja’s time as BeBe won the lip sync over Trixie. You can’t win them all, Miss-Creme-if-I’m-nasty.

Aja went into the challenge boastfully, but got some harsh critiques from the judges. Shangela, in the top last week, was the second-most panned queen, landing in the bottom. Her soup can wasn’t her, and the runway look wasn’t disco. Well-composed, of course, but not disco. Trixie also finally made it to All Stars with her challenge win, serving Mattel realness. Werk, Trixie.

Once Aja and Shangela were the announced bottom two, it seemed probable that Aja was the one out the door. After several strong performances, she had an off-week and this was the end. Maybe, just maybe, Chad and Alaska brought her back for the Ru-venge.

I can’t be the only person who thought that a Diana Ross lip sync for the girl who just played Diana Ross was a gift wrap job for BeBe. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against BeBe, but can you hand-pick a challenge for one specific queen or what?

Episode 5 Power Rankings (Remaining Queens): BenDeLaCreme, BeBe, Shangela, Trixie, Kennedy.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 Spoilers: Chi Chi’s Elimination

For a Snatch Game episode, this was actually, dare I say it, disappointing. The winner was clearly BenDeLaCreme doing Paul Lynde, and it was a solid impersonation. Not so much in terms of the voice, but the mannerisms were absolutely perfect. Shangela was the second-best, though I was looking forward to seeing Miss Cleo.

It’s interesting to note that both times a man was done in Snatch Game, both of those queens won the Snatch Game. Not only that, but Ben is now the first queen ever to win the Snatch Game twice. You go girl.

Nobody else was memorable. Trixie’s RuPaul was badly underdeveloped. Grace Jones by BeBe was a nice also-ran character; not a winner and not a loser. Kennedy’s Phaedra Parks did nothing. I have no idea who Crystal Labeija is so I can’t compare it to the real thing, but it was another middle of the road performance. And then there’s Chi Chi’s Maya Angelou. From the beginning, it felt like Chi Chi’s egg timer was about to finally ding. This was her episode to go home and it always felt that way. The Snatch Game did nothing to change that impression, and in fact reinforced it. Well, at least you can’t be the next Roxxxy if you get cut before the finale.

HOWEVER, after the drama with Thorgy’s clandestine note, you thought Shangela was going to chop Trixie, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?

Ben is steamrolling this season more than Alaska did in hers. I really hope the tea isn’t true. If you don’t know what it is, and don’t want to, then don’t look it up.

Episode 4 Power Rankings (Remaining Queens): BenDeLaCreme, Shangela, Aja, BeBe, Trixie, Kennedy.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3: Milk’s Elimination

How do you solve a problem like BenDeLaCreme?

You don’t, because Ben is not a problem. Ben is a gag-worthy drag queen who has absolutely slayed the first three episodes. Three challenge wins in a row is how you know someone is bringing it. One bad week and you’re gone, but this is an impressive roll. The Cougar was the perfect Bitchelor personality for her and she killed.

As for Milk, well, you did want critiques, didn’t you? Trixie did a fine job on her own but Milk tanked the scene by going so far over the top, not to mention talking over Trixie. There’s a difference between “giving 100 percent” and being good. Just because you put the pedal to the medal doesn’t mean you’re doing well conveying your character. Milk was a One-Note Johnny that got her in the bottom, which is where she should have been last week. I’ll miss the delusions of grandeur, at least until the buyback episode (which is not next week, because it’s SNATCH GAME!)

Kennedy won the lip sync, in what I thought was a low-energy lip sync (to paraphrase The Donald), and while it was a fair top two, either Trixie or Shangela could have also laid claim to it. Trixie may have been top two if not paired with Milk. Shangela serving corn realness was inventive.

Meanwhile, Chi Chi is starting to take the Roxxxy Andrews track. If, however, she truly wants to have the Roxxxy experience, she’ll inexplicably get to the finale.

Finally, The Bitchelor was a great challenge and the runway was one of the best ever. Overall an extremely entertaining episode and I wish it was two and a half hours long.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3: Thorgy’s Elimination

Two weeks are in the books for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. Why do I find myself COMPLETELY UNABLE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE AT ALL TIMES?

Your big winner this week: Shangela, winner of the lip sync (which was pretty decent by both her and Dela). You can tell Dela is going to go for the schtick, but will she be able to ham her way all the way to the crown?

Aja’s Princess Disastah was miles better in Season AS3 than Season 9, but that’s not saying much. She didn’t even get to rub it in Valentina’s face, either.

Once again, Milk should have been in the bottom. Unimpressive last week, and unimpressive this week, but for whatever reason remains. I guess they figure they need a quote-unquote villain this season. Thorgy I could see in the bottom, and that’s what happened, but Kennedy wasn’t the second-worst queen this week. I didn’t get Celine Dion at all from Milk, and the runway was kind of flat. I mean, Mama Ru knows best I guess, but I feel like I was watching a different show tonight. To be fair, though, it wasn’t a great challenge. Part of me agrees with Thorgy that the deck was unevenly stacked how certain queens were arbitrarily selected for numbers. The Kardashian musical in Season 9 was better (*microphone drop in Julie Andrews’ voice*).

BenDeLaCreme remains at the top of our weekly All Stars power rankings. Two challenge wins in two weeks and the Comedy Queen is slaying.

Oh, and Alaska should appear in every episode.

Episode 2 Power Rankings (Remaining Queens): BenDeLaCreme, Shangela, Aja, BeBe, Trixie, Chi Chi, Kennedy, Milk.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3: Morgan’s Elimination

(Just so you know, there’s going to be a buyback a little later in the season.)

Here’s the real tea: The first episode of All Stars 3 was better than most of Season 9. RuPaul’s Best Friend Race it ain’t. These bitches are going for each other’s jugulars; the cutthroat mentality was missing last season. Not from everyone, but what we’ve already seen now is a bunch of queens that thirst for victory, a one-year supply of cosmetics, and one-hundred thousand doe-lars.

BenDeLaCreme and Aja KILLED the lip sync of Anaconda (and the pork chop wasn’t bad at its lip sync, either). It wasn’t until Macho Man and the finale in Season 9 that we saw high-level, competitive lip syncs. All Stars 3 started with one. Ben is staying in her lane being the comedy queen, and it worked in both the challenge and lip sync. Aja is already operating at a higher level than the Season 9 edition. They are not the only two who delivered in the first episode. The mystery tenth queen, Season 1 winner BeBe Zahara Benet, did a fine job, as did Shangela and the highly amusing Trixie Mattel.

I disagreed with the bottom two. Chi Chi definitely belonged there, and was my pick to go home first. Were RuPaul deciding, Chi Chi very well might have. Instead of Morgan, however, I’d have gone with Milk. The challenge routine was kind of boring and far from the most entertaining. Unfortunately, too many queens lip synced in the challenge, which made me appreciate the creativity of Trixie, Ben, and Thorgy to be different.

Episode 1 Power Rankings (Remaining Queens): BenDeLaCreme, Aja, BeBe, Shangela, Trixie, Thorgy, Kennedy, Milk, Chi Chi.

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3: The Queens

Aja: Season 9, 9th Place. Eliminated by Nina Bo’nina Brown lip syncing to “Finally” by CeCe Peniston.

BeBe Zahara Benet: Season 1 winner.

BenDeLaCreme: Season 6, 5th Place. Eliminated by Darienne Lake lip syncing to “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson.

Chi Chi DeVayne: Season 8, 4th Place. Eliminated in the final four lip sync to “The Realness” by RuPaul.

Kennedy Davenport: Season 7, 4th Place. Eliminated in the final four lip sync to “Born Naked” by RuPaul.

Milk: Season 6, 9th Place. Eliminated by Trinity K. Bonet in the “Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Pepa lip sync.

Morgan McMichaels: Season 2, 8th Place. Eliminated by Sahara Davenport in the lip sync to “Carry On” by Martha Wash.

Shangela: Season 2, 12th Place; Season 3, 6th Place. Eliminated in Season 2 by Sahara Davenport during the “Cover Girl” by RuPaul lip sync. Eliminated in Season 3 by Alexis Mateo in the lip sync to “Even Angels” by Fantasia Barrino.

Thorgy Thor: Season 8, 6th Place. Eliminated by Chi Chi DeVayne lip syncing to “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls.

Trixie Mattel: Season 7, 6th Place. Eliminated (the second time) by Ginger Minj in the lip sync to “Show Me Love” by Robin S.

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