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MLB Playoff Picture

The MLB Playoff Picture, including the latest bracket if the season ended today and the league-wide standings (with playoff seeds). Updated throughout the 2018 Major League Baseball season.

MLB Playoff Picture

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MLB Playoff Picture Bracket: If The Season Ended Today

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MLB Playoff Picture: Here’s What’s Going On, September 19

Boston is going to win the American League East and take ownership of the best record in baseball.

Their arch rivals, the Yankees, will also make the playoffs, despite recent efforts to piss away a substantial wild card advantage.

Atlanta is going to make their return to the postseason; no, they have not yet clinched, but they will make it.

The defending world champions, the Houston Astros, will make the playoffs again as well, but won’t do any better than the number two seed.

Oakland came out of nowhere this season and appear playoff-bound, but Tampa Bay is closing fast. The Rays’ problem is that they will eventually run out of season.

Los Angeles is emerging at the head of the NL West race; Colorado, in first a few days ago, might not make the playoffs at all.

The Chicago Cubs are the presumptive team to beat in the wide-open National League. Their NL Central might get three teams into the postseason.

MLB Playoff Picture: Are The Yankees Out of the AL East Race? August 26

The New York Yankees left Fenway Park a few weeks ago with their heads hanging in shame. They had been swept in four games by their mortal nemeses, the Boston Red Sox, and sat 9.5 games out of first. Boston’s lead recently grew to as much as 10.5 in the AL East. Now, the Red Sox have lost six of their last eight games, and their lead has been shaven to 6.5 games. Should the Yankees defeat the Orioles and complete a sweep, they will only be five games behind in the loss column.

Chances are things will normalize again for Boston soon. They only have 13 road games remaining out of 30 games to play, and they get some sub-.500 opponents like the White Sox, Marlins, Blue Jays, and Orioles. Meanwhile, the Yankees are coming up on a tough road trip to the West Coast (Oakland and Seattle), though they also have some easier opponents like Baltimore and the White Sox.

With six games left against Boston, anything is possible, but the Yankees let that deficit get too big. Whatever the case may be, both teams are on track for over 100 wins, which should make for an interesting AL postseason.

MLB Playoff Picture: Locks and Losers, August 16

Playoff Locks

Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Indians

Likely to Make Playoffs

New York Yankees
Houston Astros

Playoff Bubble Teams, But In

Oakland Athletics
Atlanta Braves
Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks
Milwaukee Brewers

Playoff Bubble Teams, But Out

Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals
Colorado Rockies
Los Angeles Dodgers

More Faint MLB Playoff Picture Hopes

Washington Nationals
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Francisco Giants

Done, Or Close To It

Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles
Minnesota Twins
Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Angels
Texas Rangers
New York Mets
Miami Marlins
Cincinnati Reds
San Diego Padres

MLB Playoff Picture: In The Hunt, August 1

AL West

Seattle Mariners 4 GB of Houston for first place
Oakland Athletics 5 GB of Houston

AL Wild Card

Oakland Athletics 1 GB of Seattle for second wild card

NL East

Atlanta Braves 0.5 GB of Philadelphia for first place
Washington Nationals 5.5 GB of Philadelphia

NL Central

Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers tied for first; Chicago ahead on percentage points
Pittsburgh Pirates 6 GB of Chicago and Milwaukee

NL West

Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers 0.5 GB of Arizona for first place
San Francisco Giants 5 GB of Arizona

NL Wild Card

Pittsburgh Pirates 3 GB of three teams for second wild card
St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants 4.5 GB for second wild card
Washington Nationals 5 GB for second wild card

MLB Playoff Picture: The Lowdown, July 21

All the power in baseball seems to be in the American League this season. The best team in the National League, the Chicago Cubs, had a .589 win percentage on the morning of July 21. Four American League teams had a better one: the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees, and Mariners. At least you can give the NL this: their worst teams (the Mets and Padres) are MUCH better than the AL’s worst teams (the Royals and Orioles).

It could take 95 wins to get a Wild Card in the American League the way things are going. Either the Yankees or Red Sox will be 100+ win teams that may find themselves in a one-and-done game. One of those two teams will complain about it, that you can bet, especially if they lose the game.

Once the trade deadline comes and goes, then we’ll know who’s a real contender and who isn’t.

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