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Hells Kitchen All Stars Commentary and Bracket

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This is your headquarters for commentary on Hells Kitchen All Stars.

Hells Kitchen All Stars Bracket Commentary

Below, you will find a bracket-like construct showing the progress of the season. This is similar to what we did on the Big Brother 19 page. Hopefully, unlike that season, Hells Kitchen All Stars won’t bite the big one.

Consider this your spoiler alert, because if it’s on the show, it will be here. We’re ready to go with commentary, and you likewise should be prepared to read it. It’s what works for everybody.

Hells Kitchen All Stars: Important Links

For more information on the show itself, visit Fox’s website for Hell’s Kitchen.

Mayhap you would like to see more about the show, and learn about the prior seasons for these contestants. That information comes from the Hell’s Kitchen Wikia site.

Hells Kitchen All Stars: Congratulations Michelle

Personally, I was rooting for Chef Nick, but Michelle is a deserving winner. Benjamin would have been as well.

Hell’s Kitchen is now closed. Pay your checks and get out.

Hells Kitchen All Stars: Milly’s Elimination

Hells Kitchen All Stars Bracket 3 Chefs Remaining

The final four became a final three, and the first ever three-chef finale. (There are two kitchens!? And only two translucent doors in Chef Ramsay’s office!?) It was Milly’s time, but it’s not like he had a bad day: Gordon Ramsay invited him to one of his restaurants in London. If you must know, Chef Milly was also hired in late 2016 at Gordon Ramsay’s Atlantic City restaurant at Caesar’s Palace. (Been there, and the food is excellent.) He’ll be alright.

First and fourth place were clear at the end of the episode: Nick (first) and Milly (last). Second and third between Benjamin and Michelle was a lot closer of a cut. Benjamin looked quite strong running the pass, and Nick improved markedly after missing the first sabotage. Nick also had to deal with some hiccups from his chefs on the line, but he held his composure throughout.

No question, this is the right final three given how the season has gone, and it’s a tough pick. Nick seems to be getting the “winner’s edit” but Benjamin and Michelle are quite the contenders. I won’t even venture a guess.

Hells Kitchen All Stars: Robyn’s Elimination

Hells Kitchen All Stars Bracket 4 Chefs Remaining

After weeks and weeks of just getting in under the wire, it was finally Robyn’s end in Hell’s Kitchen.

In the Final Five/Black Jackets round of this show, even minor mistakes can get a chef sent home. The only two that seemed not to make mistakes were Michelle and Nick. In fact, when Nick and Michelle ran out of Hell’s Kitchen to go on their reward, I said to myself “that’s as likely a final two as any.” This, of course, was before one of the other three got ejected. Then you remember that some finalist has to have Elise on their line. Feel for that person, won’t you?

Our man Nick was all tea, all shade tonight, showing the lovable sass of a possible All-Stars champion. You have to admit, he’s starting to get the “winner’s edit.” (Now watch him get sent home next week.) The dead weight is all gone, so even someone like Nick (who has arguably been the season’s top chef to date) can have one average service and go home. That’s what makes the end of the season so interesting and unpredictable.

As for Robyn, how about the end-of-episode nastiness with Milly? A generous helping of that was for the cameras, but now’s not the time to lose your composure.

Most likely to least likely to be eliminated next, in order: Benjamin, Milly, Michelle, Nick.

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