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College Hockey Rankings

Here are your Division I men’s college hockey rankings. We update the top 20 in Division I weekly during the college hockey season.

College Hockey Rankings

It’s not too early anymore to update the college hockey bracketology page. That is your place to find out who’s on their way to the tournament. This page right here is where you go to see our top 20. Please note: this is not an official poll, and is not affiliated with anyone outside Bracket Yard dot com. This is unofficial and not commissioned, but a damn fine work of college hockey polling. For one that’s better, you can compare this to the poll.

College Hockey Rankings Last Updated February 20, 2017

College Hockey Rankings: 1-10

1 St. Cloud State Huskies (NCHC)
2 Denver Pioneers (NCHC)
3 Cornell Big Red (ECAC)
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Big Ten)
5 Minnesota State Mavericks (WCHA)
6 Ohio State Buckeyes (Big Ten)
7 Providence Friars (Hockey East)
8 Minnesota Golden Gophers (Big Ten)
9 Clarkson Golden Knights (ECAC)
10 Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs (NCHC)

College Hockey Rankings: 11-20

11 Northeastern Huskies (Hockey East)
12 North Dakota Fighting Hawks (NCHC)
13 Michigan Wolverines (Big Ten)
14 Bowling Green Falcons (WCHA)
15 Northern Michigan Wildcats (WCHA)
16 Omaha Mavericks (NCHC)
17 Union Dutchmen (ECAC)
18 Penn State Nittany Lions (Big Ten)
19 Western Michigan Broncos (NCHC)
20 Boston University Terriers (Hockey East)

College Hockey Rankings: Also Considered

Boston College Eagles (Hockey East)
Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten)
Harvard Crimson (ECAC)
Maine Black Bears (Hockey East)

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: February 20, 2018

The two best teams in the country are again out of the NCHC, a conference that has six teams in the national Top 20. Cornell remains the ECAC’s best bet to win the whole thing this season, while the WCHA has a very good contender in Minnesota State. Speaking of the WCHA, three teams in the poll is a strong outcome for them.

We finally dumped an underwhelming Boston College team from the rankings, and coincidentally, being 21st in the nation is right where they are in the PairWise.

Don’t tell me Denver can’t win the whole thing again this season.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: January 29, 2018

Dropped: None.

Just Missed: Boston University, UMass-Lowell, Maine.

Here comes Omaha shooting up in the polls. With ten wins over teams that were ranked at the time they played, they are one of only five teams in college hockey that can say they have done that. The others are almost sure bets for the NCAA Tournament in March.

For a change, we dropped nobody from the Top 20 this week, but Boston University is as close as they have been to the rankings in months. Had they swept almost any other team but Arizona State, they just might be in today.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: January 22, 2018

Dropped: UMass-Lowell (17).

Just Missed: UMass-Lowell, Boston University, Maine.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: January 15, 2018

Dropped: Bowling Green (19), Colgate (20).

Just Missed: Bowling Green, Colgate, Maine.

Wisconsin could have very easily fallen out of the rankings had Bowling Green, Colgate, and Maine not blown it in their respective weekend games. New Hampshire may have also worked back into the rankings, except for the part where they’re in free fall.

Boston College maintains a tenuous hold on their own position, while Omaha, Michigan, and Minnesota-Duluth all made big pushes in the right direction. Clarkson would be a little higher had they more than five wins over ranked teams. Minnesota’s very difficult schedule it the only thing keeping them as high as they are.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: January 8, 2018

Dropped: New Hampshire (20).

Just Missed: New Hampshire, Michigan, Boston University.

The big shake-up came in the middle and bottom of the rankings, unlike this week’s college basketball top 25. There, the whole thing got scrambled.

Wisconsin may not be 20th, but they are very close to falling out of the rankings entirely. The same goes for Minnesota-Duluth, who are a bit more beloved by the PairWise Rankings than by us.

The top of the rankings feature some unmovable forces like St. Cloud State, Notre Dame, and Denver. It would be a surprise if at least one of those teams doesn’t get to the Frozen Four.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: December 31, 2017

Dropped: Bowling Green (18), Michigan (20).

Just Missed: Michigan, Bowling Green, Boston University, Northern Michigan.

Not all of the top teams in the nation got back into action by New Year’s Eve, but by next weekend, everyone is in the fight once again. The Omaha Mavericks collected two good wins against Union, getting them into the rankings for the first time this season. Meanwhile, if you root for a hockey team that plays in Durham, New Hampshire, you’re lucky they’re ranked at all.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: December 11, 2017

Dropped: Colgate (18), Michigan Tech (20).

Just Missed: Colgate, Omaha, Boston University.

We have a new number one in the nation. It’s hard to argue with what either Denver or St. Cloud State have done, but Notre Dame is on such a roll right now that denying them the top spot would show bias. This is the best team in the nation at the moment and I’m not sure who wants to play them.

Minnesota remains in the top ten because of the difficulty of their schedule. To date, the Golden Gophers have played 16 games in which the opponent was ranked. Winning half of them is still an accomplishment. Sure, it’s still too early to think of such things, but ninth is exactly where PairWise has Minnesota as well. Purely coincidence, I assure you.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: December 4, 2017

Dropped: UMass-Lowell (17).

Just Missed: Boston University, UMass-Lowell, Union, Bowling Green.

Yes, we’re still ranking Michigan Tech despite the fact that they have no votes in the USCHO poll. Their three wins over ranked teams is still important to us. Boston University with four is still out, however. A losing record is going to do that to you, but they’re not out by much.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: November 27, 2017

Dropped: Boston University (18).

Just Missed: Boston University, Omaha, Bowling Green.

We had to dump Boston University; there’s only so long we’ll let a team putt around with a losing record. The Terriers play a difficult schedule, but eventually, you have to win the games. They are not doing it, so down they went.

It surprised us, too, but we got Michigan Tech into this week’s poll. As it turns out, they’ve played a good slate and have three wins over ranked opponents. The Huskies also appear to be on the upswing.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: November 20, 2017

Dropped: Harvard (15) and Northern Michigan (18).

Just Missed: Northern Michigan, Bowling Green, Michigan State, Harvard.

Harvard had to go from the rankings being 2-5, and frankly, we damn well could have dropped Boston University for being 6-7. The latter are still in because they’ve played a tough schedule and navigated it satisfactorily.

The top three just about broke even, but there’s no doubt the NCHC is going to be a prize fight.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: November 14, 2017

Dropped: Quinnipiac (16) and Colorado College (19).

Just Missed: Boston College, UMass-Lowell, Colorado College.

If you come at the king, you best not miss. St. Cloud State were the kings, and Denver swept them away, installing themselves as the top team in the nation. Other teams that impressed in the past week include Minnesota State, Cornell, and Notre Dame.

Boston College was a near-miss after going on a five-game win streak.

College Hockey Rankings Analysis: November 6, 2017

Just Missed: Penn State, Bemidji State, Michigan.

St. Cloud State deserves their number one ranking, being 7-0 with a 5-0 record against ranked teams. Next, we have Minnesota, who are 4-3 against teams that were ranked at the time they played. Denver fell backwards a bit, and right behind them are Minnesota State. I understand we have them elevated from the USCHO poll, but the Mavericks are 4-1 against ranked competition. They have played a difficult schedule and earned a spot as high as fifth. Pushing them over Denver would have been a bit much, but this is a good place for them.

Harvard, we can’t quite get there yet with a 2-1-0 overall record, so ninth is the best it gets. As for undefeated Cornell, we were willing to go higher than 12th, but their degree of schedule difficulty did not justify it.

Boston University remains ranked despite a losing record. The Terriers have played a tough slate so far, as have the .500 Quinnipiac Bobcats.

Getting down towards the end, Western Michigan belongs in the Top 20. We then had five teams for two spots: Colorado College, Ohio State, Penn State, Bemidji State, and Michigan. Ohio State has a little more quality than Penn State to this early point. Unlike the real poll, we put Colorado College in ahead of both based on the Tigers’ having wins over New Hampshire and North Dakota.

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