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College Basketball Rankings

These are The Bracket Yard’s college basketball rankings. Who’s in our Top 25 in the nation this week when it comes to men’s college basketball?

College Basketball Rankings Top 25

Over the course of the regular season, we will track the rankings. Yet, we also track college basketball bracketology (this is a brackets website, after all).

Please kindly note that this is our website’s poll and nothing officially sanctioned by anyone, anywhere, ever. For the real college basketball polls, you can go here.

College Basketball Rankings Last Updated February 20, 2018

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: 1-5

1 Virginia Cavaliers (ACC)
2 Villanova Wildcats (Big East)
3 Michigan State Spartans (Big Ten)
4 Xavier Musketeers (Big East)
5 Duke Blue Devils (ACC)

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: 6-10

6 Kansas Jayhawks (Big 12)
7 Purdue Boilermakers (Big Ten)
8 Texas Tech Red Raiders (Big 12)
9 Cincinnati Bearcats (American)
10 Auburn Tigers (SEC)

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: 11-15

11 North Carolina Tar Heels (ACC)
12 Arizona Wildcats (Pac-12)
13 Wichita State Shockers (American)
14 Gonzaga Bulldogs (WCC)
15 Clemson Tigers (ACC)

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: 16-20

16 Michigan Wolverines (Big Ten)
17 Ohio State Buckeyes (Big Ten)
18 Tennessee Volunteers (SEC)
19 Rhode Island Rams (A-10)
20 Saint Mary’s Gaels (WCC)

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: 21-25

21 West Virginia Mountaineers (Big 12)
22 Houston Cougars (American)
23 Nevada Wolf Pack (MWC)
24 Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders (C-USA)
25 Florida State Seminoles (ACC)

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: February 19, 2018 Also Considered

Arizona State Sun Devils (ACC)
UCLA Bruins (Pac-12)
Creighton Bluejays (Big East)
Kentucky Wildcats (SEC)

This is an educational missive on the difference between bracketology and the rankings. Case #1: Michigan State. Their ranking says they should be a number one seed, but their RPI and strength of schedule say they should be a two or a three. Case #2: Gonzaga. I don’t think as much of the Zags as the other bracketologists do, or the real-life poll voters do, but we still have them ranked 14th. Yet, we also have them as barely a five seed, and that’s rather generous considering their 155th strength of schedule and three “Quadrant 1” wins. Case #3: Middle Tennessee. Welcome the Blue Raiders to our poll, everybody. Despite being 24th in the nation here and elsewhere, you’ll find them at 47th in our S-curve. That makes them the top-rated 12 seed.

Resumes are the only thing of importance on Selection Sunday. We have seen ranked teams in lesser conferences on the bubble in prior years. There is no iron-clad correlation, but in some cases, it works. Virginia and Villanova are the two best teams in the country, and both will be one seeds. Here Nevada is almost where they are in our S-curve. Clemson, Texas Tech, Rhode Island, and Cincinnati are all in the ballpark. The moral of the story: don’t look here if you want proof of a team’s tournament seed.

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: February 5, 2018 Just Missed

Florida (Dropped: 22), Arizona State (Dropped: 25), Seton Hall, Washington, Kansas State.

Let’s talk about Arizona State for a minute. At one point, they were the number three team in the country. Now, they are unranked, and soon they may be in danger of missing the NCAA Tournament altogether. That’s quite a collapse, which is not yet complete. It will take a few more losses for that to happen, but the most likely scenario is that the Sun Devils find themselves as a high-number at-large seed, maybe an eight.

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: January 29, 2018 Just Missed

Seton Hall (Dropped: 21), TCU (Dropped: 24), Kansas State, Miami.

We are probably not very popular with fans of the West Coast Conference. After all, I don’t think as much of their teams as some of the voters do. If you look at our most recent bracketology, we have both Gonzaga and Saint Mary’s hanging around the middle of the field of 68. At least we ranked them somewhat generously here.

Down South, the SEC looks like a decent conference, and much better than in recent years. They could get seven teams (or more) into the Big Dance if everything breaks their way. In 2017, the SEC had five bids. That was an improvement over the three they received in 2016.

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: January 17, 2018 Just Missed

Texas A&M (Dropped: 15), Miami (Dropped: 19), Creighton (Dropped: 22), Notre Dame, Baylor.

We will go into this more as the 2017-18 season unfolds, and its exciting conclusion comes to a head, but marinate on this: there are a bunch of very good teams, but no great teams. This season has no standout school that appears to be the favorite. Any team is beatable on any given night. Even the blue bloods have taken a few lumps. Get ready for a March free-for-all.

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: January 8, 2018 Just Missed

Baylor, Notre Dame, Florida State, St. Mary’s, Arkansas.

2017-18 College Basketball Rankings: January 1, 2018 Just Missed

Florida State, Clemson, Notre Dame, UCLA, Saint Mary’s.

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