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AFL Finals Series Picture

This is the home of the AFL Finals Series picture, building up and filling out the bracket before the 2017 Grand Final.

AFL Finals Series Picture

The 2017 AFL Premiership season is over, and the Finals Series is about to begin. Come back to The Bracket Yard over the course of September to watch the advance of the teams. The Adelaide Crows, with 62 points, were the Minor Premiers of 2017.

AFL Finals Series Picture: Important Links

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If you’re an American and you’re thinking, “why don’t they play this here?” they do! Visit the USAFL page.

In the event you became confused and wanted American football, check out the college football bowl projections.

AFL Finals Series Picture: Important Dates

Week One of the Finals Series (Qualifying/Elimination Finals) takes place between September 7-9.

The second week of the AFL Finals Series (Semi-Finals) occurs on September 15-16.

Expect the third week of the Finals Series (Preliminary Finals) on September 22-23.

Finally, the 2017 AFL Grand Final takes place on September 30 at 2:30pm AEST (12:30am EDT in America).

AFL Finals Series Picture: The Bracket

2017 AFL Finals Series 9-23-17

AFL Finals Series Picture: Analysis Through Week Three

Two more blowouts en route to the Grand Final. The Adelaide-Geelong match was particularly surprising, with the Crows winning by 61. Adelaide and Geelong were the two best teams this year, and the Crows tossed them out like some ladder bottom-feeder. One has to consider them a strong favorite to win the premiership.

As for Richmond, congratulations are in order. This is their first Grand Final appearance since 1982. Their last win was in 1980 when they demolished Collingwood in the final match. Adelaide last hoisted the trophy in 1998, beating North Melbourne in the Grand Final that year. Either way, someone will win for the first time in a long time. We can only hope that this last contest features excitement. It might not, though: in their only meeting, Adelaide beat Richmond by 76.

AFL Finals Series Picture: Analysis Through Week Two

The preliminary finals are set, and it was the four top teams escaping in the end. Adelaide draws Geelong in the first match, while Richmond takes on Greater Western Sydney in the other.

Maybe we shouldn’t bring it up, but both matches stunk. This is after a first round where three of the four contests were blowouts. The AFL has a bit of a problem on their hands from an entertainment perspective. Yet, from a match perspective, these are the four best teams, and the probability is higher for decent matches. There is little sense in analyzing the two semifinals as they were so lopsided that it doesn’t matter.

AFL Finals Series Picture: Analysis Through Week One

There were a few embarrassing losses in the first week for several Finals teams. In fact, most of the four were. Geelong lost by 51, GWS scored just 48, and Essendon fell by 55. Only one match was a thriller at the end: Port Adelaide vs. West Coast. Two periods of extra time settled this one, with Luke Shuey kicking the winning goal in walk-off fashion in the second extra period. Shuey drew a free kick after a takedown, and didn’t miss.

Adelaide and Richmond are both one win away from the Grand Final. The Crows draw the winner of the Sydney-Geelong contest, and Richmond takes on Greater Western Sydney or West Coast.

Most of the matches were blowouts, and before you say it can’t continue: look at the 2016 NFL playoffs. The Super Bowl was one of only a handful of competitive games. At least the AFL had Port Adelaide-West Coast early.

AFL Finals Series Picture: Teams Head-To-Head (Premiership Season Results)

Adelaide vs. Richmond: ADE defeated RICH in Round 6, 140-64 (21.14-10.4).

Greater Western Sydney vs. Richmond: GWS defeated RICH in Round 9, 78-75 (11.12-10.15). RICH defeated GWS in Round 18, 64-45 (9.10-6.9).

Adelaide vs. Geelong: GEEL defeated ADE in Round 11, 96-74 (13.18-10.14). ADE defeated GEEL in Round 18, 91-70 (13.13-10.10).

Greater Western Sydney vs. West Coast: GWS won both meetings — Round 10, 98-90 (14.14-14.6) and Round 22, 81-60 (12.9-9.6).

Sydney vs. Geelong: SYD defeated GEEL in Round 20, 107-61 (16.11-8.13).

Adelaide vs. Greater Western Sydney: ADE defeated GWS in Round 1, 147-91 (22.15-14.7).

Port Adelaide vs. West Coast: WCE defeated PA in Round 7, 97-87 (15.7-12.15). PA defeated WCE in Round 16, 120-88 (18.12-13.10).

Sydney vs. Essendon: SYD defeated ESS in Round 14, 86-85 (11.20-12.13).

Geelong vs. Richmond: GEEL defeated RICH in Round 21, 80-66 (11.14-9.12).

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