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The Bracket Yard Daily 4-1-21 DH Rule Reaves Flopping

College Basketball

The Bracket Yard Daily, April 1, 2021: DH Rule, Reaves, CFB Flopping

No funny business around here.

We out ourselves as not being baseball purists and Oklahoma is losing a key player as we get to the first Daily of April. (No, this is not an April Fools edition because we don’t have the time or patience for the hate mail.)

Top Sports Stories

[MLB] There Is Little “Joyful” About Pitchers Hitting

As we embark on baseball’s Opening Day, The Guardian lamented today that the Designated Hitter Rule is likely to extend to the National League beginning next year. We are fans of the change. Purists will say that the way the NL plays is “true” baseball, but let’s consider a few things. Yes, seeing a pitcher like Bartolo Colon jack a homer is a rare delight, but how many proverbial frogs do we have to kiss before we find the prince?

For example, 2019 was the last season to date in which the National League had no DH. The first team alphabetically, the Arizona Diamondbacks, saw their entire pitching staff hit five home runs, bat in 23 runs, and strike out 145 times. Atlanta Braves pitchers hit no homers, totalled 14 RBI, and hit .101 as a unit with 159 strikeouts. Even the World Series champion Washington Nationals saw their pitching staff hit one homer on a .132 batting average, striking out 135 times. It’s not a “joy,” it’s a free out.

So we won’t see too many more double-switches. I think I can survive.

If you want to see our 2021 MLB predictions, today would be a good day to do it.

[CBB] Austin Reaves to Declare for NBA Draft

Austin Reaves, a senior guard for the Oklahoma Sooners, has declared for the 2021 NBA Draft. In his final game for Oklahoma, he scored 27 in a losing effort against the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

The 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons have been revelations for Reaves, with his last season being his best, averaging 18.3 points per game. At this point, however, it’s not seeming like he projects as a lottery pick, but there is time for that to change.

[CFB] A Plan to Penalize Fake Injuries

It’s behind a paywall, but The Athletic has some things to say about a new proposal within college football to punish teams for creating faux injuries. For example, a player taking a dive and faking being hurt to buy his team a free timeout. Under the new plan, that would be a penalty.

What took them so long? The NHL has a penalty for embellishment; college football can learn from that.

Games of the Day

[MLB] It’s Opening Day

[NHL] Minnesota vs. Vegas
[NBA] Denver vs. LA Clippers
[NHL] Washington vs. NY Islanders

5 Good Sports Links

  1. [NFL]Michael Strahan Announces He’s Closed His Iconic Tooth Gap,” Huffpost (Josephine Harvey) – a possible April Fools prank, if you are looking for one
  2. [NHL]Buffalo Sabres snap 18-game winless streak with victory over Philadelphia Flyers,” ESPN (Greg Wyshynski)
  3. [NFL] How Will a 17-Game Season Impact NFL Record Books?,” The Ringer (Riley McAtee)
  4. [CFB]Supreme Court Seems Ready to Bank Payments to Student-Athletes,” New York Times
  5. [NFL]Two more lawsuits filed against Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson, pushing total to 21,” ESPN (Sarah Barshop)

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