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2021 MLB Predictions


2021 MLB Predictions: Standings and Playoffs

Beat LA?

The 2021 MLB predictions for the standings and World Champions: because we have nothing better to do.

Who will win the 2021 World Series? Opening Day is April 1.

Sometime around Halloween of this year, one team out of the 30 in Major League Baseball will hoist the World Series trophy, pop champagne, and get a parade. A lot of sports talking heads think that it will be the Los Angeles Dodgers, the 2020 World Series champs. Perhaps it will be then, but it may not even be a cakewalk for them within their own division.

Today, with the season just about to start, we will predict the final standings in each division. Then, because we intend to (probably) make complete asses of ourselves, we will predict the entire postseason. This is more of a therapeutic exercise for us than anything else, as the probability of getting everything correct is very low.

One thing we are not going to do this time around is give full standings predictions. We’re not that hardcore.

2021 MLB Predictions: American League

Asterisk (*) represents a Wild Card team. Number in parenthesis (#) represents playoff seeding.

2021 AL East Standings Prediction

1New York Yankees (1)
2Toronto Blue Jays* (5)
3Tampa Bay Rays
4Boston Red Sox
5Baltimore Orioles

2021 AL Central Standings Prediction

1Chicago White Sox (3)
2Minnesota Twins* (4)
3Cleveland Indians
4Kansas City Royals
5Detroit Tigers

2021 AL West Standings Prediction

1Houston Astros (2)
2Oakland Athletics
3Los Angeles Angels
4Texas Rangers
5Seattle Mariners

2021 MLB Predictions: National League

2021 NL East Standings Prediction

1Atlanta Braves (2)
2New York Mets* (5)
3Washington Nationals
4Philadelphia Phillies
5Miami Marlins

2021 NL Central Standings Prediction

1St. Louis Cardinals (3)
2Milwaukee Brewers
3Chicago Cubs
4Cincinnati Reds
5Pittsburgh Pirates

2021 NL West Standings Prediction

1Los Angeles Dodgers (1)
2San Diego Padres* (4)
3Arizona Diamondbacks
4San Francisco Giants
5Colorado Rockies

2021 MLB Playoffs Prediction

Wild Card

American League WC(4) Minnesota Twins def. (5) Toronto Blue Jays
National League WC(4) San Diego Padres def. (5) New York Mets

Division Series

ALDS-A(1) New York Yankees def. (4) Minnesota Twins, 3-0
ALDS-B(2) Houston Astros def. (3) Chicago White Sox, 3-2
NLDS-A(1) Los Angeles Dodgers def. (4) San Diego Padres, 3-2
NLDS-B(3) St. Louis Cardinals def. (2) Atlanta Braves, 3-1

Championship Series

ALCS(1) New York Yankees def. (2) Houston Astros, 4-2
NLCS(1) Los Angeles Dodgers def. (3) St. Louis Cardinals, 4-1

2021 World Series

WS(AL1) New York Yankees def. (NL1) Los Angeles Dodgers, 4-3

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