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The Bracket Yard Daily 3-26-21 Bears Oklahoma Raptors

College Football

The Bracket Yard Daily, March 26, 2021: Dalton, Sooners, Raptors

Locking it in.

The Chicago Bears went from aiming high to aiming eh (shakes hand), and we size up Lincoln Riley stalling a transfer in the Friday Daily.

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[NFL] Chicago Quarterback Situation Generates Polite Applause At Best

It’s late March. The 2021 NFL season begins in September. So why did the Chicago Bears name their starting quarterback, Andy Dalton, now?

First, they let four-year starter Mitch(ell) Trubisky walk after having traded up one whole spot and giving up three picks to get him. Then, they appeared to have struck out on a Russell Wilson trade, which may still happen but looks less likely by the day (for Chicago). Finally, Da Bears settled on Andy Dalton, a former star in Cincinnati who is on the wrong side of 30 and appears to be in decline.

We will give him a break in that he went from a team with no pressure to win (Bengals) to all the pressure possible to win (Cowboys) to one that on a bad day might still take Mike Ditka and Dick Butkus back. Nevertheless, Bill Swerski and the Superfans must be sulking, looking at each other and wondering what’s happened, because Lord knows the rest of the fanbase isn’t tickled.

[CFB] Is Lincoln Riley “Right” About Blocking Transfer?

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley is standing in the way of quarterback Chandler Morris’ transfer to conference rival TCU. It’s been two months since the transfer, but Riley still has yet to formally release Morris from his obligation to the Sooners.

Whenever this happens, there is always an outcry from somewhere in the college football world that the coach is being mean. We decided to look at the facts and make our own conclusion. What Riley is doing is within the boundaries of what a head coach can do, so there is nothing against the rules, but is it unsportsmanlike? From his perspective, he is losing a quarterback to a conference rival and has the right to do what’s in the best interest of his team, not necessarily the player.

Is Riley being a jerk to the player not letting him walk? On a personal level, probably, but we can at least see his point of view. What Morris is doing isn’t like an NFL player leaving in free agency; it’s more like a team refusing to trade a player who wants out. It does happen, and while Lincoln Riley is not doing the “nice” thing, he is trying to protect the Sooners’ interests.

[NBA] Raptors Get Too Personal

In a season that has gone sideways for the Toronto Raptors, NBA champions just two years ago, now they can add an aggressive incident between the coach and a player to the list. Nick Nurse reportedly got heated with Pascal Siakam and a number of nasty words were exchanged. Nothing was on camera, and you know the team will never tell the whole story (or any of it), but let’s put it this way: you don’t see problems boiling over on a team that’s doing well.

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