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The Bracket Yard Daily 3-25-21 NHL Ref Snyder MLB


The Bracket Yard Daily, March 25, 2021: NHL Ref, Dan Snyder, MLB Pitchers

Shoulda kept that one to yourself.

How to lose your job as a referee in one sentence and an NFL team about to push aside its lesser owners, all in the Thursday Daily.

Top Sports Stories

[NHL] NHL Referee Fired Following Hot Mic Incident

Seems to me that a good way to get fired from a job as a sports official is to state explicit bias against one of the teams. This is what happened in the case of Tim Peel, now-former NHL referee, who was caught on microphone earlier this week saying that he called a ticky-tack penalty against the Nashville Predators merely because he felt like screwing the Preds.

You know how you say that this ref and that umpire have it in for your team? Well, if you’re a Nashville hockey fan, this one actually did.

[NFL] Snyder to Gain Iron Grip Over Washington Football Team

Bad news, Washington fans: Not only does Dan Snyder still own your football team, he now owns ALL of it as long as approved by the league. Snyder will buy out the team’s minority stakeholders after the sides worked out a deal. Such a thing was necessary because the majority owner (Snyder) and the minority owners (including FedEx) had no love lost.

With no dissenting voices left in the room, the NFC East champion WFT will now surely enter a new golden age. That, or be just as dysfunctional as it was before, but with less blame to spread.

[MLB] Baseball Going on Anti-Ball Doctoring Crusade

It’s one thing for a pitcher to scuff up a ball, and it’s another to use a foreign substance (think The Naked Gun scene where Frank Drebin is searching a pitcher and he finds a tub of Vaseline in his cap). Major League Baseball sent out a strongly-worded (we assume) memo that they are going to drop the hammer on pitchers using substances on the ball, and that they can use pitch-tracking software to figure out who’s doing it.

Living in the future has its perks, unless you are a pitcher doctoring a baseball, then you’re boned.

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