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The Bracket Yard Daily 3-24-21 Sweet 16 NHL Draft WCBB

College Basketball

The Bracket Yard Daily, March 24, 2021: 16 Teams Left, NHL, Women’s Tourney

15 of them are going to lose.

There are some big changes coming to the way the NHL runs their draft lottery, and how do we rate the remaining teams standing in March Madness? It’s the Wednesday Daily.

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[CBB] How Would We Rank The Remaining 16 March Madness Teams?

Just sixteen teams are left out of over 300 in this college basketball season. One of them will be the 2021 national champion. We won’t have to wait more than a few weeks to find out, but clearly, not all teams enter the regional rounds with equal odds. Inspired by this USA Today piece, we have power ranked the teams from 1-16 based on who we think is most likely to least likely to win the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

  1. Gonzaga
  2. Baylor
  3. Michigan
  4. Alabama
  5. Arkansas
  6. Loyola-Chicago
  7. Florida State
  8. Houston
  9. USC
  10. Oregon
  11. Syracuse
  12. UCLA
  13. Creighton
  14. Villanova
  15. Oregon State
  16. Oral Roberts
[NHL] Changes Coming to NHL Draft Lottery

There are bad teams and then there are bad teams that get screwed in the Draft Lottery. The NHL aims to make it easier for the worst team to win, but not too often.

As of this year’s draft, the worst overall team in the NHL cannot draft worse than third; it used to be fourth. Starting next season (2022 NHL Draft), the number of teams participating in the lottery will drop by five to 11, and there will be a restriction stating that a team cannot place first three or more times over a five-year stretch; no such curb exists now. This will increase the odds of the worst team getting a high draft pick, but will disincentivize tanking too often for picks (like anyone wants to tank multiple years).

[WBB] Bad Call Potentially Costs Women’s Team A Round of 32 Bid

The women’s basketball tournament is taking place alongside the men’s tournament, and they have just as much drama and excitement as on the men’s side. They also have the same heartbreak and questionable officiating. Troy, a 15-seed, was down two in the closing seconds while Texas A&M inbounded the ball. The refs missed a blatant over-and-back on the Aggies but didn’t miss the foul that sent A&M to the free throw line to seal the game. March can be wonderful, but also a cruel mistress.

Games of the Day

[NBA] Brooklyn at Utah: Possible NBA Finals preview.

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  1. [NFL] The Winners and Losers of NFL Free Agency,” The Ringer (Danny Heifetz)
  2. [NBA]Luka Garza’s College Legacy Speaks for Itself. Will It Matter in the NBA?,” (Jeremy Woo)
  3. [GOLF] This Twitter thread from a PGA Tour caddie will make you think twice about becoming a PGA Tour caddie,” Golf Digest (Brian Wacker)
  4. [NFL]1 Offseason Move Every NFL Team Could Regret,” Bleacher Report (Chris Roling)
  5. [TENN]Model Natalija Scekic: I was offered $70,000 for Novak Djokovic sextortion plot,” New York Post/ (Tyson Otto)

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