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The Bracket Yard Daily 3-13-21 Bracketology Robot Umpires Ewing

College Basketball

The Bracket Yard Weekend, March 13-14, 2021: Bracketology, Robotic Umps, Ewing

The light at the end of the season’s tunnel.

It’s not March Madness and thankfully it’s not March Sadness. It’s March (Expletive) Insanity. Bracketology is almost over, but the NCAA Tournament is almost here.

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[CBB] Final Bracketology Updates of 2021

Sunday evening is when all bracketology stops and filling in brackets begins. It’s been a long few months tracking these teams and compiling brackets, but it’s time for the Big Dance.

The final bracketology release on this website comes on Sunday morning, Selection Sunday.

We are getting a clearer picture as to who will be in it of the teams that are playing. However, we know Duke is a non-participant and both Virginia and Kansas were bounced from their tournaments because of COVID tests. Both are possible Elite Eight teams so if neither one is able to go on, that would be an earthquake. Hopefully it’s just those two and remember, everyone was kept out of the NCAA Tournament last season.

Wichita State saved themselves with a win over South Florida which was much tougher than it had to be. That won’t escape the committee, though.

Seton Hall is done after losing to Georgetown, but now the bubble has a replacement problem: Georgetown might steal a bid on Saturday.

Speaking of the Invasion of the Bid Snatchers, Oregon State, hello. They are in the Pac-12 title game after upsetting Oregon.

SMU had not played in forever, and they are done with their loss to Cincinnati. It was not worth the wait for the Mustangs.

Oklahoma State beat Baylor and looks like a legitimate Final Four contender. They could peak out at a 2 seed if they win the Big 12 Tournament and a few other things go their way.

Is Rick Pitino going to make the tournament again, this time with Iona? Some guys just “have it,” and he’s still one of them.

Ole Miss lost to LSU in a tight game and that may do it for them. They may well have moved into our field had they won, but their forward momentum did not push them far enough, even with the bubble folding around them.

[MLB] Minor Leagues to Test Artificial Umpires

Well, you know what they say, the Minor Leagues are often the guinea pigs for rule changes to be implemented in the Bigs. This latest one has been mentioned by certain fans for a long time: robotic umpires.

You can see why: they in theory will not miss calls like a play at second base or have an adjustable strike zone. Is the technology advanced enough? We’re about to find out, at least on the home plate part. The testing ground will be low-A ball.

No robo-umpire would be complete without having been programmed to jaw back at managers, so perhaps that will be the next innovation. Oh, wait, it’s not ACTUALLY a physical robot standing on the field. Never mind.

[CBB] Is Patrick Ewing REALLY Getting Hassled by MSG Security?

The Huffington Post has reported that a key member of Knicks lore has been getting sassed – at Madison Square Garden, of all places. The report states that security has been stopped him repeatedly.

I realize some of the young’ins working with event security at the Garden may not have all the backstory, but to most people who have set foot at MSG, there was once a time when Patrick Ewing practically owned the place. The guy was a Knicks franchise icon, and by the way, he still is. Do your job and keep the place safe, sure, but ya know, don’t you know who he is?

Games of the Weekend

[CBB] Every remaining conference tournament is coming to an end, leading to Selection Sunday – if you can’t find a good game to watch, we can’t help you

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