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The Bracket Yard Daily 3-12-21 Bracketology Texas Rangers Saban

College Basketball

The Bracket Yard Daily, March 12, 2021: Bracketology, Texas Rangers, Saban

Pop, pop, pop.

It was a wild Thursday in college basketball, leaving us no time to waste in Friday’s Daily.

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[CBB] March 12 Bracketology Update

Selection Sunday is two days away. By Monday, we’ll be filling out brackets instead of talking about who should be in them. Thursday was a critical day in figuring out who those 68 teams would be. The below represents a cross-section of that action, and bubbles are popping.

Duke was bounced out of the ACC Tournament due to a positive COVID test within their program. It’s a shame for them and I would not want it to happen to my school. However, their chances of making the tournament were unrealistic, anyway, and they put themselves in a difficult position with an 11-11 regular season.

Oklahoma State played themselves up to a three seed by beating West Virginia. This is a very dangerous team and not one I would want to see in my region.

Villanova lost to Georgetown and have probably dropped to a four.

Virginia won on a buzzer beater over Syracuse and maintained themselves as a four. The Orange are right on the borderline and need some help.

Maryland defeated Michigan State to secure themselves. Michigan State may fall to the last four in but should still make it.

Georgia Tech is playing for seeding now in the Dance. Might they be up to a 10 or even a nine?

Seton Hall still has a pulse after beating St. John’s, but there is still work to do. The Johnnies are done.

UCLA lost in the Pac-12 Tournament and they’re going to cost themselves seeding. Their placement on Sunday might not be pretty.

Boise State lost and that might be it for them, but it’s not completely over yet. They need there to be no bid-stealers and for other bubble teams to melt down this weekend.

[MLB] Texas Rangers to Allow Full Capacity This Season

Professional sports leagues are thinking about the post-COVID world. There is reason to believe that next year, we will be there. Some places think that time is 2021. It should come to nobody’s surprise that Texas wants to be the state to spearhead that in the United States; you may be thrilled about it or not.

In any event, as of today, the Rangers intend to allow a capacity crowd at Globe Life Field on Opening Day April 5th. Should they pull it off on Easter Monday, they would be the first Big Four sports team to fully reopen to fans. Those in the stands will be required to wear masks in most circumstances during the game.

Again, you may love that the Texas Rangers are doing it, and that the state is allowing it, or you may really, really not. COVID has little gray area these days. Either way, should you find yourself at a sporting event this year, be smart, be safe, and be well.

[NFL] Is Nick Saban Right About College Football Playoff?

In college football, it’s Nick Saban’s world and many, many other people just occupy it. He recently stated in an interview that as the College Football Playoff has expanded, it has reduced the impact of the “lesser” bowl games. If the CFP does expand again, it’s going to further harm those bowls, like the Independence, Poinsettia, Armed Forces, and all the rest.

He is right that they cannot necessarily “coexist,” as he says, if the field continues to expand. The Bracket Yard is on board with an eight-team playoff and some system of working in some of the “lesser” bowls to the first round. Yes, if the playoff grows beyond that, it will be an existential threat to “bowl season” as we know it, but even if it does, that’s a long way away. Look how long it took college football as a monolithic entity to get behind four teams. We are not at eight yet and likely won’t be for a little while. A playoff so big that it destroys bowl season is years off.

Games of the Day

[CBB] Seriously, just turn your TV on and watch the conference tournaments.

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  5. [CBB]As committee gauges its protocols, all a team needs to play in NCAA tournament is five healthy players,” ESPN (Associated Press)

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