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The Bracket Yard Daily 2-25-21 Bracketology CBB Yankees

College Basketball

The Bracket Yard Daily, Feb. 25, 2021: Bracketology Update, CBB’s Big Day, Yankees

Hoops all over the place.

College basketball’s endgame for the 2020-21 season is coming into focus, and that’s where we begin The Bracket Yard Daily for Feb. 25.

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[CBB] Bracketology Mini-Update: Tuesday night was a very good night for a handful of teams on the bubble, like Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Richmond, and Ole Miss. Wednesday night was a very bad night for some teams on the bubble, like Indiana, Seton Hall, and Xavier.

Keep in mind also that we still have teams like Stanford, Michigan State, and Wichita State out but very much in contention. Not all of them are going to make the tournament unless teams “in” the field start falling out, and it helps that others like St. John’s and Syracuse seem to be falling back. It may be great for Duke and Sparty to be surging like Wichita State and Georgia Tech are, but not everyone gets invited to dance at the ball.

Here are a few teams and their projected seed lines as of today:

  • #1 seeds: Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Ohio State
  • Florida State: 3 seed
  • Virginia: 5 seed
  • Arkansas: 6 seed
  • Louisville: 10 seed
  • Minnesota: 10 seed
  • Maryland: 11 seed
  • Indiana: 11 seed
  • Michigan State: 12 seed (last team in)
  • Seton Hall, Xavier: Dropped out
  • Duke, Georgia Tech: Out but rising

Arkansas is peaking at the right time and Maryland has clearly changed their fortunes in the last week or two. In comparing Michigan State’s resume to that of other bubble teams, theirs comes out a lot better side-by-side, which is why we moved them in at the expense of Seton Hall. The Pirates have had some brutal losses as of late. As for Xavier, a fresh look at the resume tells me that we cannot justify giving them an at-large bid with one quality win. Duke and Georgia Tech need another few wins and Indiana is lucky that there are teams doing worse than them. Minnesota is one more lousy loss away from plummeting out of the field but their Quadrant 1 wins save them for now.

[CBB] Huge Day in College Hoops: There are five games in college basketball on Thursday which will possibly have major March Madness/bracketology implications. Assuming they all get played, the first is West Virginia vs. Baylor in the Big 12, as two very, very good teams meet. The Mountaineers have a shot, but we’ll see if the Iowa State game put a scare into the Bears. Next is Iowa vs. Michigan, which may be of an equal or higher caliber if considering the projected seeds (2 and 1, respectively) of the teams. We then have Ohio State vs. Michigan State, a possible 1 seed against a hot team trying to make the tournament. Fourth is USC vs. Colorado, a couple of middle-of-the-road NCAA seeds fighting for Pac-12 dominance. Finally, there is Boise State and San Diego State out in the Mountain West as both fight for tournament seeding.

[MLB] Pressure’s on The Yankees (Again): What a surprise that the goal of the New York Yankees, 27-time World Champions, is to win now. The New York Post said that they have more “heat” on them than any team in the league to win it all in October. It has been 12 years since they won the World Series, which isn’t a long time if you’re, say, a Mets fan, but for the Yankees, it is an eternity. The 2010s were the first decade in the past century where they did not even make a World Series, let alone win one. If George Steinbrenner were alive, it would not be pretty in the front office at Yankee Stadium. The Yanks are the AL East favorites in 2021, but you can’t play 162 games on paper.

Games of the Day

[CBB] The big five mentioned above: WVU vs. Baylor, Iowa vs. Michigan, Ohio State vs. Michigan State, USC vs. Colorado, and Boise State vs. San Diego State.

[NHL] Carolina vs. Tampa Bay: They’re playing again!

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  3. [NHL]Artemi Panarin assault allegations ‘don’t add up’ for former teammates in Russia,” New York Post
  4. [MLB]Domingo German ‘skating on thin ice’ after apologizing to Yankees,” New York Post
  5. [GOLF]Tiger Woods won’t face charges after sheriff says car crash was an accident,” CNN

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