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2020 MLB Playoffs Bracket


2020 MLB Playoffs Bracket

Batter up.

Below is the 2020 MLB Playoffs Bracket. You know, the postseason we did not know we would have because the season didn’t appear to be happening at all.

Somehow, Major League Baseball’s teams gutted out a 60-game schedule, and we are left with 16. In a normal year, it would be ten teams standing, but with the short season, MLB threw its teams a bone and expanded the playoffs. This left us with some teams in the postseason that it’s rare to see, and will give us some very quick eliminations on the front end.

There are more differences from a normal postseason. In addition to the best-of-three Wild Card series, of which there will be eight (four American League, four National League), the later rounds will be played at neutral sites. The higher seeds will host all games in the opening round. Once a team advances to the Division Series, they are heading into the playoff bubble. Because it’s 2020 and we need more twists, the ALDS and ALCS will be played in National League parks, while the NLDS and NLCS will be in American League parks. The 2020 World Series will take place in Arlington, Texas.

This is a lot to absorb, so we will stop there and proceed with haste to the bracket.

2020 MLB Playoffs Bracket: Postseason Start

2020 MLB playoffs bracket as of Sept 27

2020 MLB Playoff Teams

American League

SeedTeam (Record)Last PS Appearance
1Tampa Bay Rays (40-20)2019
2Oakland Athletics (36-24)2019
3Minnesota Twins (36-24)2019
4Cleveland Indians (35-25)2018
5New York Yankees (33-27)2019
6Houston Astros (29-31)2019
7Chicago White Sox (35-25)2008
8Toronto Blue Jays (32-28)2016

National League

SeedTeam (Record)Last PS Appearance
1Los Angeles Dodgers (43-17)2019
2Atlanta Braves (35-25)2019
3Chicago Cubs (34-26)2018
4San Diego Padres (37-23)2006
5St. Louis Cardinals (30-28)2019
6Miami Marlins (31-29)2003
7Cincinnati Reds (31-29)2013
8Milwaukee Brewers (29-31)2019

2020 MLB Playoffs Bracket: Sites

All Wild Card SeriesHome Stadium of Higher Seed
American League Division SeriesSan Diego, CA OR Los Angeles (NL), CA
National League Division SeriesArlington, TX OR Houston, TX
American League Championship SeriesArlington, TX
National League Championship SeriesSan Diego, CA
2020 World SeriesArlington, TX

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