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Big Brother 22


Big Brother 22 Spoilers and Commentary

Big Brother 22 is the season we did not know we were getting, but as it turns out, it’s a star-studded affair.

No, it is not Celebrity Big Brother. That ship sailed; hopefully for a long time. The “stars” you will see this year are Big Brother All-Stars, a collection of former houseguests. This will be the second time in franchise history they’ve done it, with Big Brother 7 (2006) being the first. It has been 14 years since the last time Big Brother has done an all-returnee season, and what a year they picked for it. With the world falling apart thanks to COVID-19, production finally threw its fans a bone.

For sure, health protocols will require strict adherence, and the wheels could come off this thing at any time. However, as we have advised all along, take what you can get in this wild year.

Follow the whole season along with us, get your spoilers, and get your snarky commentary. We will also be doing regular videos on our Bracket Yard Pop Culture YouTube channel, just as we began doing with Survivor: Winners at War.

Previously…ON BIG BROTHER!

Big Brother 21 was one to forget, unless you’re a fan of a large, unlikable alliance of control freaks, bullies, and smartasses. Some of the people in it were all three. We gave it the minimal effort it deserved after a while.

Big Brother 22 Status of the Season

Season Begins August 5, 2020 – Graphics Coming After First Eviction, Whenever That’s Supposed to Be

Big Brother 22 All-Stars Cast

If we knew, don’t you think we would tell you…from behind a paywall?

On July 30, the day after the cast reveal was supposed to be, CBS announced that we will meet the Houseguests when they move in live on premiere night. This will be a different experience for all of us.

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