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Big Brother 22


Big Brother 22 Spoilers and Commentary

Big Brother 22 is the season we did not know we were getting, but as it turns out, it’s a star-studded affair.

No, it is not Celebrity Big Brother. That ship sailed; hopefully for a long time. The “stars” you will see this year are Big Brother All-Stars, a collection of former houseguests. This will be the second time in franchise history they’ve done it, with Big Brother 7 (2006) being the first. It has been 14 years since the last time Big Brother has done an all-returnee season, and what a year they picked for it. With the world falling apart thanks to COVID-19, production finally threw its fans a bone.

For sure, health protocols will require strict adherence, and the wheels could come off this thing at any time. However, as we have advised all along, take what you can get in this wild year.

Follow the whole season along with us, get your spoilers, and get your snarky commentary. We will also be doing regular videos on our Bracket Yard Pop Culture YouTube channel, just as we began doing with Survivor: Winners at War.

Previously…ON BIG BROTHER!

Big Brother 21 was one to forget, unless you’re a fan of a large, unlikable alliance of control freaks, bullies, and smartasses. Some of the people in it were all three. We gave it the minimal effort it deserved after a while.

Big Brother 22 Status of the Season

Power Rankings Updated August 27, 2020

Big Brother 22 status - 13 left

Big Brother 22: Initial Evaluation (Video)

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: 1st Boot – Keesha

Just because we saw this coming all week does not make it any more sweet of a bill to swallow. It was bitter and jagged, much like the one about which Alanis Morissette sang. Good night and goodbye to our queen, Keesha.

It just wasn’t her week, if we are going to be honest. Cody, who is thinking for himself for the first time in the Big Brother house, did not even know who Keesha was. He took the easy way out after Janelle and Kaysar were saved by the twist.

However, let’s not just say Cody took the easy way out: everyone did. It was a 13-0 vote to evict; nobody wanted a split house and all week, everyone was too afraid to play. Such might be the condition of being all-stars: nobody wants to make the first move, be painted with the first target, or be the first to go. Remember how we thought in BB19 and BB21 that people would “eventually start playing?” Well, you hope so in an “all-stars” season, but it’s obvious that the whole house laid low in the first week.

Is Cody’s alliance going to be the “villain” alliance of the season? Will his coalition of sidekicks with Memphis work out for them? So far, it seems to be, as they have won both HOH comps.

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: 2nd Boot – Nicole A

Please, please, please: spare Nicole Anthony the hate this week. Just close your Twitter app and walk away.

Yes, she completely misread Janelle and Kaysar’s intentions because she trusted the wrong people. She played a poor game in BB22; we agree with that.

However, just because she wrongly sided against Janelle and Kaysar, remember, it’s just a TV show.

Nevertheless, the villain alliance has been in power three weeks in a row and if you’re worried, you’re right to be.

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: 3rd Boot – Janelle

It hurt to write that. What else is there to say: the “all-stars” trembled in fear of the queen, so they had to get rid of her. The good news is that Janelle will still be the queen of Big Brother and the rest of these people, well, they may hope the fanbase forgets what happened by the end of the season.

Enzo is now on top of our power rankings as he is performing well in comps and is the new HOH.

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