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Drag Race All Stars 5


Drag Race All Stars 5 Season Spoilers and Commentary

They’re back, back, back again.

It’s All Stars 5 time already? Didn’t we just finish a season? Why do we need more so soon?

To quote the new Season 12 winner, “look over there!”

Anyway, yes, Drag Race picks up right where it left off…a week ago with the start of All Stars 5. There are already five members of the Drag Race Hall of Fame, and there will be at least six when this is over. There is a clear favorite heading into the competition, but we will get to that in a minute.

Here you can find info on the ten queens competing to NOT be America’s next drag superstar and follow the season along with us.

Previous Seasons We’ve Followed

The Bracket Yard’s Pop Culture wing has been around for a few years. In that time, we have tracked (United States) Season 10, Season 11, Season 12, All Stars 3, and All Stars 4.

Status of the AS5 Season

Last updated June 26, 2020

Drag Race All Stars 5 - 6 queens left

Meet the Drag Race All Stars 5 Queens

Source for season finish info is the RuPaul’s Drag Race Fandom page.

Alexis Mateo 3rd on Season 3, T-5th on All Stars 1
Blair St. Clair 9th on Season 10
Derrick Barry 5th on Season 8
India Ferrah 10th on Season 3
Jujubee 3rd on Season 2, T-3rd on All Stars 1
Mariah Balenciaga 9th on Season 3
Mayhem Miller 10th on Season 10
Miz Cracker 5th on Season 10
Ongina 5th on Season 1
Shea Coulee T-3rd on Season 9

Preseason Read of AS5

Well, let’s put it this way: if Shea Coulee does not win All Stars 5, it will be a huge shock. She enters this competition as a heavy favorite, considering that she was one of the strongest competitors of Season 9 and might be one of the best in the show’s her-story to not win. Screen Rant agrees with us, ranking her number four among the Drag Race non-winning queens. Sure, there are other tough competitors, too, but Shea’s almost flawless run to finale night a few years ago is still fresh. It took an all-time iconic lip sync by Sasha Velour to stop her.

Otherwise, AS5 is throwing it back to some earlier seasons. Of the ten competing, five originally appeared on Season 3 or prior. Ongina, for example, has not been on the show since 2009. All of the queens have likely grown as performers since their first appearances, but in her case, it will be remarkable to see how she handles the competition over a decade later.

Drag Race All Stars 5 Spoilers – 1st Boot: Derrick

AS5-E1 Tale of the Tucking Tape

10 queens competed
Mini Challenge: Reading Challenge
Mini Challenge Winners: Jujubee and Blair St. Clair
Maxi Challenge: Werq The World Variety Show
Maxi Challenge Winner: India Ferrah
Bottom Two: Derrick Barry and Mayhem Miller
Lip Sync Assassin: Yvie Oddly
Lip Sync Song: “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin
Lip Sync Winner: Yvie Oddly
Eliminated: Derrick Barry (7-2 vote; India also voted for Derrick)

I could get used to the new way they handle things on All-Stars as far as getting rid of queens. It’s not entirely in the queens’ hands, and the winner still has some power. It was not, however, something Derrick Barry was bound to like, because she was screwed either way. One nitpick is that they’re calling it a Ru-mocracy, but maybe a constitutional Ru-public would work? Just flows better.

A brief evaluation of each queen’s variety show performance:

Alexis Mateo: She served it. The beautiful island of Puerto Rico was done proud by that act.

Blair St. Clair: I was worried the judges would be a little bored by it but her makeup was great and she’s evolved as a performer.

Derrick Barry: You were criticized in the past for being a one-note drag queen doing an impersonation of Britney. So, for your talent show, you decide to do a lot more other impressions beside Britney? How about…not doing impressions? That’s what the judges meant by wanting to see you.

India Ferrah: Pleasantly surprised as I was not expecting her to turn it out like that at all. If anything, I expected them to set us up for India vs. Derrick on the bottom, but in fact it was India holding Derrick’s fate in her hands.

Jujubee: A very soulful performance, but I was more gagged by her reading challenge. Glad that they started with it this season.

Mariah Balenciaga: At first it was jaw-dropping disturbing, but then, once you heard what was being sung, you understood it was an important message, so she gets props for that.

Mayhem Miller: A little disappointing and flat. The comment from one of the queens about energy level was right.

Miz Cracker: Already seeing an improvement from Season 10. She just let it happen out on stage without trying to be perfect; in Season 10, that helped her be a not-funny comedy queen, but if she’s not in her head, she could make it work this time.

Ongina: Cute number but what may have saved her were the multiple reveals. Ongina was not lip-syncing (and the reading challenge was tragic).

Shea Coulee: Strong out of the gate and man did she work that stripper pole. She is still the one to beat.

Drag Race All Stars 5 Spoilers – 2nd Boot: Ongina

AS5-E2 Tale of the Tucking Tape

9 queens competed
Mini Challenge: None
Maxi Challenge: “I’m In Love”
Maxi Challenge Winner: Shea Coulee
Runway: Love The Skin You’re In
Bottom Three: Ongina, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, and India Ferrah
Lip Sync Assassin: Alyssa Edwards
Lip Sync Song: “Neutron Dance” by The Pointer Sisters
Lip Sync Winner: Shea Coulee
Eliminated: Ongina (queens also voted 8-0 to eliminate)

How sad that Ongina went home on a unanimous vote; even sadder that Ongina voted for herself. To say she gave up is not the best way to put it, because she said how long she waited for this chance and how much she wanted to be there. It’s more accurate to say that she threw herself in front of the proverbial bus to save the other two bottom queens. However, despite the chivalrous act of taking the arrows for India and Mariah, she was going home, anyway. I didn’t hate her “I’m In Love” performance and while the runway look was very interesting, did it fit the theme?

Let’s take a minute to condragulate Shea Coulee, the top queen of the week, who hit a home run with her runway look and excelled in another challenge. We went into All Stars 5 with the understanding that she was the queen to beat but man, will she ever make it tough for the others.

Drag Race All Stars 5 Spoilers – 3rd Boot: Mariah

AS5-E3 Tale of the Tucking Tape

8 queens competed
Mini Challenge: None
Maxi Challenge: Shantay, Enjoy Your Stay
Maxi Challenge Winner: Jujubee
Runway: Three Looks
Bottom Three: Shea Coulee, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, and India Ferrah
Lip Sync Assassin: Monet X Change
Lip Sync Song: “Juice” by Lizzo
Lip Sync Winner: Monet X Change
Eliminated: Mariah (4-2-1 vote; Jujubee also voted for Mariah)

This was intended to be a lot like the “design a nightclub” challenge in All Stars 4 (club ninety-six…). What we got was, er, I’ll admit somewhat boring. God love ’em, I tried to follow along and it was at times funny, but when as an elder statesperson I think back to this season of All Stars, I’m not going to say “I wish I could see that resort design challenge” again. None of them were overwhelmingly funny but Jujubee was the rightful winner. Juju is naturally funny and when nobody else is standing out, it’s an easy win.

As for the bottom queens, I would have swapped out Shea Coulee with Alexis Mateo. Their critique of Shea in the challenge was not incorrect (she did, in fact, morph Dorothy and Sophia in terms of character) but I would give her a little more credit for the runway than the judges did. I was not crazy about either the runway or the performance but Alexis was not the worst. India was the weakest in the challenge and on the runway (her three looks were the same outfit, just minus a little each reveal). Had I been given a lipstick choice, I’d have put that one in with Mariah as a second choice. Nice to see these shady ladies did not give Shea the Manila treatment.

I expected more from Jujubee in that lip sync, given her sterling reputation in that department. Monet won in a blowout despite being dressed like an orange creamsicle.

Drag Race All Stars 5 Spoilers – 4th Boot: Mayhem

AS5-E4 Tale of the Tucking Tape

7 queens competed
Mini Challenge: None
Maxi Challenge: SheMZ
Maxi Challenge Winner: Miz Cracker
Runway: Camo Couture
Bottom Two: India Ferrah and Mayhem Miller
Lip Sync Assassin: Morgan McMichaels
Lip Sync Song: “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna
Lip Sync Winner: Tie
Eliminated: Mayhem Miller (Cracker chose Mayhem; queens voted 6-0 for Mayhem)

I didn’t hate this week’s challenge. In fact, I thought two of the groups did well. The funniest was Cracker’s group, and the second-funniest was Shea and Alexis (OF COURSE Ru put them on a team with the shade between them). Shea flipping Alexis the bird in the Werk Room was iconic.

As we said from the start, this season likely ends in Shea getting her crown at last. However, for now, this is a Jujubee stan website. This fan favorite is a natural entertainer and we’ve loved her since Season 2.

The SheMZ episode made it very clear who the top two (Cracker, Jujubee) and the bottom two (Mayhem, India) were long before the judges’ critiques. No shenanigans here; it was judged correctly. However, seeing all the queens as douchey guys doing the TMZ thing was quite the change-up.

The individual appraisals are as follows:

Alexis Mateo: Correct critique that she talked over Shea a few times, but she got a few good zingers in there. She and Shea worked well together, like true professionals. The winter camo look stood out and was stunning.

Blair St. Clair: This is a different Blair than what we saw in Season 10, and I like it. The girl next door no more. Even in just a few years, her drag has evolved into a better place and she’s becoming a more well-rounded entertainer.

India Ferrah: Is it fair to call her the Roxxxy Andrews of All Stars 5? This is a sports website first and foremost, so to analogize, what India has done is win the division the first time out and then finish in last place three years in a row. Despite being the bottom three times, she only has one vote against, which makes me wonder how long she will get dragged (no pun intended). That said, I thought India was the weakest in the challenge. Her team’s sketch fared poorly compared to the other two; it felt like it was going nowhere.

Jujubee: Our queen had another solid week, breaking the brief first-to-worst streak. She and Cracker played off of each other well. I was in love with the runway look.

Mayhem Miller: To me, Mayhem carried that scene with India (inasmuch as anyone carried it) but I thought Mayhem’s runway was weaker. Sad that she voted herself out but a girl knows when her time is up I suppose. Even sadder that her BFF Morgan McMichaels had to send her home.

Miz Cracker: Saw this win coming with the improv on point and strong reviews by the judges. In terms of her drag, she is doing a lot better than we saw in Season 10, and this is a gal who made final five.

Shea Coulee: She expected to be dominating the competition, but she hasn’t done poorly per se. This week was a good one for her and this was another runway I loved. Let’s see how the handles Snatch Game next week; hers was just okay in Season 9.

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