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2020 NFL Draft


Here’s to the 2020 NFL Draft

We need this.

Under ordinary circumstances, we would not make great fanfare about the 2020 NFL Draft, or any NFL Draft.

Yes, the editor of the Bracket Yard has a college allegiance, and an NFL team allegiance, and likes to see both of those entities “do well” in the draft. It is even well within reason that he may have the draft on much of the weekend, though just in the background on Saturday while doing other things.

However, this is no ordinary NFL Draft in 2020. Nothing has been customary within the last month and a half. In the second week in March, sports were the first major American eliminations of the COVID-19 outbreak. Events were cancelled en masse and prospects are that some, or all, sports may not return until 2021. This is a time rife with pain, suffering, and economic devastation. That sports, our usual escape from real life, were more or less the first thing to go is a depressing reminder of how serious the times are.

For those who are safe and healthy, any distraction will do. This is where the 2020 NFL Draft, going on as scheduled, comes in to save the day. Sports fans are starved for content; of that there is no doubt. There has not been a live sporting event in over a month. We lost the NCAA Tournament, the Masters, and at least some of three out of the “big four” major sports seasons. Does it compare to what some have lost in their own families, no, but as a whole, people want to feel like they can look forward to something.

Our 2020 NFL Draft will be much different than normal. What was supposed to be a big draft party out in Las Vegas is now going to be in essence the biggest Zoom meeting around on the days of April 23-25. The NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, will give his announcements from an undisclosed room in his house while the live coverage you see on television will involve very few people in the same place.1

It is not a live sporting event, nor is it going to be what you or I consider to be typical. However, it will have to be good enough for now, and a grateful people thank the NFL for figuring out a responsible way for this to proceed. We can and do criticize you for other things, like 14 teams making the playoffs next season, but we need this. You know, funny story, years ago I wondered why the NFL “needed” to drag the draft out from two days to three. Now, nobody is complaining.

NFL Draft Schedule

  • Thursday, April 23, 2020, 8pm Eastern: 1st Round
  • Friday, April 24, 2020, 7pm Eastern: 2nd & 3rd Rounds
  • Saturday, April 25, 2020, 12pm Eastern: Remaining Rounds

2020 NFL Draft Order: First Round as of April 182

# Team 2019 Rec
1 Cincinnati Bengals 2-14
2 Washington Redskins 3-13
3 Detroit Lions 3-12-1
4 New York Giants 4-12
5 Miami Dolphins 5-11
6 Los Angeles Chargers 5-11
7 Carolina Panthers 5-11
8 Arizona Cardinals 5-10-1
9 Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10
10 Cleveland Browns 6-10
11 New York Jets 7-9
12 Las Vegas Raiders 7-9
13 San Francisco 49ers 13-3
14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9
15 Denver Broncos 7-9
16 Atlanta Falcons 7-9
17 Dallas Cowboys 8-8
18 Miami Dolphins 5-11
19 Las Vegas Raiders 7-9
20 Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10
21 Philadelphia Eagles 9-7
22 Minnesota Vikings 10-6
23 New England Patriots 12-4
24 New Orleans Saints 13-3
25 Minnesota Vikings 10-6
26 Miami Dolphins 5-11
27 Seattle Seahawks 11-5
28 Baltimore Ravens 14-2
29 Tennessee Titans 9-7
30 Green Bay Packers 13-3
31 San Francisco 49ers 13-3
32 Kansas City Chiefs 12-4


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2: ESPN, “NFL Draft,” ESPN, April 18, 2020,

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