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The Star Trek Tournament


The Star Trek Tournament: Best Star Trek Episode Ever

64 episodes beam in, but only one beams out a champion.

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What episode will win the Star Trek Tournament?

Throughout the course of Star Trek franchise history, there have been seven live-action series and hundreds of episodes. This is over 50 years of television excellence, so how can you boil it down to the best episode of all-time?

Why, just like in the March Madness tournament we are about to see, you do it with a 64-episode bracket. You, the fans, will decide which episodes advance until we have crowned the best Star Trek episode ever.

Follow the tournament’s progress with us over the next month until we have a winner. Voting begins on the third page of this article.

Star Trek Tournament: Creating The Bracket

  • 64 episodes selected from the library of live-action shows released as of March 11, 2020. This includes The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, and Picard. Episodes will be seeded from 1 to 64 and then assigned a region in the bracket.
  • Only live-action, full-length episodes are eligible, meaning you will not see The Animated Series or Short Treks in the tournament.
  • Two-part episodes will be a combined entry. Anything more than what could be considered a two-parter is separated.
  • The best episode from each live-action series gets an automatic bid to the tournament. The remaining 57 episodes are at-large selections.

Basic Overview of the Bracket

Star Trek Tournament quadrant map

Star Trek Tournament: “Regions”

Alpha Quadrant

Alpha Quadrant 1st & 2nd Rounds:

  • Bolarus IX
  • Ferenginar
  • Betazed
  • Trill

Alpha Quadrant 3rd & 4th Rounds: Bajor

Beta Quadrant

Beta Quadrant 1st & 2nd Rounds:

  • Vulcan
  • Cestus III
  • Romulus (in tact)
  • Nimbus III

Beta Quadrant 3rd & 4th Rounds: Qo’Nos

Gamma Quadrant

Gamma Quadrant 1st & 2nd Rounds:

  • Idran
  • Karemma
  • Omarion Nebula
  • Rahkar

Gamma Quadrant 3rd & 4th Rounds: Founders Homeworld

Delta Quadrant

Delta Quadrant 1st & 2nd Rounds:

  • Ocampa
  • Brunali Homeworld
  • Krenim Prime
  • Nekrit Expanse

Delta Quadrant 3rd & 4th Rounds: Borg Transwarp Hub

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