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Survivor Winners at War


Survivor Winners at War Spoilers and Discussion

All they did was win, except when they lost.

We’ve all waited for this season: Survivor Winners at War, pitting 20 former sole survivors against one another for two million bucks.

In total among the survivors, there were 21 total seasons won (thank you, Sandra) and 34 combined seasons played. That’s a lot of days on a reality TV show when adding it all together, and of those who have played, this is a talented collection. Well, for the most part. Winning Survivor is no joke and winning it twice is a bigger deal (again, thank you, Sandra). What would it mean for Sandra to win it a third time? The queen would most definitely stay queen.

See some spoilers below and follow this season with us.

Last Season on…Survivor! Island of the Idols

That was a rough one. For one thing, Janet didn’t win. We also had several real-world issues creep their way into the show, such as issues of race and sexual harassment. The latter became a dominant theme of the season with one particular survivor, who shall remain nameless, getting both handsy and, eventually, himself kicked off the show.

In the end, Tommy Sheehan scored one for redheads everywhere by taking home a very, very predictable victory. They barely tried to conceal Tommy’s “winner edit,” but did on occasion throw some doubt into the mix.

Survivor Winners at War Cast

Survivor Winners at War Cast

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Survivor Spoilers!

Survivor Winners at War 1st and 2nd Boots: Natalie and Amber

We are two tribal councils into this season and neither Boston Rob nor Sandra have been targets. Hell, not even Parvati, America’s favorite reality television ice queen, drew any attention. Poor Rob, in that his dear Ambuh was sent to Bitter Betty Island, formerly ruled by Reem. His reaction next week should be…worthwhile.

Subplot to watch: Rob and Sandra were playing Survivor against each other last season on Island of the Idols. Sandra knew she was going to be on this season, but claims she did not know Rob would. The game never stops. Then, of course, we have the “Poker Alliance” in which several former winners played on one of those late-night ESPN The Ocho Texas Hold ‘Em games and joked about being in an alliance. Well, well, well. The more Kim protests it’s not a thing, the more the others will be convinced it is.

Before Amber went to Bitter Betty Island, however, Natalie got sent there. She hooked Sandra up with her idol, which is her only memorable moment so far. You know, other than getting voted out first.

Survivor Winners at War 3rd Boot: Danni

The second week (third episode) of Survivor was a big letdown. They built me up into thinking Ben was going home, and then they keep him. In fairness, there are much better targets than him. Maybe Probst asked him back for this all-winners season to rig another one for him so they can say “see, he was a legitimate winner!” (Chrissy got SO screwed; I’m still not over it.)

Good Move: Denise finding the halved idol.
Bad Move: Denise suggesting that Parvati should have anything to do with it, quickly tabled by Adam.
Good Move: Jeremy buying his safety for one tribal.
Bad Move: Danni making herself the target and getting voted out; Ben tried to make himself the target very hard at tribal, but then the whispering started.

Meanwhile, Boston Rob is running the game, even though he boned his team in the challenge, forcing a random TSA bag check among all the members of the tribe right in front of Probst. Another good move was Denise hiding that half-idol and making sure nobody suspected it was her. She made up for the stupid suggestion about Parvati in a big way.

Also note: all three people voted out so far have been women.

Player Evaluations
Adam: The voice of sanity in Denise’s world.
Amber: Already playing the “it’s been too long since I played” card.
Ben: Just wait until he starts finding at least one idol every week. Then you’ll wish you got rid of him.
Danni: Obviously not good.
Denise: Secret ninja of the week.
Ethan: On the sidelines holding the clipboard this week.
Jeremy: Probably made the right move selling his fire token for safety, given he is near the bottom of his tribe.
Kim: Not sure she made the right decision trusting Sophie, but time will tell.
Michele: She had maybe one or two lines.
Natalie: Still gaming, and Bitter Betty Island has more to do with the game this time.
Nick: He was visible on camera at least once.
Parvati: The longer you leave her in there, the more powerful she becomes.
Rob: His wife is gone, he’s played four previous times, is one of the most well-known players ever, screwed up the immunity challenge, and had his tribe empty their bags out of paranoia…and hasn’t gotten a vote yet.
Sandra: Waiting for her to bust loose.
Sarah: And this time, Cops-R-Us is going to work! Really?
Sophie: Not sure what to make of her yet.
Tony: Very irritating.
Tyson: Can confirm he has definitely been on this season.
Wendell: Pretty sure those are the same blue boxers he wore on his first season.
Yul: Expert papaya extractor.

Survivor Winners at War 4th Boot: Ethan

Why read our views on this week’s episode when you can watch them?

Survivor Winners at War 5th Boot: Tyson

The Reality Yard, Episode 2: Tyson is the fifth boot and we have thoughts.

Survivor Winners at War 6th Boot: Boston Rob

Survivor Winners at War 7th and 8th Boots: Parvati and Sandra

Survivor Winners at War 9th Boot: Yul

There will be no recap video this week as our fearless correspondent is under the weather. However, we do have his notes which he would have read aloud.

  • Bitter Betty Island/Extinction is an old-school Survivor convention
  • Good for Rob calling Sandra out for her bad move last week
  • Never would have guessed Sandra would be the first to tap out, but then again, she IS the sit-out queen
  • Michele: they never change; let him go
  • Look at these people scattering for fire tokens up the hills like rats in a maze
  • Boston Rob, you sneaky sneak – not bad for a “portly chap”
  • Shut up, Ben
  • Stop digging, Adam
  • I will always love, admire, and respect Probst throwing shade at contestants in the middle of a challenge
  • Wendell spiked the football before he got into the end zone; just call him Desean Jackson
  • Becoming more obvious by the day that Wendell won his season riding Dom’s coattails and then being the less-problematic finalist
  • Yul probably was the smart vote: he’s too smart and Wendell is going nowhere
  • Is Wendell officially the villain of the season? We’re getting there

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