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2020 World Juniors


2020 World Juniors Hockey Bracket

Battling for national pride.

We have our first bracket of the 2020s: the playoff round bracket of the 2020 World Juniors.

This tournament is a fixture in the hockey world, always coming after Christmas and over the college hockey break for the holidays. Indeed, it started on December 26th, with the playoff round getting underway on January 2.

The tournament is being held in the far eastern reaches of the Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, in 2020. You will see the host team as part of the eight-team bracket. However, you will not see Kazakhstan and Germany, as they will fight to avoid relegation. Kazakhstan lost all four group play games while Germany went 1-3.

Please note that the IIHF is the source for playoff standings and World Juniors statistics.

2020 World Juniors Participating Playoff Teams

Sweden. The Swedish were the best team in group play, winning all four games and claiming 11 out of 12 possible points.

Canada. First-place in Group B, winning three and losing one.

Switzerland. Identical record to Canada, but they came in second to Sweden in Group A.

United States. Losing just one game, the United States finished second in Group B behind Canada.

Finland. The Finnish split their games, but were safely in the playoffs with seven points.

Russia. Russia scored a huge win over Canada on December 28 to put them in third place in Group B.

Czechia. The host country did not get in by much, losing three games, but were just one point ahead of Germany.

Slovakia. Slovakia has the fewest points of any in the field with three out of 12.

World Juniors Bracket

2020 World Juniors Bracket - Final

The quarterfinals matchups are as follows (Group-Seed in parenthesis):

  • Sweden (A-1) vs. Czechia (B-4)
  • United States (B-2) vs. Finland (A-3)
  • Canada (B-1) vs. Slovakia (A-4)
  • Switzerland (A-2) vs. Russia (B-3)

1 meets 4 and 2 meets 3 in the quarterfinals, but from the opposing group. A reseeding will take place after the quarterfinals; the highest seeded team will face the lowest, and the other two teams left will also face one another.

The gold medal game occurs on January 5, 2020.

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