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2019 NFL Playoff Predictions: The Full Bracket

LIV is the place to be, but who will get there?

Now see here our 2019 NFL playoff predictions.

A few days ago, the bracket for the 2019 NFL postseason was released. By the end of February’s first week in 2020, the 54th Super Bowl champion in NFL history will be crowned. We would be lying if we told you what team that will be, but our guesses are as good as anybody else’s.

2019 NFL Playoff Predictions: Bonus Content

The following are our dispositions on each team entering the postseason. It is possible, if not likely, that at least one of these teams will alter our perception of them in either a positive or negative direction.

AFC Teams

Baltimore Ravens. The favorites in the AFC and perhaps the league. Is Lamar Jackson ready to win a Super Bowl? He may get the chance in February.

Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes and Company are looking to finish what they started, but Andy Reid’s inability to go all the way despite many good teams in Philadelphia and Kansas City is concerning.

New England Patriots. Had they gotten a bye, this would be a different conversation. No Pats team in the Brady-Belichick era has made the Super Bowl without a first-round bye. To get to the Super Bowl, they would have to beat Kansas City and possibly Baltimore on the road, which will be tough.

Houston Texans. Houston is quite overlooked entering the postseason, but the Divisional Weekend seems to be their maximum range.

Buffalo Bills. The Bills have not played great these last few weeks; slowing momentum is a bad sign for the playoffs.

Tennessee Titans. Tied for the worst record of any playoff team, they have the difficult task of winning at Foxboro. Even one playoff win would ruin a lot of brackets. Not predicting they will get it.

NFC Teams

San Francisco 49ers. They have the best record in the NFC and I am still trying to figure out if they are legit or a flash in the pan. For what’s it’s worth, that was my evaluation of the Eagles team that won the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers. If Aaron Rodgers gets to the Super Bowl, are you going to bet against him? I wouldn’t.

New Orleans Saints. Should they make the Divisional round, they, a dome team, have to win in Green Bay in January. That’s going to be a difficult ask.

Philadelphia Eagles. Arguably the weakest team in the field, but the first round is a home game and they can still upset Seattle. Any further than that would be a major shock.

Seattle Seahawks. Despite being a wild card, the Seahawks could go on a run behind Russell Wilson.

Minnesota Vikings. This is a good team but the rest of the NFC field, for the most part, is deeper.

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