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2019 College Football Playoff Rankings

College Football

2019 College Football Playoff Rankings With 8-Team Playoff Expansion

4 or 8? Choose your adventure.

These are the 2019 College Football Playoff rankings as they stand today, or perhaps as they stood yesterday. These things change every week.

The four teams you see in the bracket below are the teams announced by the College Football Playoff selection committee. Were the season to end today, these are the teams which would play for the whole bag of marbles in December and/or January. We are tracking them in much the same way as last season.

However, we are throwing in new bonus content this year. We have revealed before our proposed model for an eight-team College Football Playoff. In 2019, we will track that live, week after week. This is to give you a view into how an eight-team playoff would look, and get used to that, because it will happen someday. As soon as the conferences and networks decide they want more money (which is all the time), this will be a go.

You can always view our CFB 130 rankings here, which goes far beyond what some big shots do in a hotel in Texas.

2019 College Football Playoff Rankings

Last Updated November 12, 2019

2019 College Football Playoff Rankings - 11-12-19

Your top four for this week are, in order, LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Georgia. Alabama and Oregon are the first two out.

This Week’s 8-Team College Football Playoff

Last Updated November 12, 2019

2019 College Football Playoff Rankings - 11-12-19 - 8 Teams

As a reminder, this model gives automatic bids to the five Power Five conference champions as well as the highest-ranked Group of Five conference champion. The remaining two bids are at-larges.

2019 College Football Playoff Rankings Analysis

Most recent update at the bottom. Keep scrolling, if necessary.

November 5, 2019: Dabo Swinney will be all worked up over this week’s College Football Playoff rankings, even though he knows they mean nothing at this stage. Clemson will be fine if they win out, which is very possible. We know at least one of these teams is going to lose a game very soon: Alabama or LSU, Penn State or Ohio State. The SEC or Big Ten getting two bids will still be difficult, but let’s be honest: they are not BOTH going to do it. If you need to motivate your team, that is one thing, but there is far too much football to be played for any fans to get their proverbial knickers in a twist.

Oregon and Utah need help at 7 and 8, respectively, but neither is done. Oklahoma at nine might be, and two-loss Florida at 10 has no chance.

November 12, 2019: This past weekend was shakeup weekend, reflected in the new College Football Playoff rankings for this week. The top three are correct, in our estimation. Georgia is a little overrated at four but it is not worth stress: if the Bulldogs do not win out, including an SEC championship win over (ostensibly) LSU, they are not making the playoff, anyway. Alabama at five is probably right but if you are an Alabama hater, you are lamenting how hard it is to get rid of this team. Oregon would have been our preferred fourth team, and if they win out, they will have a case for it. Utah at seven is following the same track as Oregon.

Minnesota got a good spot at eight, but they have to go undefeated to give themselves a case.

The other surprise undefeated team, Baylor, is not viewed as kindly by the committee. Minnesota did not get much respect until they beat Penn State; Baylor plays Oklahoma this weekend and then Texas the following week. We can’t say they are not getting their chance to earn that respect.

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