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2019 MLB Playoff Bracket Predictions


2019 MLB Playoff Predictions: Who Wins the World Series?

Ready for launch.

You saw the 2019 MLB bracket, and now, we turn to the real money-maker: the 2019 MLB playoff predictions.

So what if we’re wrong? I don’t see your website out there.

Tell us how right or wrong we are going to be, but do us a favor and don’t wait until after the game is decided to make a bold declarative statement. We are sticking our necks out, maybe a little.

For the postseason schedule breakdown, visit our 2019 MLB playoff bracket page.

2019 MLB Playoff Predictions: American League

AL Wild Card

Oakland over Tampa Bay. The Rays have a lot going for them but Oakland won 52 home games, and has a little better offense.


Houston over Oakland in 4. Oakland is good, but Houston is better. We could see some lopsided games either way but the better team will prevail.

NY Yankees over Minnesota in 4. History suggests the Twins will have a big problem given their lack of playoff success against the Yankees, but this is a new year. Home runs will fly but the Yankees will defend their home field against a hot road team.


Houston over NY Yankees in 7. These are two of the best teams in baseball and the series should be a classic. It may end a lot like 2017 in which the Yankees can’t get it done on the road in Game 7. They will be outclassed, but not by much.

2019 MLB Playoff Predictions: National League

NL Wild Card

Milwaukee over Washington. The Nats are red hot, but we have to see them break their string of early October exits to believe it. This would in fact be a surprise given the momentum of each team to close the season.


Atlanta over St. Louis in 5. The Cardinals being the hot team with solid pitching will make this series close, but the Cards are not great on the road and that will cost them a decisive Game 5.

LA Dodgers over Milwaukee in 4. Milwaukee is a feel-good story if you are into that kind of thing, but the Dodgers are a playoff machine these days. An NLDS exit would be a huge shock.


Atlanta over LA Dodgers in 6. The Dodgers going on to lose a third-straight World Series? We will spare them such ignominy.

2019 World Series Prediction

Houston over Atlanta in 5. The young Braves can hit, but Houston can do it all as they cruise to their second championship.

2019 MLB Playoff Bracket Prediction

2019 MLB Playoff Predictions

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