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Survivor Island of the Idols Discussion and Spoilers


Survivor: Island of the Idols Spoilers and Discussion

39 and doing fine.

Some people are thinking “can’t we just skip Island of the Idols” and go right to Survivor Season 40?

(That, by the way, is rumored to be the all-winners season.)

You’ll be fine waiting for that one. In the meantime, we have what we hope will be a perfectly fine Survivor season in Island of the Idols. Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine, hanging out before Season 40, will be on said island giving the n00bs pointers on how to play the game.

Twenty new castaways made it to Fiji, but one will emerge as Sole Survivor. There will be spoilers along the way for those who want them. We assume all of you want them. Prepare also for various amounts of tea and/or shade.

Survivor: Island of the Idols Status of the Season

Click to enlarge — through the October 9, 2019 episode — scroll to bottom for most recent updates and spoilers

Survivor Island of the Idols - 17 Left

Last Season on…Survivor!

Now this is how you get a twist to blow up in your face. Chris Underwood, one of the first few voted off the island, came back in the last episode of the season and won Edge of Extinction. He showed off some major-league BDE in sending himself to the fire-making challenge, beating Devens, and winning over the jury of mostly his former Bitter Betty Island comrades against weak opposition.

Survivor: Island of the Idols Cast

The twenty Survivor players in Season 39 are all new. Source: Survivor Wiki (

Oldest Castaway: Tom Laidlaw, 60
Youngest Castaway: Jack Nichting, 23
Average Age: 34

Aaron Meredith 36 Warwick, RI
Chelsea Walker 26 Los Angeles, CA
Dan Spilo 48 Los Angeles, CA
Dean Kowalski 28 New York, NY
Elaine Stott 41 Rockholds, KY
Elizabeth Beisel 26 Saunderstown, RI
Jack Nichting 23 Harrisonburg, VA
Jamal Shipman 33 Providence, RI
Janet Carbin 59 Palm Bay, FL
Jason Linden 32 New York, NY
Karishma Patel 37 Houston, TX
Kellee Kim 29 Philadelphia, PA
Lauren Beck 28 Glendale, CA
Missy Byrd 24 Tacoma, WA
Molly Byman 27 Durham, NC
Noura Salman 36 North Potomac, MD
Ronnie Bardah 35 Henderson, NV
Tom Laidlaw 60 Greenwich, CT
Tommy Sheehan 26 Long Beach, NY
Vince Moua 27 Palo Alto, CA

Survivor: Island of the Idols Spoilers – 1st Boot: Ronnie

One down, 19 to go in the new Survivor season. The first victim was Ronnie, who (justifiably) thought Elaine’s social game was a big threat when combined with her humble upbringing and backstory. If the rest are not careful, it will become one to the rest of them. The first elimination was not the time to go after her; throwing out the name of a well-liked player and sticking to it made him look overeager and mayhap a bit underhanded.

Ronnie’s problem is that multiple people, not just Elaine, found him untrustworthy from the start and without hesitation. We only saw the parts where he was giving Elaine a fake build-up; either he was quite the shady individual on the island or he gives off a certain vibe without trying. He could have also done without boasting about how impressive and varied his personal resume is at tribal council.

The season’s big twist played out right from the start for Elizabeth, who on the losing tribe was sent to go see Boston Rob and Sandra. She learned to make fire, which, you know, is a major element of the game. After doing it once (on who knows how many attempts), she then decided to challenge Boston Rob, former Survivor winner to a fire-making contest for a chance at immunity. Needless to say, she lost, and her tribal council vote went bye-bye.

I do not begrudge her for having a competitive spirit, but there is such a thing as picking your battles. Her odds of winning were somewhere between a Pat Buchanan presidential victory and Akron making the College Football Playoff. When it goes from competitive fire to “I can beat this guy” who is one of the faces of the franchise, when you have about an hour of applicable experience and he has years of it, that’s hubris. One would hope she learned a lesson because she seems to have a lot to offer the game.

Let’s just calm down the week one waterworks at tribal, guys.

Survivor: Island of the Idols Spoilers – 2nd Boot: Molly

Kellee with three E’s went to the Island of the Idols, otherwise known as Sandra and Boston Rob Big Head Island. The latter is missing a certain je ne sais quoi but is accurate. She zoned out during her tutorial but found a way to win an idol. Thereafter, she put on the water works and nobody suspected a thing.

Folks, you don’t always need to play hard in the first few days. You don’t need to be “impressed” with how well you’re playing. You don’t think someone else is going to figure that out and topple you? We have the gift of being able to see things from the outside after it’s been edited and sanitized, so we know the happenings. Players just depend on their reads of people and their reads of the game in general. Arrogance is a horrible trait in this game. Anyone who thinks they are “running the game,” especially on Day 5, is not. If they are, they will not be for long.

The poster child for the above arrogance this week and in tribal was Jamal. Queen Molly paid the price with a first-tribal blindside for Lairo. Jamal and Jack will now have to scramble to get back in the good graces of others, at least until the tribes realign. As for Molly, my bet is that she doesn’t watch Big Brother, the motto of which is “expect the unexpected.” Her facial expression changed with each vote read, which tells you what she didn’t think would happen.

Player notes for this week are as follows:

  • Aaron: Got caught flat-footed after the Ronnie vote but the tribe needs him for being a physical spectacle – for now.
  • Chelsea: Forgettable.
  • Dan: Not a bad week, or a good week.
  • Dean: You wouldn’t even know there is a Dean on this season.
  • Elaine: Not the focus this week but has a great deal of potential.
  • Elizabeth: Invisible this week.
  • Jack: Took a hit being part of the ruined trio.
  • Jamal: Bad week. He’s weakened with Molly’s departure and is now probably a target himself.
  • Janet: She’s a bad, bad lady and I love it. I mean that in a complimentary way; she’s one tough player.
  • Jason: On the outs but he torched Jamal at tribal council. He’s not safe on his own merits, however.
  • Karishma: Background character.
  • Kellee: Played the Island of the Idols thing about as well as she could have.
  • Lauren: She has a dominant personality which I suspect will come to the front more. She helped engineer the Molly blindside and she’s proving intelligent.
  • Missy: She’s one to watch.
  • Molly: Obviously, she did not have a good episode.
  • Noura: Hard to see her there long-term but is lucky that there are bigger targets.
  • Tom: Not a throw-away older player. He can still throw a check with the best of them.
  • Tommy: Positioned himself in the middle, which is more than fine for now. He’s in a good spot.
  • Vince: Not noticeable.

Survivor: Island of the Idols Spoilers – 3rd Boot: Vince

It figures that the first time Dean speaks the whole season, it’s to say something enormously stupid. “Let’s split the vote” in front of the entire tribe. As in, splitting the vote between Vince and someone standing there. However, that was not the dumbest thing we saw in this Survivor episode.

For his part, Vince went to Rob & Sandra Island, had an emotional meltdown…and then pulled it together to sneak into the other camp and get ashes from the fire. No fire, no problem as he figured out a way to make it work. That was resourcefulness that I didn’t think he was capable of showing.

AND THEN he gets his idol and leaves with it in his pocket. So, if you’re keeping track, Vince is aware enough of his surroundings to sneak into enemy camp and scoop up ashes from their fire, but not aware enough to know that he, the SECOND person in his tribe to go to Rob & Sandra Island, as in, he experienced someone else going and the ensuing paranoia, could himself become a target. It’s only good for two tribals; why are you keeping it? You may want to save it for the next tribal, but you have to get to the next one.

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