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2019 NFL Picks


2019 NFL Picks: Another Pick Six

Any six will do.

Where else can you get 2019 NFL picks that feature six out of the whole slate of games? Er, don’t answer that.

The National Football League is punishing to those on the field. It is also a potential source of harm to those who elect a financial stake in the outcomes of games. Our job is not to help you make money, but to entertain the masses. And if we get a few cheap laughs out of this, wasn’t it all worth it? It’s all good, clean fun.

As we have done with our college football weekly picks, we take six games off the schedule and pick them against the spread. If we’re right, we’re happy, and if we are wrong, we were hacked.

2019 NFL Picks Standings As of Now

Through NFL Week 10 31-29-0 ATS

2019 NFL Picks: Week 11 (Nov. 14-18)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
PIT at CLE (-3) Thursday 8:20pm ET PIT +3
ATL at CAR (-5.5) Sunday 1:00pm ET CAR -5.5
HOU at BAL (-4.5) Sunday 1:00pm ET HOU +4.5
NYJ at WSH (-1) Sunday 1:00pm ET WSH -1
CIN at OAK (-10.5) Sunday 4:25pm ET OAK -10.5
CHI at LAR (-7) Sunday 8:20pm ET LAR -7

2019 NFL Picks: Week 10 (Nov. 7-11)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
LAC (-1) at OAK Thursday 8:20pm ET OAK +1
BAL (-10) at CIN Sunday 1:00pm ET CIN +10
ATL at NO (-13) Sunday 1:00pm ET NO -13
NYG (-2.5) at NYJ Sunday 1:00pm ET NYG -2.5
LAR (-3.5) at PIT Sunday 4:25pm ET LAR -3.5
MIN at DAL (-3) Sunday 8:20pm ET MIN +3

2019 NFL Picks: Week 9 (Oct. 31-Nov. 4)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
HOU (-1.5) vs. JAX Sunday 9:30am ET JAX +1.5
NYJ (-3) at MIA Sunday 1:00pm ET MIA +3
CHI at PHI (-5) Sunday 1:00pm ET PHI -5
TB at SEA (-5) Sunday 4:05pm ET SEA -5
GB (-3.5) at LAC Sunday 4:25pm ET GB -3.5
NE (-3) at BAL Sunday 8:20pm ET NE -3

2019 NFL Picks: Week 8 (Oct. 24-28)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
SEA (-3.5) at ATL Sunday 1:00pm ET SEA -3.5
NYJ at JAX (-5.5) Sunday 1:00pm ET JAX -5.5
ARI at NO (-9.5) Sunday 1:00pm ET ARI +9.5
PHI at BUF (-1.5) Sunday 1:00pm ET BUF -1.5
CIN at LAR (-13) Sunday 1:00pm ET CIN +13
CLE at NE (-13) Sunday 4:25pm ET NE -13

2019 NFL Picks: Week 7 (Oct. 17-21)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
KC (-3) at DEN Thursday 8:20pm ET KC -3
OAK at GB (-5.5) Sunday 1:00pm ET GB -5.5
MIN (-1.5) at DET Sunday 1:00pm ET DET +1.5
NO at CHI (-3.5) Sunday 4:25pm ET NO +3.5
PHI at DAL (-3) Sunday 8:20pm ET DAL -3
NE (-9.5) at NYJ Monday 8:15pm ET NE -9.5

2019 NFL Picks: Week 6 (Oct. 10-14)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
CAR (-2.5) vs. TB Sunday 9:30am ET CAR -2.5
SEA (-1.5) AT CLE Sunday 1:00pm ET SEA -1.5
WSH (-3.5) at MIA Sunday 1:00pm ET MIA +3.5
NO at JAX (-1.5) Sunday 1:00pm ET NO +1.5
SF at LAR (-3) Sunday 4:05pm ET LAR -3
DET at GB (-4.5) Monday 8:15pm ET GB -4.5

2019 NFL Picks: Week 5 (Oct. 3-7)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
CHI (-5) at OAK Sunday 1:00pm ET OAK +5
MIN (-5.5) at NYG Sunday 1:00pm ET NYG +5.5
NE (-15) at WSH Sunday 1:00pm ET NE -15
ATL at HOU (-5) Sunday 1:00pm ET HOU -5
GB at DAL (-3.5) Sunday 4:25pm ET DAL -3.5
IND at KC (-10.5) Sunday 8:20pm ET IND +10.5

2019 NFL Picks: Week 4 (Sept. 26-30)

The games we picked this week: New England at Buffalo; Jacksonville at Denver; Washington at NY Giants; Tampa Bay at LA Rams; Philadelphia at Green Bay; Minnesota at Chicago.

2019 NFL Picks: Week 3 (Sept. 19-23)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Tennessee (-1.5) at Jacksonville Thu 8:20pm ET JAX +1.5
Denver at Green Bay (-7.5) Sun 1:00pm ET GB -7.5
Atlanta at Indianapolis (-2) Sun 1:00pm ET IND -2
Baltimore at Kansas City (-6.5) Sun 1:00pm ET KC -6.5
Carolina (-2.5) at Arizona Sun 4:05pm ET ARI +2.5
New Orleans at Seattle (-4) Sun 4:25pm ET SEA -4

2019 NFL Picks: Week 2 (Sept. 12-15)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Tampa Bay at Carolina (-6.5) Thu 8:20pm ET CAR -6.5
LA Chargers (-2.5) at Detroit Sun 1:00pm ET LAC -2.5
Indianapolis at Tennessee (-3) Sun 1:00pm ET TEN -3
Dallas (-5) at Washington Sun 1:00pm ET DAL -5
New Orleans at LA Rams (-2.5) Sun 4:25pm ET LAR -2.5
Cleveland (-2.5) at NY Jets Mon 8:15pm ET CLE -2.5

2019 NFL Picks: Week 1 (Sept. 5-8)

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