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2019 College Football Picks

College Football

2019 College Football Picks: The Pick Six

The joy of six.

There are so many games from which to choose, but for the 2019 college football picks, we only want six a week.

We pick six college football games a week and call them the 2019 college football picks. A pick six, if you will. What else do you want from us?

Every week, we update the tote board with our progress. These choices will be made exclusively against-the-spread from the moment you see this until the end of the season. During bowl season, we will give you all 39, but we will not call it a Pick 39. That’s just stupid. Just remember, this is all for fun, so we cannot and will not be held responsible if you choose to act on the picks we give you and it goes wrong. However, we can and will oppose our own preseason predictions when it suits our collective fancy.

2019 College Football Picks: Pick Six Standings

Through Week 11 30-36-0 ATS

2019 College Football Picks: Week 12 (Nov. 12-16)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Fresno State at San Diego State (-1.5) Friday 9:30pm ET San Diego State -1.5
Massachusetts at Northwestern (-39) Saturday 12:00pm ET Massachusetts +39
Texas at Iowa State (-7) Saturday 3:30pm ET Texas +7
Georgia (-7) at Auburn Saturday 3:30pm ET Auburn +7

Oklahoma (-10) at Baylor Saturday 7:30pm ET Baylor +10
USC (-6.5) at California Saturday 11:00pm ET USC -6.5

2019 College Football Picks: Week 11 (Nov. 5-9)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Washington (-10) at Oregon State Friday 10:30pm ET Oregon State +10
Purdue at Northwestern (-2.5) Saturday 12:00pm ET Purdue +2.5
LSU at Alabama (-6.5) Saturday 3:30pm ET LSU +6.5
Kansas State at Texas (-7) Saturday 3:30pm ET Kansas State +7

Appalachian State at South Carolina (-5.5) Saturday 7:00pm ET South Carolina -5.5
Tennessee at Kentucky (-1) Saturday 7:30pm ET Kentucky -1

2019 College Football Picks: Week 10 (Oct. 31-Nov. 2)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Virginia Tech at Notre Dame (-17.5) Saturday 2:30pm ET Notre Dame -17.5
Rutgers at Illinois (-20) Saturday 3:30pm ET Illinois -20
Utah (-3) at Washington Saturday 4:00pm ET Washington +3
Mississippi at Auburn (-19.5) Saturday 7:00pm ET Auburn -19.5

Virginia at North Carolina (-2.5) Saturday 7:30pm ET Virginia +2.5
Boise State (-17) at San Jose State Saturday 10:30pm ET San Jose State +17

2019 College Football Picks: Week 9 (Oct. 24-26)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Mississippi State at Texas A&M (-10.5) Saturday 12:00pm ET Texas A&M -10.5
Miami-FL at Pittsburgh (-5.5) Saturday 12:00pm ET Pittsburgh -5.5
Oklahoma State at Iowa State (-10.5) Saturday 3:30pm ET Oklahoma State +10.5
Auburn at LSU (-10.5) Saturday 3:30pm ET LSU -10.5

Penn State (-6.5) at Michigan State Saturday 3:30pm ET Penn State -6.5
Colorado State at Fresno State (-14) Saturday 7:30pm ET Fresno State -14

2019 College Football Picks: Week 8 (Oct. 17-19)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Ohio State (-28) at Northwestern Friday 8:30pm ET Ohio State -28
Clemson (-24) at Louisville Saturday 12:00pm ET Clemson -24
Southern Miss (-1) at Louisiana Tech Saturday 3:30pm ET Louisiana Tech +1
Tulsa at Cincinnati (-17.5) Saturday 3:30pm ET Cincinnati -17.5
Missouri (-21) at Vanderbilt Saturday 4:00pm ET Missouri -21
Boise State (-6.5) at BYU Saturday 10:15pm ET Boise State -6.5

2019 College Football Picks: Week 7 (Oct. 10-12)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
South Carolina at Georgia (-24.5) Saturday 12:00pm ET Georgia -24.5
Oklahoma (-11) vs. Texas Saturday 12:00pm ET Texas +11
Florida State at Clemson (-27) Saturday 3:30pm ET Florida State +27
Washington State at Arizona State (-1) Saturday 3:30pm ET Arizona State -1
Iowa State (-10.5) at West Virginia Saturday 4:00pm ET West Virginia +10.5
USC at Notre Dame (-11) Saturday 7:30pm ET Notre Dame -11

2019 College Football Picks: Week 6 (Oct. 3-5)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Iowa at Michigan (-3.5) Saturday 12:00pm ET Iowa +3.5
Tulane (-3) at Army Saturday 12:00pm ET Army +3
Auburn (-3) at Florida Saturday 3:30pm ET Auburn -3
Baylor at Kansas State (-2) Saturday 3:30pm ET Kansas State -2
Michigan State at Ohio State (-20) Saturday 7:30pm ET Michigan State +20
California at Oregon (-17.5) Saturday 8:00pm ET California +17.5

2019 College Football Picks: Week 5 (Sept. 26-28)

As always, our predictions are offered for entertainment purposes only.

2019 College Football Picks: Week 4 (Sept. 19-21)

And while you’re at it, why don’t you get to the Bracket Yard’s YouTube page?

2019 College Football Picks: Week 3 (Sept. 13-14)

Game Date/Time ATS Pick
Washington State (-8.5) vs. Houston Fri 9:15pm ET WSU -8.5
Ohio State (-16.5) at Indiana Sat 12:00pm ET OSU -16.5
NC State (-6.5) at West Virginia Sat 12:00pm ET NCSU -6.5
Iowa (-2.5) at Iowa State Sat 4:00pm ET IOWA -2.5
Florida (-8.5) at Kentucky Sat 7:00pm ET UK +8.5
Clemson (-27.5) at Syracuse Sat 7:30pm ET SYR +27.5

2019 College Football Pick Six: Weeks 1-2

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