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2019 NFL Predictions


2019 NFL Predictions: Records for Every Team

New England vs. The Field

Who sits at the top of our 2019 NFL predictions? Well, why don’t you read them and see? We already know the answer.

One thing to get out of the way right now, with no sense in hiding it: New England is going to have a fine season. We have seen some 10-6 and 11-5 predictions on other websites. Hey, with their bandwidth and hosting, they can say whatever they want. We just happen to think they are incorrect. Not that the Pats will lap the AFC East — again — but by so little. All Tom Brady has to do is not break a bone and they will go 12-4 at a minimum. He could be playing at 50 and still make the AFC Championship. Maybe even the Super Bowl where they can make our list once more.

Now that we have this out of the way, it’s on with the NFL predictions. These are record predictions and playoff seed projections for every team in the league. If we are correct, we will accept your congratulations. Should these be inaccurate, what predictions? I never saw any 2019 NFL predictions here.

Should they exist, teams in ties will be arranged in order of tiebreaker precedence. For example, if there are two 11-5 teams in a division, we will list the one with the tiebreaker higher. Don’t get bent out of shape about it; these are just predictions on some website.

Editors Note, August 25, 2019: These predictions were revised with the retirement of Andrew Luck, which was announced on August 24. We previously predicted Indianapolis to go 8-8.

2019 NFL Predictions: NFC

NFC East

1 Philadelphia Eagles 10-6
2 Dallas Cowboys 10-6
3 New York Giants 7-9
4 Washington Redskins 5-11

Philadelphia and Dallas are the standout teams in the NFC East. The Giants will not be any good but their schedule is not very hard, either. Washington looks as though some issues are afoot, even though they have football’s easiest schedule.1

NFC North

1 Chicago Bears 10-6
2 Minnesota Vikings 10-6
3 Green Bay Packers 9-7
4 Detroit Lions 3-13

A healthy Aaron Rodgers could keep Green Bay in contention with the frontrunners, Chicago and Minnesota. Detroit looks to be the only team lagging far behind the rest.

NFC South

1 New Orleans Saints 12-4
2 Atlanta Falcons 10-6
3 Carolina Panthers 8-8
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-11

New Orleans is still the team to beat in the NFC South. We have Atlanta coming up just short of the playoffs despite a respectable season. Carolina can go either way and the Buccaneers need all the help they can get.

NFC West

1 Los Angeles Rams 12-4
2 San Francisco 49ers 8-8
3 Seattle Seahawks 8-8
4 Arizona Cardinals 2-14

We are not knocking the Rams off of their perch for any team in this division. The 49ers are getting favorable media but let’s see them go out there and win first. Seattle appears to be in the middle of the road, maybe a little better with some positive breaks. Arizona better hope Kyler Murray pans out because there is nothing else to watch there.

2019 NFL Predictions: AFC

AFC East

1 New England Patriots 14-2
2 Buffalo Bills 6-10
3 New York Jets 6-10
4 Miami Dolphins 3-13

New England is the best team in the division by a mile, and their schedule is very easy. The Jets have stunk for so long that they deserve initial skepticism until such time as they prove it wrong. Buffalo is just kind of there. Miami may be in for a rough season.

AFC North

1 Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4
2 Cleveland Browns 10-6
3 Baltimore Ravens 6-10
4 Cincinnati Bengals 4-12

Pittsburgh may get a race from Cleveland, another team that has to prove it, but the pieces appear to be there for a Browns team that made clear moves in the right direction in 2018. Baltimore will have to fight to find their place in this division. Cincinnati is in the midst of a rebuild and the results will reflect it.

AFC South

1 Houston Texans 10-6
2 Tennessee Titans 8-8
3 Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10
4 Indianapolis Colts 6-10

This may be the most competitive division in football, but not with sterling records. Houston appears to be the best in the AFC South, where you can expect these teams to beat one another up on the regular. Tennessee may be a lucky break or two from winning the division. Jacksonville, even at a predicted 6-10, can stay alive for a while if Nick Foles performs.

Indianapolis had its fortunes change in a significant fashion during Week 3 of the preseason, with Andrew Luck going home for good.2 While we did not think Indy would make the playoffs with Luck at the helm, it is hard to believe now that they will contend. We were nice and just took off two wins.

AFC West

1 Kansas City Chiefs 13-3
2 Los Angeles Chargers 12-4
3 Oakland Raiders 6-10
4 Denver Broncos 5-11

Kansas City vs. the Chargers again in a high-octane division race; the winner will be almost guaranteed a bye. Kansas City still seems to be that team.

2019 NFL Predictions: NFC Playoff Picture

1 New Orleans Saints NFC South Champ
2 Los Angeles Rams NFC West Champ
3 Chicago Bears NFC North Champ
4 Philadelphia Eagles NFC East Champ
5 Dallas Cowboys Wild Card
6 Minnesota Vikings Wild Card

2019 NFL Predictions: AFC Playoff Picture

1 New England Patriots AFC East Champ
2 Kansas City Chiefs AFC West Champ
3 Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North Champ
4 Houston Texans AFC South Champ
5 Los Angeles Chargers Wild Card
6 Cleveland Browns Wild Card


1: “2019 NFL strength of schedule” (by John Breech, CBS Sports website, published 20 Feb 2019, accessed 20 Aug 2019)

2: “Luck retires, calls decision ‘hardest of my life’” (by Mike Wells, ESPN website, published 24 August 2019, accessed 25 August 2019)

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