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2019 Home Run Derby


2019 Home Run Derby Bracket and Facts

Clubbing homers in Cleveland.

The 2019 Home Run Derby is another opportunity for us to provide a baseball bracket. Isn’t that why we’re here?

Since the exhibition moved to a bracket format (as opposed to the lengthy mess it used to be), the field is still held at eight, there’s less taking of pitches, and the clock adds an element of drama. This, by the way, is the only time it is acceptable to have a clock in baseball. They’re trying with the pitch clock, as if they really think that is going to speed up the game by any significant amount.

Anyhoo, the matter at hand is the 2019 Derby, and eight of the hottest home run hitters in Major League Baseball this season will participate. See the bracket below, and on Derby night, do not be shy following along with us on Twitter @TheBracketYard.

Before We Begin

The 2018 Home Run Derby champion was Bryce Harper on his then-home field in Washington. That Derby featured seven National League players, with Alex Bregman as the American League’s only entry.

As for 2019, this Home Run Derby takes place on Monday, July 8.

2019 Home Run Derby Bracket

This bracket was revised on July 7 to account for Christian Yelich (MIL) withdrawing — you may still see the original bracket below, if you want to do so for whatever reason

2019 Home Run Derby bracket revised

Who’s In The 2019 Home Run Derby?

1 Matt Chapman (OAK)
2 Pete Alonso (NYM)
3 Josh Bell (PIT)
4 Alex Bregman (HOU)
5 Joc Pederson (LAD)
6 Ronald Acuña Jr. (ATL)
7 Carlos Santana (CLE)
8 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (TOR)

Facts About The 2019 Home Run Derby

  • The player winning the Home Run Derby this year receives a cash prize of US$1 million.1
  • Alex Bregman is the only player who was also in the 2018 Home Run Derby; he was eliminated in the first round.
  • Milwaukee had the number one seed in the bracket in 2018 (Jesus Aguilar); He lost to Rhys Hoskins in the first round. They would have also done so in 2019 but for Yelich’s withdrawal.
  • Vladimir Guerrero’s father of the same name won the 2007 Home Run Derby.
  • The eight participating players had a combined 168 home runs this season through July 6.

Original Home Run Derby Bracket

2019 Home Run Derby bracket


1: “HR Derby winner to receive $1 million award” by David Adler, website, published 14 March 2019, accessed 5 July 2019

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