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2019 NBA Playoff Predictions Consensus Picks


2019 NBA Playoff Predictions: Expert Consensus Picks

At least there’s consensus.

You’ve seen the 2019 NBA bracket, and now, the 2019 NBA playoff predictions. Which team wins the 2019 NBA Finals?

If you answered Golden State – alright, fine, but humor us until the end of the article.

An ongoing tradition around here is to round up picks from around the internet’s sphere of NBA experts to tell you what the prediction consensus is. The list of references we cite is as follows:

The Bracket Yard’s predictions are at the very bottom; they are not officially factored into the numbers you will see below, as if it matters.

One thing you probably already realize about the National Basketball Association is how such predictions lack in diversity. Hell, for the last four years, the same two teams met in the Finals. Not only that, but it was expected. The first few rounds seem like window-dressing en route to the team you think is going to win, well, winning.

The possibility always exists that some other team will emerge from the cloud of smoke and topple Goliath. Though, technically, many of them are Goliaths on the court, especially if we are talking about guys like the titanic Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee, among others. Will Milwaukee come out of the East and stop the Golden State dynasty in its tracks? In a moment, you will know how the experts feel about that.

Needless to say, there is a lot of agreement in what you will see below, from start to finish. We will present the NBA playoff pick consensus anyway.

2019 NBA Playoff Predictions: First Round Consensus

2019 NBA First Round unanimous and near-unanimous predictions

Six out of the eight first-round series were 90 percent or more for one particular team. Sorry, Detroit, Orlando, and the Clips: nobody is giving you any shot whatsoever. The story is only slightly less bleak for the Nets, Jazz, and Pacers, who draw less than ten percent of support for their upset bids.

Denver San Antonio NBA prediction 2019

Portland Oklahoma City NBA prediction 2019

The only two series in the first round drawing any sense that it might be competitive are Denver-San Antonio and Portland-Oklahoma City. In the latter, the worse seed is the strong favorite to win the series. If asking why, perhaps you missed OKC going 4-0 against the Blazers this year.

2019 NBA Playoff Predictions: Conference Champions

2019 NBA Western Conference champion prediction

In the West, we are not telling you anything you did not already know. Experts love the Warriors, who have won the conference four years in a row. It was not a sweep, but a strong majority favors Golden State to make it a fifth-consecutive trip to the NBA Finals.

2019 NBA Eastern Conference champion prediction

The competition seems to be out East, with the Bucks only the favorites of half of the experts. Toronto was the other team with significant favoritism, while a lone holdout pulls for the Celtics.

2019 NBA Playoff Predictions: 2019 NBA Champions

2019 NBA champion prediction

Like in the Western Conference predictions, the experts just don’t know how to quit the Warriors. For one thing, Steph Curry and crew have given them no reason to do so. Over 80 percent see them winning their fourth championship in five years, while a small minority sides with either Houston or Milwaukee. At least we know for certain that it’s not going to be Steph vs. LeBron again for the whole bag of marbles, and that got a coach fired.

As For Our Predictions

First Round Winners: Golden State, Denver, Houston, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston
Conference Champions: Golden State and Milwaukee
2019 NBA Champion: Golden State

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