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2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket


2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Playoff Progress

It’s Golden State vs. the field.

The hockey playoffs just began, and basketball is right behind: presenting the 2019 NBA playoffs bracket.

Just like in the NHL, sixteen teams, eight from each conference, advanced to the postseason. Only one comes out of that mess as a champion, and the process will take about two months to complete. When the dust settles, will Golden State once more rise to the top of the heap? Is it time for another team to rise, like Milwaukee, Toronto, or Denver? Finally, will some team shock all of us and ride to an improbable championship, like San Antonio or Orlando?

The latter is unlikely, with the first thing being very likely just because: Golden State have won three out of the last four finals. While Golden State is a legitimate dynasty, the Western Conference is the center of power in the Association. Western Conference teams have won 14 of the last 20 championships.

Below, you can view (and enlarge) the 2019 NBA playoffs bracket. You can also learn a little about the field.

The 2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket – Postseason Over

2019 NBA Playoff Bracket Final

2019 NBA Playoffs Finals: Head-to-Head

Toronto won the regular-season series with the Warriors, 2-0.

Nov. 29, 2018 GSW 128 at TOR 131 (OT)
Dec. 12, 2018 TOR 113 at GS 93

2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Recapping the NBA Conference Finals

Golden State over Portland in four. What a surprise: Golden State is going back to the NBA Finals. Three of the four games in the Warriors’ sweep of the Trail Blazers were competitive. The Dubs set the tempo early in the series by defending their home court, and by the time Golden State pulled away in the second half of Game 3, the series was over. Portland led in Game 3by as many as 18, but that melted away in the third quarter, and Golden State ran away with the fourth.

Toronto over Milwaukee in six. The NBA title that eludes the Raptors may not elude it for much longer. (All they have to do is beat Golden State; good luck with all that.) Milwaukee led the series 2-0 coming off of their home court, looking like a fearsome NBA Finals contender. It was then Toronto that turned the tables, winning four straight to upset the Eastern Conference favorites. Kawhi Leonard had a big series for the Raps, who advanced to the Finals for the first time.

2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Recapping the Second Round

The second round of the playoffs got much better than the first, which is the flip side of a top-heavy league from what we said about the first round. While the lower-tier playoff teams have no shot, when the higher-tier teams play against one another, the quality improves. That is what we witnessed about the second round, where three out of the four series went at least six games, and two of them went seven.

It almost settled out the way the seeding suggested. Milwaukee, Toronto, Golden State, and Portland advanced, with the only top two team missing out being Denver in the West. Milwaukee-Boston was the only non-competitive series, going five games. Yet, Boston fans can console themselves with the deep run on which the Bruins are going.

2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Recapping the First Round

It was all chalk in the first round of the NBA postseason: all eight favored teams won their series.

In a further demonstration of the lack of parity in the NBA, the higher seeds won 32 games (obviously). The lower seeds won nine. Six out of the eight series were not competitive in any fashion. Of course, this opens us up to the possibility of later rounds having better quality, as we have seen in some years with the NCAA Tournament. Nevertheless, the NBA is not where you come for upsets or the unpredictable, particularly in the first round.

Looking backwards, in 2018, there were two first-round upsets (Utah and New Orleans). In 2017, there was just one (Utah). Finally, in 2016, there was also just one (Portland). At least we know it won’t be Golden State vs. Cleveland again.

2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Field

Eastern Conference

1 Milwaukee Bucks (60-22)
2 Toronto Raptors (58-24)
3 Philadelphia 76ers (51-31)
4 Boston Celtics (49-33)
5 Indiana Pacers (48-34)
6 Brooklyn Nets (42-40)
7 Orlando Magic (42-40)
8 Detroit Pistons (41-41)

Western Conference

1 Golden State Warriors (57-25)
2 Denver Nuggets (54-28)
3 Portland Trail Blazers (53-29)
4 Houston Rockets (53-29)
5 Utah Jazz (50-32)
6 Oklahoma City Thunder (49-33)
7 San Antonio Spurs (48-34)
8 Los Angeles Clippers (48-34)

Golden State enters the playoffs as the defending champion and as the number one seed in the West. Milwaukee owns the best overall record in the NBA.

NBA First Round Head-To-Head Records

  • Milwaukee vs. Detroit: MIL 4-0
  • Toronto vs. Orlando: Tied 2-2
  • Philadelphia vs. Brooklyn: Tied 2-2
  • Boston vs. Indiana: BOS 3-1
  • Golden State vs. LA Clippers: GS 3-1
  • Denver vs. San Antonio: Tied 2-2
  • Portland vs. Oklahoma City: OKC 4-0
  • Houston vs. Utah: Tied 2-2

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