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2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket


2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Playoff Progress

It’s Golden State vs. the field.

The hockey playoffs just began, and basketball is right behind: presenting the 2019 NBA playoffs bracket.

Just like in the NHL, sixteen teams, eight from each conference, advanced to the postseason. Only one comes out of that mess as a champion, and the process will take about two months to complete. When the dust settles, will Golden State once more rise to the top of the heap? Is it time for another team to rise, like Milwaukee, Toronto, or Denver? Finally, will some team shock all of us and ride to an improbable championship, like San Antonio or Orlando?

The latter is unlikely, with the first thing being very likely just because: Golden State have won three out of the last four finals. While Golden State is a legitimate dynasty, the Western Conference is the center of power in the Association. Western Conference teams have won 14 of the last 20 championships.

Below, you can view (and enlarge) the 2019 NBA playoffs bracket. You can also learn a little about the field.

The 2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket

2019 NBA Playoff Bracket

2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket: Field

Eastern Conference

1 Milwaukee Bucks (60-22)
2 Toronto Raptors (58-24)
3 Philadelphia 76ers (51-31)
4 Boston Celtics (49-33)
5 Indiana Pacers (48-34)
6 Brooklyn Nets (42-40)
7 Orlando Magic (42-40)
8 Detroit Pistons (41-41)

Western Conference

1 Golden State Warriors (57-25)
2 Denver Nuggets (54-28)
3 Portland Trail Blazers (53-29)
4 Houston Rockets (53-29)
5 Utah Jazz (50-32)
6 Oklahoma City Thunder (49-33)
7 San Antonio Spurs (48-34)
8 Los Angeles Clippers (48-34)

Golden State enters the playoffs as the defending champion and as the number one seed in the West. Milwaukee owns the best overall record in the NBA.

NBA First Round Head-To-Head Records

  • Milwaukee vs. Detroit: MIL 4-0
  • Toronto vs. Orlando: Tied 2-2
  • Philadelphia vs. Brooklyn: Tied 2-2
  • Boston vs. Indiana: BOS 3-1
  • Golden State vs. LA Clippers: GS 3-1
  • Denver vs. San Antonio: Tied 2-2
  • Portland vs. Oklahoma City: OKC 4-0
  • Houston vs. Utah: Tied 2-2

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