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2019 NHL Playoff Picture Bracket


2019 NHL Playoff Picture Bracket

Lord Stanley awaits.

In our 2019 NHL Playoff Picture bracket, you will see the sixteen teams in range to vie for the Stanley Cup.

In the late spring, practically summer, one team will add to their trophy case. Or, as the case may be, put their first Stanley Cup inside it for a year (when it’s not on tour).

Yet, before we get there, we have to figure out which teams will make it to the postseason. We will update our bracket to make it clear who is heading for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. By deduction, you can also figure out who is not. Those curious may also revisit the playoff bracket from last year to compare notes.

2019 NHL Playoff Picture Bracket – Mar. 22, 2019

2019 NHL Playoff Picture 3-22-19

Playoff Berths Clinched as of March 22
Calgary Flames (West-Pacific)
San Jose Sharks (West-Pacific)
Tampa Bay Lightning (East-Atlantic)

Eliminated Teams as of March 22
Detroit Red Wings (East-Atlantic)
Los Angeles Kings (West-Pacific)
New Jersey Devils (East-Metro)
Ottawa Senators (East-Atlantic)

2019 NHL Playoff Picture Bracket – Mar. 16, 2019

2019 NHL Playoff Picture 3-16-19

At this point, it’s the Tampa Bay Lightning and everybody else. The Bolts have the inside track to the Stanley Cup, but a lot has to happen before they hoist it. Without any question, they are the best team in hockey this season. The way they dominate and consistently succeed makes them the single biggest threat. This is, of course, not to say there aren’t other good teams. Other division leaders include Washington (Metro), Winnipeg (Central), and Calgary (Pacific).

2019 NHL Playoff Picture Bracket – Feb. 24, 2019

2019 NHL Playoff Picture 2-24-19

The team far-and-away leading the pack in the 2018-19 season is Tampa Bay. They are 15 points clear of the next-best team in the NHL, making them a heavy February favorite to win the Stanley Cup. Of course, winning the President’s Trophy is one thing, and the Stanley Cup is another. Regardless of what we will be saying of the Lightning in May and June, they are the uncontested best team in the regular season.

The two best teams in the NHL at present are the Lightning and Flames; were they to meet, it would be a rematch of the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals. So, watch both of them drop out of the running early; apologies in advance for the jinx.

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