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2019 NBA Playoff Picture Bracket


2019 NBA Playoff Picture Bracket

On the road to The Finals.

With the NBA season coming to a close sooner than you think, the 2019 NBA Playoff Picture will show where the contenders fall.

We are not surprising anyone by saying that the Golden State Warriors are a lock for the postseason. How many championships do they have to win for you to believe it? You already know it’s true, and you know where some of the key competing teams fall already.

The ongoing questions include the seeds, who will emerge in each conference, and for some, will LeBron and his new Los Angeles Lakers get to the postseason?

2019 NBA Playoff Picture Bracket: Mar. 22, 2019

2019 NBA Playoff Picture - 3-22-19

Clinched Playoff Berths, March 22
Denver Nuggets (W)
Golden State Warriors (W)
Milwaukee Bucks (E)
Philadelphia 76ers (E)
Toronto Raptors (E)

Eliminated as of March 22
Atlanta Hawks (E)
Chicago Bulls (E)
Cleveland Cavaliers (E)
Dallas Mavericks (W)
Memphis Grizzlies (W)
New Orleans Pelicans (W)
New York Knicks (E)
Phoenix Suns (W)

Both the Eastern and Western Conference have 11 teams still alive or clinched into berths.

2019 NBA Playoff Picture Bracket: Mar. 16, 2019

2019 NBA Playoff Picture - 3-16-19

The best record in basketball, and the ostensible favorite in the playoffs, is a distinction that belongs to the Milwaukee Bucks. Malcolm Brogdon is going to miss time for Milwaukee, possibly including a sizable chunk of the postseason, which does not help. However, the team as a whole has compiled the NBA’s most impressive resume. They own one of the most prolific offenses in basketball and can win anywhere.

Miami is the only sub-.500 team in the playoff field at this point in time. There is a fight for eighth in the East among four different teams, all with losing records. This is decidedly not the case in the West, where the Clippers, the eighth team, are ten games over .500 at present. Sacramento is in at ninth, six games behind. Looking at the West, only seven and a half games separate the eight playoff teams. This is why we’ve seen so many seeds shift around since our last update. Note that you do not see the Lakers here; they are largely irrelevant but for the fact that LeBron is there, but we must point out that they are most likely not going to make it this year.

2019 NBA Playoff Picture Bracket: Feb. 23, 2019

2019 NBA Playoff Picture - 2-23-19

To answer the first set of questions posed here, the seeds are here, we’ll find out in the playoffs, and right now, no, the Lakers are not in the playoffs. Los Angeles is a .500 team on the date of this first bracket, three games behind the other LA team for eighth.

However, rather than focus on players and teams not inside the current field, let’s talk about the sixteen that are. The Milwaukee Bucks own the best record in the NBA at this time while the Golden State Warriors have the Western Conference’s top record. Out West, the standings are a little more balanced, while in the East, it’s top-heavy. There is a large gap between fifth and sixth, with the last three teams in holding .500 or worse records.

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