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Survivor Edge of Extinction


Survivor: Edge of Extinction Spoilers and More

Hey look: it’s Fiji again.

Survivor as a show might not be on the edge of extinction, as long as the ratings are good, but eighteen castaways are.

I mean, they aren’t going to DIE or anything. It’s just the title of a television show.

I know what you’re thinking: Bracket Yard, we just got through one season that ended in December. How can there be another one so soon? For the answer, if you want one, I would pass along Jeff Probst’s contact information but he’s asked me not to give it out anymore.

Needless to say, if you are a fan of the show, just sit back and enjoy it.

We will follow this from the first tribal council until the finale and track your favorite, and most reviled, survivors. This season launches on February 20, 2019.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction: Previously

We most recently tracked Survivor (37): David vs. Goliath, won by Kentucky Nick Wilson. A high bar was set for Edge of Extinction.

Fun fact: this season started shooting a few weeks after the last one, and in the same place (just like the five before it).

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Season Progress

Click to enlarge — updated following the February 20, 2019 premiere

Survivor Edge of Extinction Season - 17 left

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Spoilers — 1st Boot: Reem

We mentioned this already, but Edge of Extinction has big shoes to fill, both in terms of the cast and how the season is edited. David vs. Goliath reset the bar for recent seasons. One episode into the season, as with any new beginning of a television show, it is hard to know how you feel about most of the characters. It may be a number of episodes before the dominant figures of Edge of Extinction emerge.

What we do know is that Reem, the “motherly figure” was first to get sent out on a split vote. She did not take it well, a mood not earlier helped by Wardog pointing out that he would not be able to deal with her personality for 39 days.

Then, the twist of the season: Reem is presented with the opportunity to go to Ponderosa and get her daily continental breakfast or head for the great unknown and a chance to re-enter the game. She grabs a torch, gets on a boat, and is sent to a deserted island, in the rain, in the middle of the night, with nothing but her animosity towards the Manu tribe. This twist could work, which also assumes that the future inhabitants will all become Bitter Betties. It doesn’t seem quite so silly at this point but it depends how they feature it, and when the buy-back comes into play.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Castaways

Aubry Bracco 32 Los Angeles, CA
Aurora McCreary 32 Orlando, FL
Chris Underwood 25 Greenville, SC
Dan “Wardog” DaSilva 38 Los Angeles, CA
David Wright 44 Sherman Oaks, CA
Eric Hafemann 34 Livermore, CA
Gavin Whitson 23 Erwin, TN
Joe Anglim 29 Ogden, UT
Julia Carter 24 Bethesda, MD
Julie Rosenberg 46 New York, NY
Keith Sowell 19 Durham, NC
Kelley Wentworth 31 Seattle, WA
Lauren O’Connell 21 Waco, TX
Reem Daly 46 Ashburn, VA
Rick Devens 33 Macon, GA
Ron Clark 46 Atlanta, GA
Victoria Baamonde 23 Bronx, NY
Wendy Diaz 25 Bell, CA

Edge of Extinction Returnees

• Aubry Bracco (Kaôh Rōng-32 and Game Changers-34)
• David Wright (Millennials vs. Gen X-33)
• Joe Anglim (Worlds Apart-30 and Cambodia-31)
• Kelley Wentworth (San Juan del Sur-29 and Cambodia-31)

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