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Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers


Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers and Commentary

You may have heard of them.

With Celebrity Big Brother 2, those in the northern reaches of the United States can distract themselves for a short time from the coldness and snowy silence of winter.

If that was too real for you, we’re sorry. Those 12 celebrities hanging out in the Big Brother house will have nothing more than cool nights about which to worry. Some may be faces you recognize and some may not, but all are competing for $250,000 and the title of Big Brother Winner. This season starts its broadcast on January 21, 2019 and concludes on February 13, 2019. Houseguests went into sequester the weekend of Saturday, January 13.

See the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast list here, as well as tracking the progress of the season with us from start to finish.

Celebrity Big Brother 2: Before We Begin…

You may remember the last two Big Brother seasons we covered as being entertaining: Celebrity Big Brother (1) and Big Brother 20. If you want to relive those moments, we have extensive coverage at those pages. With any luck, CBB2 will be just as messy as the both of them.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Cast

HG Age Known For
1 Jonathan Bennett 37 Mean Girls and Cake Wars
2 Tamar Braxton 41 Singing and Braxton Family Values
3 Kandi Burruss 42 Xscape and The Real Housewives of Atlanta
4 Tom Green 47 Comedy and The Tom Green Show
5 Lolo Jones 36 The 2008 Beijing and 2014 Sochi Olympics
6 Kato Kaelin 59 Acting and The OJ Trial
7 Joey Lawrence 42 Blossom and Melissa & Joey
8 Ryan Lochte 34 6-time Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer
9 Dina Lohan 56 Lindsay Lohan’s Mother
10 Natalie Eva Marie 34 Former WWE Wrestler
11 Anthony Scaramucci 55 Former White House Communications Director
12 Ricky Williams 41 Former NFL Running Back

Status of the season last updated on February 15, 2019.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Tamar Wins

Celebrity Big Brother 2 - season over

The remaining boot order was as follows:

Kato Kaelin, 8th.
Natalie Eva Marie, 7th.
Tom Green, 6th.
Kandi Burruss, 5th.
Dina Lohan and Lolo Jones, tied for 3rd.
Tamar Braxton defeats Ricky Williams, 9-0.

I did not connect with this cast. I liked some people on it, not others. Some of the houseguests — and they know who they are — were insane in a non-entertaining way. Others, like winner Tamar Braxton, were amusing.

Tamar winning the finale in a landslide was not a surprise, given that she went to the end with Ricky. As the final Head of Household, Ricky should have taken someone like Lolo, who was even less liked. Instead, the entire jury rallied behind Tamar. The first-in curse is officially OVER.

Bring on Big Brother 21.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Long Pause

Hold your comments.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: 3rd Boot: Joey

Celebrity Big Brother 2 - 8 houseguests remaining

One thing of which we can be clear: this is not Big Brother 20, because these are some wide vote margins to start ths season. An alliance (or what appeared to be one) has been wiped out in the first three evictions. Joey did not play particularly hard until the end of his time in the house.

Lolo has had a few blow-ups in the house; hopefully, nobody tells her quite yet that the Saints are out (and HOW they went out).

Joey’s Eviction Vote: 6-0

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: 2nd Boot: Ryan

Celebrity Big Brother 2 - 9 houseguests remaining

We have our first backdoor of the Celebrity Big Brother season. Kato wins HOH, nominates Tamar and Dina, then Tom wins the veto, takes Dina down, and Ryan goes up without resistance. The house took out the victorious power pair, Ryan and Jonathan, in the first two evictions.

Ryan’s Eviction Vote: 6-1

Ryan was not long for the Big Brother house, as a noted “ath-a-lete” and potential comp beast down the road. Kato seems to be playing the best so far, and I’m surprised by his calmness and critical thought when it comes to playing. Of course, that might earn him a target later on, but for now, he’s impressing. Not to mention, he crafted a backdoor plan of one of the most physically gifted people in the house early in the season.

With regards to Kato telling Joey and Ryan there was a “chance” of a backdoor, I respected that he was at least somewhat honest. Most others would have lied through their teeth, and by no means should Kato have straight-up said “you’re getting backdoored.” Hedging was a respectable way of saying it, and he didn’t even have to go that far, but he owned it. My friends, I think we have a little bit of jury management already happening.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Mooch Is Fake; 1st Boot: Jonathan

Celebrity Big Brother 2 - 10 houseguests remaining

A few twists and turns took place, and we COULD write a long chronicle. Instead, we’re going to to do what we always do: bullet points.

  • A large alliance formed, and then crumbled within a day.
  • Ryan won the first part of the first HOH after having paired up with Jonathan, but the Power Pair twist pitted them against one another. Winner (Ryan) became the HOH, while the loser (Jonathan) was nominated.
  • Ricky stirred the pot a little, then won the veto and sat on it.
  • Mooch was revealed as a “fake houseguest” and left the show. He then held a second veto comp all about his brief time in the house, won by Kato.
  • Kato saved Tom Green, who is still shocked that they’re working together.
  • Ryan Lochte is the Fessy of the season; he just doesn’t have JC to be his “puppet master.”
  • Jonathan was voted out, as it had appeared all week.

Jonathan’s Eviction Vote: 6-1

Too bad we did not get to see more of Jonathan; he was playing the game and wanted to be there (which is more than I can say for a few of them). This is also not good news for Ryan, whose final two just walked out the door on his HOH.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Preseason

Celebrity Big Brother 2 - 12 houseguests remaining

There are obviously no spoilers as the season has not begun. Follow this graphic through February to track how your favorites did.

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