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2018 Cheez It Bowl

College Football

2018 Cheez It Bowl: Teams, Facts, and Pick

Urge to snack rising.

The 2018 Cheez It Bowl will answer the question of which team is better: California or TCU. It will not, however, answer the question as to which Cheez It is superior: Original or White Cheddar.

Everybody knows it’s White Cheddar in a landslide, anyway, so perhaps it is unnecessary.

The California Golden Bears and TCU Horned Frogs were teams that followed different trajectories to the same place. Cal was overlooked the Pac-12, in at best the middle of the pack with some having them towards the back, but they met or even slightly exceeded expectations. TCU, on the other hand, came in thought to be a contender in the Big 12, but suffered a wide miss in a disappointing season in Fort Worth. One of them will end 2018 on a high note.

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2018 Cheez It Bowl: This Year’s Bowl Info

Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 9:00pm ET (6:00pm PT)
Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona
Broadcast on ESPN
$1,037,118 payout (Link: College Football Poll)
This game is a pick’em

2018 Cheez It Bowl: California Golden Bears

7-5 (4-5 Pac-12); 5th in Pac-12 North
Best Win: Washington
Offensive Ranks (out of 130): Scoring Offense T-108th, Total Offense 112th, Rushing Offense 76th, 3rd Downs 104th, Time of Possession 41st, Turnover Margin T-84th, Sacks Allowed T-91st, Red Zone 130th
Defensive Ranks (out of 130): Scoring Defense T-24th, Total Defense 16th, Rushing Defense 31st, Opponent 3rd Downs 33rd, Sacks Per Game T-43rd, TFL Per Game T-66th, Interceptions T-7th, Opponent Red Zone 117th
Special Teams Ranks (out of 130): Field Goal Kicking 78th, Punts Per Game T-42nd

2018 Cheez It Bowl: TCU Horned Frogs

6-6 (4-5 Big 12); 5th place in Big 12
Best Win: Iowa State
Offensive Ranks (out of 130): Scoring Offense 97th, Total Offense T-92nd, Rushing Offense 96th, 3rd Downs 82nd, Time of Possession 43rd, Turnover Margin T-106th, Sacks Allowed T-14th, Red Zone T-123rd
Defensive Ranks (out of 130): Scoring Defense T-44th, Total Defense 26th, Rushing Defense 42nd, Opponent 3rd Downs T-13th, Sacks Per Game T-39th, TFL Per Game T-38th, Interceptions T-100th, Opponent Red Zone 42nd
Special Teams Ranks (out of 130): Field Goal Kicking T-110th, Punts Per Game T-33th

2018 Cheez It Bowl: Head-to-Head

This bowl will be the first time California and TCU get to play one another. (Link: Winsipedia)

2018 Cheez It Bowl: Pick

Part of the reason why TCU did not rise in the Big 12 was their unimpressive offense. When you are going up against the likes of Oklahoma, it’s good to have some defense, but you can only slow them down, not stop them. Oklahoma housed them, of course, but they would not have needed 50 to win games in the Big 12. An average of 21.9 points per game against FBS competition does not get the job done, as the Horned Frogs learned. This coupled with a defense that was okay overall, imperfect but respectable for their conference.

If TCU has a lackluster offense, Cal has less. Almost across the board, the Golden Bears’ numbers are worse, and this was the worst red zone offense in FBS. To keep things consistent, Cal also had one of the worst red zone defenses in the country. This is in spite of having what was overall an accomplished unit that helped play a big role in the Washington upset. (Link: Yahoo Sports)

Watch this game turn into a slugfest when all indications, conventional wisdom, and applied logic suggest this will be a sloppy, low-scoring exhibition. We say that with the utmost sarcasm. This is the sort of contest that you might see played in the teens and 20s and the punters will be seen frequently on television. I must defer to the team I think is better coached and comes from a more imposing conference.

Pick: TCU

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