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2018 NFL Week 14 Scores


2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Every Game in 100 Words or Less

The thrills and the playoff spills.

Taking into account all of the 2018 NFL Week 14 scores, what do we see?

A team that got lucky, a team that needed a miracle, a team that rolled over, and a team that blew a prime opportunity, just to name a few. We are getting down to the finale of the season, and every win and loss matters. Even if your team is playing for nothing in terms of a postseason, they are playing for the 2019 NFL Draft. All the results mean something.

Sure, some teams wish today that this week’s results didn’t move against their interests so badly, but what are you gonna do. Looking straight in your direction, Washington.

This is the lowdown on each and every game within the confines of 100 words.

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2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Tennessee 30, Jacksonville 9

The Jacksonville defense made its season debut last week, and it pulled up stakes and left town this week. It was nowhere to be found as the Titans smashed the Jags, 30-9. Derrick Henry ran for 238 yards and four touchdowns, including a 99-yarder. Cody Kessler wasn’t bad, maybe not as good as Marcus Mariota, but it did not matter as the Jags had nothing on offense as a whole. Playoff Outlook: This was a must-win game for Tennessee who are now 7-6. Their remaining games are winnable, particularly with two of them at home.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: New York Jets 27, Buffalo 23

Buffalo had the Jets right where they wanted them, until they didn’t. With 2:31 to go, the Bills, who at one point led 17-6, took a 23-20 lead on a Stephen Hauschka field goal. They led the Jets come right back down the field in 74 seconds to take a 27-23 lead on a touchdown. Sam Darnold got the job done, but this one will hurt for Buffalo who are already having a better than expected season. Playoff Outlook: Both of these teams were done a long time ago.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Cleveland 26, Carolina 20

Picture this for a moment: you are the Carolina Panthers. I realize you’re not, but indulge me. Your team is slipping behind in the playoff chase and you need to win a game. So, what do you do? You get shut out in the fourth quarter and blow a game against the Cleveland Browns. Granted, Cleveland is much better than before, but if you miss out, this could be why. Baker Mayfield outplayed Cam Newton. Playoff Outlook: Cleveland is just happy to have five wins, whereas this is a big hit for the Panthers.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Green Bay 34, Atlanta 20

The Packers just canned their coach, and some wondered if Green Bay had any pride left this season. Aaron Rodgers showed that he did, throwing two touchdown passes en route to victory. Rodgers also set an NFL record with 359 consecutive pass attempts without throwing a pick. (Link: Yahoo Sports) All this happened in spite of interim coach Joe Philbin blowing both challenges within the first two minutes. Playoff Outlook: Green Bay still espouses some hope, but they can do no better than 8-7-1. Atlanta is a long way from their Super Bowl team at 4-9.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Kansas City 27, Baltimore 24 (OT)

It was not pretty for the Chiefs, who made their way through the season so far by blasting their opposition out of the water. Against a formidable Ravens defense, they had to fight and claw for everything they got. It came down to tying the game late and then surviving in overtime, but survive they did. Lamar Jackson was okay, while Patrick Mahomes did enough to help the Chiefs get to 11-2. Playoff Outlook: Baltimore is still in good shape but they could have taken a chokehold on the wild card. Kansas City has clinched a playoff berth.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Miami 34, New England 33

What can you even say about this one if you’re a Pats fan? That play at the end of the game where the guys lateral it to each other endlessly does not work 99 times out of 100, on estimate. This time, it did, Miami won, and that is all anyone in New England (and Miami) will remember. South Florida continues to be a house of horror for the Pats. Playoff Outlook: New England is still going to win the division. Miami has rehabilitated their chances at a wild card, and the schedule is doable.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: New Orleans 28, Tampa Bay 14

This game looked bad for New Orleans in the first half. Drew Brees was at best pedestrian, the Saints could hardly move the ball, and Tampa stretched out to a 14-3 lead. We wondered almost all game when New Orleans and their high-powered offense would show up, and that was the second half. Tampa Bay got outscored 25-0 following halftime in a game that completely turned on its head. Playoff Outlook: New Orleans are the NFC South champions and still have hopes of a number one seed. Tampa Bay needed this game and they blew it.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: New York Giants 40, Washington 16

Nice of the Redskins to finally show up to the football game once the Giants already had a 40-point lead. This was a pivotal game for Washington in the NFC East and wild card scope, but this was the sort of effort that shows you why they likely won’t be in the postseason. As for the Giants, this was as dominant a game as they have played all year, and they did it without Odell Beckham. Playoff Outlook: Washington took on serious water with their lack of effort on Sunday. The Giants’ hopes rose from slim to just above slim.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Indianapolis 24, Houston 21

The long win streak is over for the Texans, who fall in a division matchup to the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck threw for just under 400 passing yards in a game that Indy all but won in the second quarter with a 17-point outburst. Neither team had any semblance of a run game, though Houston could have used one to keep the ball out of Luck’s hands. Playoff Outlook: Houston remains the favorite to win the AFC South. Indy is 7-6 and continues to threaten for a wild card, which is not what we expected.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Los Angeles Chargers 26, Cincinnati 21

It was a close contest all the way through, but the Chargers prevailed at home over the sinking Bengals. Keenan Allen caught Philip Rivers’ only touchdown pass. Meanwhile, if your team is counting on Jeff Driskel, this is the outcome one can expect. Joe Mixon had a fine day running the rock for Cincy, for all the good it did them. Playoff Outlook: With a 10-3 record, a Chargers clinch is coming soon, and it is hard to envision them not making it even if they lose out. Cincinnati had a chance a few weeks ago but have none today.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: San Francisco 20, Denver 14

This is up there with Carolina losing to Cleveland today: a team with playoff aspirations losing on the road to an also-ran. San Francisco happens to be worse than the Browns. The biggest blow was an 85-yard George Kittle touchdown pass as he racked up an astonishing 210 yards total. Denver, trailing 20-0 at the half, did not get their legs under them until it was too late. Playoff Outlook: It was a horrible error for the Broncos, who probably counted on this game in their playoff calculus. This could be the game that costs them the postseason.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Dallas 29, Philadelphia 23 (OT)

It was not until the game was almost over that each team found something on offense. Dallas led 9-6 after three quarters, but then the Eagles and Cowboys traded blows. Dallas ran 93 offensive plays and outgained the Eagles by 310 yards, but still needed a miracle catch in overtime to win the game. The good news for Cowboys fans is that Dak Prescott being off-target in that case resulted in the key deflection. Playoff Outlook: Dallas are the odds-on favorite to win the NFC East. Philadelphia is in the wild card hunt now, barely. Huge swing game for both.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Oakland 24, Pittsburgh 21

Another team in the playoff chase that had a disastrous road game in Week 14. Pittsburgh went into 2-10 Oakland and lost thanks to a late Raiders comeback. That just goes to show you what can happen on any given Sunday. The game-winning touchdown for Oakland came with 21 seconds to go, capping off an afternoon in which the Steelers clung on by a hair but couldn’t hold on anymore. Playoff Outlook: Pittsburgh is fortunate that Baltimore lost, as the AFC North would be in serious jeopardy for them. It still is, but they remain in the lead.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Detroit 17, Arizona 3

You would hardly know that either team had an offense, but Detroit found a way to win a sloppy game out in the desert. Neither team recorded a touchdown pass, and there was only one offensive touchdown in the game. The Lions would take it if you told them they’d win a game in which Matthew Stafford had only 101 passing yards. Playoff Outlook: Detroit remains far outside the mix, but in a weak NFC, who knows what could happen at 8-8. With their schedule, however, it’s not likely that they get there. Arizona was DOA in 2018.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Chicago 15, Los Angeles Rams 6

This was a huge game for the Bears, for obvious reasons, but also for the Rams. Why? It showed that not only can they be beaten, but they can be shut down like anyone else. It was a masterful defensive performance by Chicago, who picked off Jared Goff four times and held Todd Gurley to 28 yards. Mitchell Trubisky was nothing to write home about, either, but his defense was more than good enough to mask his deficiencies. Playoff Outlook: Chicago firmed themselves up as the NFC North leader and a contender. The Rams still transcend, but this was ugly.

2018 NFL Week 14 Scores: Minnesota at Seattle

We would have believed you if you told us the Seattle Seahawks would win on Monday Night Football. Maybe you also predicted Minnesota going limp, but even if you did, how could you watch it unfold? The Vikings scored just one garbage time touchdown, and actually outgained the Seahawks by two yards, but don’t be fooled. Minnesota were no-shows and Seattle rolled ahead with a big win. Playoff Outlook: Seattle is very secure as a wild card. Minnesota still owns the sixth seed thanks to that tie, but how safe should they feel? Not very.

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