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2019 College Football Playoff Bracket

College Football

2019 College Football Playoff Bracket and Analysis

Now we know who’s in.

Here’s how we end the 2018 college football season: with the 2019 College Football Playoff and the 2019 College Football Playoff bracket.

We have waited all year to know which four teams would get into the big show; now, we have the answer to that question. The matchups are set, and all that’s left to do is break it down in so many ways that the games themselves are rendered a pointless enterprise. (Okay, well, maybe not here, but elsewhere.)

See the bracket, meet the teams, and look back through the history of College Football Playoff teams so far. (Link: College Football Playoff home)

2019 College Football Playoff Bracket

2019 College Football Playoff Bracket

2019 College Football Playoff Bracket: How Did The Committee Do?

Our evaluation is that the College Football Playoff Committee got it right this year. Revisit our playoff projections from December 1 for how we read it then, and it all still applies now.

The only change would have been elevating Ohio State to number five and dropping Georgia to number six. Is it a big deal, no, as it’s the difference between first-place loser and second-place loser.

We have nothing against Georgia as a team or a school, and if you have never been, it’s one hell of a nice state. They still lost to Alabama, AND they lost to LSU. It is very difficult for 2-loss teams to make the field, and nearly impossible for a 2-loss non-champion to do it. Coming in at number five is as close as you will see one get under the current format unless the season is full of chaos.

Had Georgia been taken over both the Sooners and Buckeyes, the Big 12 and Big Ten would be screaming for an eight-team playoff already. The committee would be saying “the SEC is better than all of you” and that their championships don’t matter. We are going to have an eight-team playoff, anyway, and it is just a matter of when.

2019 College Football Playoff Bracket: Team Appearances

College Football Playoff Appearances by team through 2018

2019 College Football Playoff Bracket: How They Got Here

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide

• 13-0 (8-0 SEC)
• 2018 SEC Champions
• Wire-to-wire #1 team in AP and CFP rankings
• #5 total offense and #12 total defense in FBS

#2 Clemson Tigers

• 13-0 (8-0 ACC)
• 2018 ACC Champions
• One of only four undefeated FBS teams (three are in CFP)
• #4 total offense and #9 total defense ranks

#3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

• 12-0 (FBS independent)
• Defeated Michigan, Northwestern, and Syracuse
• #30 total offense and #19 total defense among FBS teams

#4 Oklahoma Sooners

• 12-1 (8-1 Big 12)
• 2018 Big 12 Champions
• 4-1 record against AP Top 25
• Top-ranked total offense, but 124th-ranked total defense

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