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2018 NFL Week 13 Scores


2018 NFL Week 13 Scores: Every Game in 100 Words or Less

Commence the clinching.

The coming of 2018 NFL Week 13 meant the start of the clinches. There will be more to come over the final four weeks of the season as 11 teams must also punch their tickets.

That all gets fed into our NFL playoff picture page, which gets updated weekly (or more, depending on how close we are to the end of the season). This is where you come to get the condensed takes on every game, with an updated playoff outlook for each and every team that played football. Now, some of them have as much chance of making the postseason as you or I do of winning the Masters or climbing Everest, but humor them for a few minutes.

All bye weeks are over, so it’s 32 teams a week until the regular season crashes to a halt.

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2018 NFL Week 13: Dallas 13, New Orleans 10

A funny thing happened for the New Orleans Saints in Texas: their high-flying offense got shut down. Drew Brees and company managed only ten points against the Dallas Cowboys, who put together a stunning defensive performance en route to a 13-10 win. Brees passed for only 127 yards while Dak Prescott was brilliant, going 24-for-28 with 248 yards and a touchdown. New Playoff Outlook: New Orleans cost themselves the top seed, but remain in very good shape. A concerning performance, however. Dallas, on the other hand, looks like a serious player in the NFC East and should be the favorites.

2018 NFL Week 13: Baltimore 26, Atlanta 16

Baltimore took care of its business again, even though they ended with up three quarterbacks in the game. Justin Tucker and the defense did most of the work; the former kicked four field goals, and the latter scored a defensive touchdown late to seal it. As for Atlanta, the nightmare season continues. Matt Ryan was okay, but still pedestrian. After deducting for sacks, the Falcons had just 97 passing yards. New Playoff Outlook: Baltimore cemented themselves as a wild card team, hoping for further movement in the division. This was just about it for Atlanta, now done.

2018 NFL Week 13: Denver 24, Cincinnati 10

All of a sudden, the Denver Broncos are a resurgent force in the AFC. Case Keenum had an average day, but that’s fine because Phillip Lindsay had a big one with 157 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Jeff Driskel could have been worse in relief of Andy Dalton, but his team’s run defense let him down. Driskel was responsible for a few turnovers in the loss, however. New Playoff Outlook: At 6-6, Denver has life in the wild card hunt with an easy schedule to follow. 9-7 is not out of the question. Cincinnati is heading the opposite way.

2018 NFL Week 13: Los Angeles Rams 30, Detroit 16

Los Angeles are the NFC West champions, the first to punch their ticket to the 2018 NFL Playoffs. (Link: Los Angeles Rams) They did this in a surprisingly tough game in Detroit that was closer than the final score indicates. Jared Goff did not have a special day, but Todd Gurley did his thing and helped seal the game in the fourth quarter. This was a 16-13 Rams lead to start the fourth, but Detroit could not hang with the NFC’s best. New Playoff Outlook: The Rams are in, and now playing for a first-round bye. Detroit has no remaining aspirations at 4-8.

2018 NFL Week 13: Arizona 20, Green Bay 17

A loss so egregious, it got the coach fired. To be fair, Mike McCarthy had it coming for a while for the subpar season the Packers are experiencing. Aaron Rodgers threw the ball 50 times, but only one of them landed in the end zone. At 2-9 and a warm-weather team, Arizona somehow found a way. The Pack tied the game late, but the defense let the Cardinals come down the field to kick the winning field goal. New Playoff Outlook: Both teams are out of it now, especially Arizona. The best Green Bay can do now is 8-7-1.

2018 NFL Week 13: Miami 21, Buffalo 17

In a battle of AFC East also-rans, the Miami Dolphins prevailed over the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins desperately needed the win to remain relevant, and they got it after a Ryan Tannehill touchdown pass in the fourth quarter to retake the lead for good. Tannehill had three of them, but you could say Josh Allen was the standout performer. He had 231 passing yards AND 135 rushing yards. Nobody else was going to get it done for the Bills, clearly. New Playoff Outlook: Miami still has a shot, but they need Baltimore to start losing. Buffalo has none.

2018 NFL Week 13: New York Giants 30, Chicago 27 (OT)

Only the New York Football Giants, and maybe the Cleveland Browns, could (almost) blow a game the way the Giants did today. A 10-point lead with minutes to go, Chicago kicks a field goal, recovers an onside kick, and scores a touchdown with zeroes on the clock. At least for Big Blue, they eventually prevailed in overtime to upset the first-place Chicago Bears. New Playoff Outlook: Had the Giants not choked away prior games, they might be playing for something now. Chicago is still the best team in the NFC North, and no harm done with everyone else losing.

2018 NFL Week 13: Tampa Bay 24, Carolina 17

Today’s quarterback for the Bucs was Jameis Winston, and he led them to another victory. This Florida State vs. Auburn quarterback matchup saw both throw two touchdown passes. Unfortunately for Cam Newton, he also tossed four interceptions in a dreadful afternoon. Tampa Bay never trailed in this contest despite the fact that they were outgained handily. New Playoff Outlook: Carolina is 6-6, which is still alive, but they are giving away their playoff positioning. They have lost four in a row and some might call this a collapse. Tampa Bay has only a longshot chance at 5-7.

2018 NFL Week 13: Jacksonville 6, Indianapolis 0

It took the whole season to date, but Jacksonville’s fierce defense finally made an appearance. All they had to do was shut down one of the hottest teams in football, the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck threw the ball 52 times and not one of them broke the plane of the end zone. In fact, nothing for the Colts did. They also botched their clock management at the end of the game as they attempted a comeback. New Playoff Outlook: Jacksonville is gone at 4-8, but Indy blew an opportunity today. They are 6-6 and can’t differentiate themselves from the pack.

2018 NFL Week 13: Houston 29, Cleveland 13

Houston started the season 0-3 and with the local fans wondering what the hell went wrong. Now they are 9-3 and we wonder when, or if, the Texans will lose again this season. Keep winning and they are going to attack for a first-round bye when it’s all done. Houston was in control of the Cleveland game from start to finish, even though Baker Mayfield connected on some big pass plays. New Playoff Outlook: Cleveland was never in it, and we know what the Texans have in store. The AFC South is all but theirs.

2018 NFL Week 13: Tennessee 26, New York Jets 22

Misery is being a New York Jets fan, or so I would imagine if I were one. Early in the third quarter, New York led the game 19-6. They had Tennessee on their heels, looking like a lesser team than we all thought they’d be this season. The Jets scored zero in the fourth, while Tennessee scored 13, coming back to win, 26-22. Add it to the list of heartbreaking losses for Gang Green. (Link: New York Post) New Playoff Outlook: The Jets are playing for a draft pick. Tennessee is now in the large cluster of 6-6 AFC teams.

2018 NFL Week 13: Kansas City 40, Oakland 33

Four more touchdowns for Patrick Mahomes as the Chiefs continue to roll at 10-2. Oakland fought hard, give them that, making it close in the fourth quarter. Moral victories still do not count in the standings, however, so all Oakland has for their efforts is a lousy tenth loss. At least we can say the quarterback play was stellar on both sides. New Playoff Outlook: Kansas City remains the best team in the AFC, but can a rookie quarterback get his team deep in the playoffs? Oakland is on their way to the number one pick.

2018 NFL Week 13: New England 24, Minnesota 10

Minnesota had a tough task going into New England, and Kirk Cousins and the Vikings did not emerge victorious in Foxboro. Tom Brady was good enough, and the Pats’ offense was much better overall than Minnesota’s, putting together a balanced attack. The Vikings were overmatched. New Playoff Outlook: New England is doing their thing at 9-3, and let’s be honest, winning the AFC East was never in doubt. Minnesota falls back to 6-5-1 and that puts them just ahead of the 6-6 teams, but they cannot feel comfortable about their position.

2018 NFL Week 13: Seattle 43, San Francisco 16

Russell Wilson threw four touchdown passes in a Seattle rout over San Francisco. Imagine that, the Bay Area teams are going mano-a-mano for the top pick in the draft. This is a surge by the Seahawks, who with the win pull up to 7-5. Wilson completed only 11 passes, but four were touchdowns. Nick Mullens threw for 414 yards, but it was all for naught. New Playoff Outlook: San Francisco was done from the start. Seattle is now in playoff position and are a team you do not want to play.

2018 NFL Week 13: Los Angeles Chargers 33, Pittsburgh 30

Oh Pittsburgh, when you have a 16-point lead at halftime, you expect to win the game. So, then, blowing said game at home must come as a real kick in the jewels. The Chargers came back to score 23 straight points to go ahead, 30-23. The Steelers tied the game at 30-30, but Los Angeles kicked the game-winner with no time left. And, ya know, the Steelers jumped offsides three times on the attempt. New Playoff Outlook: Chargers are almost safe as a wild card. Steelers suddenly have competition for the AFC North with Baltimore surging.

2018 NFL Week 13: Philadelphia 28, Washington 13

Philadelphia continued to improve their stature within the division as they took down Washington on Monday Night Football. Colt McCoy was just getting his shot to lead the Redskins into the playoff hunt, but he fractured his fibula and his season is over. I have some scary words for Washington fans: your season relies on Mark Sanchez now. New Playoff Outlook: Philadelphia and Washington are in the same boat at 6-6, still alive for both the division and a wild card. Hell, 8-8 might do it for one of those two this season.

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