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2018 NFL Week 11


2018 NFL Week 11: Every Game in 100 Words or Less

Condensing the action.

Last week, we gave you all the NFL action in 50 words or less. Screw those restraints: 2018 NFL Week 11 is coming to you in 100 words or less.

For each game, we will tell you what you need to know and what it all means, Basil, within the confines of 100 words. This means our thoughts per game will not be easily tweetable. If you are a content poacher, please accept our apologies (and go gratify yourself in a prurient manner).

Get in on the NFL action below.

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2018 NFL Week 11: Seattle 27, Green Bay 24

It was a good Thursday night game, as the Seattle Seahawks got past the Packers in a 27-24 win. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers both put on a show, but Rodgers could not answer Wilson’s late drive to take the lead. Seattle’s offensive attack was much more balanced, with the Seahawks running a little over half the time. Green Bay, despite having the lead much of the game, rushed in less than a third of their plays. Aaron Rodgers got sacked five times as well, telling you what success the offensive line had.

2018 NFL Week 11: Dallas 22, Atlanta 19

After three ho-hum quarters, we got a wild fourth in which the Dallas Cowboys prevailed on a last-second field goal. Atlanta took a meager 9-6 lead into the fourth, but their defense gave up 16 in the final frame. The Falcons continue to be a disappointment in 2018, with a playoff bid unlikely. As for Dallas, now that the NFC East is wide open again, still have a chance to do something at 5-5. They held Atlanta in check for most of the game, but it took a big game from Zeke Elliott to ice it.

2018 NFL Week 11: Detroit 20, Carolina 19

Detroit accomplished something, which is rare for them this season, but they squeaked out a one-point win at home. It is worth noting that Carolina came back at the end of the game and had a chance to tie the Lions at 20-20 with 1:07 to go. Instead, Ron Rivera and the Panthers shied away from trusting waffling kicker Graham Gano and went for two. Cam Newton could not make the play and the Lions survived. Carolina is far from finished at 6-4, but they are being chased as the projected sixth seed in the NFC.

2018 NFL Week 11: Indianapolis 38, Tennessee 10

Yes, this is the same Tennessee team that just spanked Dallas and New England in consecutive weeks. They were apparently due for a clunker, and it came in Indy. As for the Colts, who saw Andrew Luck throw three touchdowns, they are back to 5-5 and are on a four-game win streak. It could continue if they take care of another middling team, the Dolphins. Indy’s offense has come alive and the old Andrew Luck is back. Whether he stays back remains to be seen.

2018 NFL Week 11: New York Giants 38, Tampa Bay 35

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have mastered the quarterback shuffle, benching Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston for one another in a steady rotation. The net result is the same: the Bucs stink. Give them credit for trying, coming back a couple times even when it looked like the Giants had them buried. Saquon Barkley was huge, scoring three touchdowns, and Eli Manning is having a sneaky good year. No doubt the Giants wish they had one or two of those bad earlier losses back as the NFC East is a crapshoot.

2018 NFL Week 11: Houston 23, Washington 21

We are not going to show you it, but by now you know what happened to Alex Smith. It’s shades of Joe Theismann, except Lawrence Taylor was not present. Not only did the Redskins lose their quarterback, they blew the game against Houston. Washington dug out of a 17-7 hole to take a 21-20 lead, a rare lead change for the Skins. Houston retook the lead on a field goal and Washington came back with a chance to win at the end (though with a 63-yard field goal). It did not work, and Washington lost.

2018 NFL Week 11: Pittsburgh 20, Jacksonville 16

Just when it looked like the Jaguars were going to steal a big win and use the paddles on their playoff hopes, their vaunted defense soiled itself. The Jags led the Pittsburgh game 16-0 late in the third and 16-6 in the fourth quarter. In fact, they led 16-6 with three minutes to go. Pittsburgh put together two touchdown drives in the final five minutes to shock Jacksonville. The Steelers are plenty good, but if you’re Jacksonville, you have to ask yourself how you can allow your defense to crack like that. Jags are playing for the draft now.

2018 NFL Week 11: Baltimore 24, Cincinnati 21

Baltimore and Cincinnati are both now 5-5, beating each other up while Pittsburgh pulls away in the AFC North. Sunday was Baltimore’s day, as a Justin Tucker field goal with 8:12 left was the difference in the game. Lamar Jackson started for the Ravens with Joe Flacco injured, and some wonder if the “elite” Flacco just got Wally Pipp’d. (Link: Sports Illustrated) Let’s not go that far, as he did not even throw a touchdown pass, but the franchise needs to look forward. Andy Dalton had a statistically better game and he lost.

2018 NFL Week 11: Oakland 23, Arizona 21

Unless you’re the 2008 Lions or 2017 Browns, everybody has to beat somebody. Oakland already won a game, but who knew if Jon Gruden would get a second this season. It happened, thanks to an equally hapless team, Arizona. Derek Carr had an alright day, and David Johnson was the star for the Cardinals, not Josh Rosen. At least Rosen can say that three of his nine completions were touchdowns, one of which gave Arizona a late lead. Daniel Carlson hit the game-winning 35-yarder as time expired to move both teams to 2-8.

2018 NFL Week 11: Denver 23, Los Angeles Chargers 22

One of the more surprising results of Week 11 in the NFL came in Carson, CA. Denver shocked the 7-2 Chargers with a 23-22 win. Several games were won on last-second field goals, and this was one of them. The Chargers defense gave up a long drive on a two-minute drill to allow Brandon McManus to bang a 34-yarder through the uprights. Keenan Allen of the Chargers did not take the loss well, saying that the Chargers blew it rather than the Broncos won it while also pointing out that Denver “sucks.” (Link: ESPN) The Chargers go to Denver in Week 17.

2018 NFL Week 11: New Orleans 48, Philadelphia 7

The biggest NFL bloodbath of the week came in New Orleans, as a team that could be the next Super Bowl champs housed the most recent ones. Philadelphia looked bad in all phases of the game in their 48-7 loss to the scary Saints. Carson Wentz was terrible, throwing three picks and no touchdowns, while Drew Brees threw four touchdowns and no picks. The yardage disparity looked like something you would see in a mismatched college football game: New Orleans 546, Philadelphia 196. This was a colossal beatdown and the Saints are now 9-1.

2018 NFL Week 11: Chicago 25, Minnesota 20

In a game full of turnovers, the Bears took a big step forward to winning the NFC North by defeating the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football. This Chicago team came out of nowhere and surpassed three divisional rivals that have all had recent playoff appearances. Both Mitchell Trubisky and Kirk Cousins could have been better, but the Vikings offense overall was the inferior one. In weird score curiosities, Chicago scored 11 points in a quarter twice. You can thank three two-point conversions between the two teams for the strange numbers.

2018 NFL Week 11: Los Angeles Rams 54, Kansas City 51

Do not adjust your television screens: you were NOT watching a Big 12 college football game. It just featured a former Big 12 star quarterback. The NFL regular season’s game of the year resulted in a 54-51 win by the Los Angeles Rams. Fans of defense probably wanted nothing to do with it, but those who appreciate fast-paced, non-stop offensive action were in Heaven. This could very well be the Super Bowl LIII matchup as well, and after today, you’re going to get plenty of people hoping it is.

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