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2018 NFL Week 10


2018 NFL Week 10: Every Game in 50 Words or Less

The abridged version.

The action is just about to wrap up in 2018 NFL Week 10, and more than half-way through the season, we know who the key players are. We also know the teams most likely to attack for the number one spot in the draft.

In this work-a-day world, market research we just made up shows that you want your football analysis fast. If in fact you want this, we are here to give it to you.

We took every game from Week 10 and will analyze each in a maximum of 50 words. This should all be Twitter-worthy content, but don’t steal it.

2018 NFL Week 10: Pittsburgh 52, Carolina 21

Ben Roethlisberger was perfect, or close to it. It also helped that Carolina’s defense was anything but perfect, getting blowtorched by the Pittsburgh offense. Do you think Le’Veon Bell realizes he is expendable at this point? Sure looks like he is.

2018 NFL Week 10: Chicago 34, Detroit 22

This Chicago team came out of nowhere in 2018, and Mitchell Trubisky has led the Bears into first place. Parity is a beautiful thing. Oh, and the Lions stink. The game wasn’t even as close as the score indicates. At least Kerryon Johnson scored a couple times.

2018 NFL Week 10: New Orleans 51, Cincinnati 14

New Orleans is thinking Super Bowl, and why not? Not that bashing in the Bengals’ faces is a notable accomplishment these days, but to go on the road and beat a 5-3 team deserves a cap tip. The Saints racked up 509 yards in an embarrassing rout.

2018 NFL Week 10: Cleveland 28, Atlanta 16

Atlanta is back to stinking, losing decisively to the Browns. Granted, Cleveland is better this season, but it’s hard to be worse when you were 0-16. At least Hue Jackson and Gregg Williams had the good sense to throw Baker Mayfield in there and let him figure it out.

2018 NFL Week 10: Tennessee 34, New England 10

The shocker of the weekend, in which the New England Patriots got housed in Tennessee. It means nothing in the awful AFC East, but this was a needed boost for Tennessee. Marcus Mariota was the better quarterback on the field on Sunday. New England had no run game at all.

2018 NFL Week 10: Indianapolis 29, Jacksonville 26

Andrew Luck looked a lot like the old Andrew Luck in a solid Colts win. Blake Bortles was also good, but his team has problems. Sacksonville is no more: zero today for the Jags and just 19 on the season, putting them in 25th place in the NFL this season.

2018 NFL Week 10: Kansas City 26, Arizona 14

You can make a case for the Chiefs being the best team in the AFC, and you should. Patrick Mahomes is still slinging it like he’s in the Air Raid at Texas Tech. Josh Rosen is not having a rookie year like Mahomes, but he also has a worse team.

2018 NFL Week 10: Buffalo 41, New York Jets 10

Just when you think the New York Jets can’t embarrass themselves any further, they get beat by Buffalo, the NFL’s worst offense on their fourth quarterback, at home, by 31 points. So much for it being a Jets town in 2018. Even Buffalo was surprised by it. (Link: New York Post)

2018 NFL Week 10: Washington 16, Tampa Bay 3

Tampa Bay somehow accumulated 501 yards of total offense and only scored three points. Here’s how: minus-4 on turnovers. It was Dirk Koetter’s offense today, and the Bucs could not finish off a drive to save their lives. Surprising Washington was mediocre at best but found a way to win. (Link: ESPN)

2018 NFL Week 10: Los Angeles Chargers 20, Oakland 6

Oakland is about to lose its football team, and some might be thinking that Las Vegas can have them. The Chargers were okay, and just good enough, thanks to Melvin Gordon being a one-man wrecking crew. He was the difference in the contest.

2018 NFL Week 10: Green Bay 31, Miami 12

It’s not even as frozen as it could be, and Miami still couldn’t hack it in a cold-weather city. This was one of the most complete efforts put together by the Packers all season. Aaron Jones gets the game ball with 145 yards and two touchdowns.

2018 NFL Week 10: Los Angeles Rams 36, Seattle 31

The Rams are back on track, and the Seahawks wasted a three-touchdown performance from Russell Wilson. Rashaad Penny almost matched Todd Gurley yard for yard and Seattle hung with them, but let’s be honest, this is not the same Seahawks team. It’s the Rams’ division now.

2018 NFL Week 10: Dallas 27, Philadelphia 20

Can you say “Super Bowl hangover?” If the Eagles can’t yet, maybe they should start trying. A mediocre, winless-on-the-road Dallas team went to Philly and beat, well, a mediocre Eagles team. Dallas made the stop to win the game that Philadelphia could not.

2018 NFL Week 10: New York Giants 27, San Francisco 23

One of these teams had to win – er, well, it could have been a tie. It wasn’t, as the New York Giants finally won a second game. Eli Manning led the G-men down the field late in the fourth quarter to seal it, making for his 36th fourth quarter comeback.

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