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2018 College Football Week 11 Scores

College Football

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: The Closing Argument

Serving status quo realness.

2018 College Football Week 11, on paper, did not look like much of a week. In the end, we got a few good contests, but not a shocking slate of epic games.

Now that we’ve brought down the mood in the room, time to examine the highs and lows of the week and go through the big scores. All of your College Football Playoff top teams remain on course for various showdowns, and the committee’s job should be easy this week. As they rank, discuss, and order takeout, in no particular order, they will keep the top six exactly the same.

The bad news for everyone is that we’re starting to run out of time in the 2018 regular season. Enjoy each gameday as a precious gift from above, as they will soon be gone.

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2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: Clemson vs. Boston College

Clemson vs Boston College 2018

Boston College hosted College Gameday and had a fired up crowd at Alumni Stadium. When they scored a punt return touchdown early, the place erupted. Clemson responded as all elite teams do: by socking their opponent back in the mouth. The Tigers put their feet down and never let the Eagles get back into the game.

The Eagles had some bad luck with quarterback Anthony Brown going down in the first quarter, but even with him, this would have been tough sledding. Clemson’s defense smothered Boston College and limited them to minimal yardage throughout the game. Even AJ Dillon was powerless against the Clemson front seven. Boston College has had a fine year, but they are not ready to take on, and down, an opponent like the Clemson Tigers.

Clemson will have a cakewalk to the ACC title, and with it likely a trip to the College Football Playoff.

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: Ohio State vs. Michigan State

Ohio State vs Michigan State 2018

This game was much closer than the final score. Michigan State just happened to melt down at a very inopportune time – the fourth quarter. It was 9-6 after three quarters, following an intentional Michigan State safety with their punter under their own crossbar. The wheels then came off with a quarterback disaster in the Michigan State end zone that resulted in a Buckeyes touchdown. It did not get better from there.

It was, in the end, a “monstrosity,” which is perhaps a bit harsh, but it can’t be easy to get through a game that’s 9-6 late. (Link: SB Nation)

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: Mississippi State vs. Alabama

Mississippi State vs Alabama 2018

Alabama remains the nation’s best team. They will be the nation’s best team until they’re not; when that is, nobody knows. Alabama does so few things wrong that they are remarkable to watch. Today, their sole crime was “only” scoring 24 points as they pitched a second consecutive shutout against a ranked team. Mississippi State managed just 169 total yards of offense, but it felt like they got about half that.

On the bright side for the Bulldogs, they won the turnover battle. That was the only thing they won on Saturday.

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: Auburn vs. Georgia

Auburn vs Georgia 2018

Auburn is not the team we thought they were. Georgia is. The Bulldogs took command of this game by halftime and shut out the Tigers in the second half. Georgia almost doubled up the Tigers in total offense and held the ball for over 38 miunutes.

The Bulldogs are still thinking conference championship and the College Football Playoff, neither of which they will achieve without beating Alabama. Auburn, again, was no match for them, but that’s not close enough.

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: Texas vs. Texas Tech

Texas vs Texas Tech 2018

Texas pulled out the win in Lubbock after a wild fourth quarter in which the two teams combined for 38 points. Gotta love these Big 12 games where they’re slinging the ball all over the place.

Sam Ehlinger and Jett Duffey both threw four touchdown passes for their respective teams, but Texas Tech was minus-3 on turnovers. That’s how you give away a game in which you have almost 600 yards of total offense. That, and 89 penalty yards.

The Horns still need help getting to the Big 12 title game, as in Oklahoma and/or West Virginia losing. It’s those three plus Iowa State that are the only four contenders remaining.

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: Quick Hitters

Wake Forest defeats #14 NC State, 27-23. The Wolfpack gagged up a late lead and may have pissed way a New Year’s Six bowl. Meanwhile, Wake’s chances of making a bowl at all have improved.

Boise State defeats #23 Fresno State, 24-17. We had two CFB Top 25 upsets by Friday night. California’s only ranked team is soon to lose that status. Boise State is roaring again at 8-2.

#9 West Virginia defeats TCU, 47-10. Hope TCU took a picture of their 3-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. The problem is they played like ass in the remaining three.

#15 Florida defeats South Carolina, 35-31. You can call it a comeback, because it was. The Gators closed a 17-point deficit late to flip the bird to their former coach.

#4 Michigan defeats Rutgers, 42-7. Same score against a much worse team this week.

#6 Oklahoma defeats Oklahoma State, 48-47. They don’t call it Bedlam for nothing. Give Mike Gundy credit for showing off his big onions on the two-point conversion, but they are apparently NOT West Virginia.

#8 Washington State defeats Colorado, 31-7. Gardner Minshew continues to let this Wazzu offense roll. This is clearly the best team in a down Pac-12.

Tennessee defeats #11 Kentucky, 24-7. Still a very good year for Kentucky, but not a great one. Last week proved it, and this week confirmed it.

#12 UCF defeats Navy, 35-24. Ain’t no such thing as style points for UCF, which is another reason they will not make the College Football Playoff despite a possible undefeated season.

#20 Penn State defeats Wisconsin, 22-10. The Nittany Lions won but remain out of the mix, while the Badgers were never in the mix despite being preseason top five.

Northwestern defeats #21 Iowa, 14-10. Northwestern are the Big Ten West champions, just like everyone predicted.

Georgia Tech defeats Miami, 27-21. The Hurricanes drop to 5-5 in a massive stepback season. Georgia Tech is now bowl-eligible and Miami is not. Miami fans will be renting the planes for the “Fire Mark Richt” banners any day now.

#3 Notre Dame defeats Florida State, 42-13. We have been hard on Florida State again this year, saying they’ve quit. Today, nobody could tell, because Notre Dame is just way better than them.

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: The Big Winner

We are going with Florida this week as our big winner. At 6-3 at the time, some (including us) thought they were ranked too high. Down 31-14, coming off of an embarrassing loss last week, it looked bleak for the Gators. Then, they stormed back and sent Will Muschamp and South Carolina out as losers. This is a good, not great Florida team, but they shut a few people up this weekend and may have salvaged a decent bowl game.

2018 College Football Week 11 Scores: The Big Loser

These are co-losers of the week, both out of the Atlantic Coast Conference. First, Miami, who have failed to impress in weeks. With their loss in Georgia, it’s not even a sure thing anymore that they will make a bowl. How the mighty have fallen.

Second, Virginia Tech, who got housed by Pitt and dropped under .500 on the season. Their last losing season was in 1992 and it’s becoming more of a possibility today that 2018 will be the next. The Hokies fell off the map with gusto this year.

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