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RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 4


RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Bracket and Commentary

Want to win All Stars 4? You better work.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone: Drag Race All Stars 4 begins in 2018.

When the calendar year began, we got All Stars 3, starting the reign of Trixie Mattel. Just a few months later, drag superstar Aquaria ran the table and also ran Season 10. This will be our third Drag Race season to find its way into 2018. Who says this year sucked?

Ten of the fierciest queens in the land returned to the Werk Room, and soon we will know the newest member of the Hall of Fame to join Trixie, Chad Michaels, and Alaska. (Note: at DragCon NYC, TBY Editorial Staff almost wished good luck on All Stars 4 to Darienne Lake — it’s a good thing we don’t believe ALL the internet T. Just most of it.)

Find out about the queens and track the progress of the season. We’ll spill it all after every episode, telling you who slayed and who sashayed.

Drag Race All Stars 4 Bracket

Through February 15, 2019 Episode: SPOILER WARNING!

RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 4 bracket - season over

Drag Race All Stars 4: Trinity AND Monet Win

We have a cop-out double crowning! At least our girl Trinity won.

Episode 10 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 4 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: “Super Queen” music video
  • Tops of the Season: Trinity the Tuck and Monet X Change
  • Eliminated: Monique Heart and Naomi Smalls
  • Lip Sync Song: “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera
  • Lip Sync/Season Winners: Trinity the Tuck and Monet X Change

Drag Race All Stars 4: Latrice Royale Booted Again

Episode 9 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 5 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: Sex and the Kitty, Girl 3
  • Tops of the Week: Monique Heart and Trinity the Tuck
  • Bottoms of the Week: Latrice Royale, Monet X Change, and Naomi Smalls
  • Lip Sync Song: “When I Think Of You” by Janet Jackson
  • Lip Sync Winner: Trinity the Tuck
  • Eliminated: Latrice Royale

The acting challenge stunk.

Drag Race All Stars 4: 5th Boot: Manila Luzon

Well, someone finally took a big shot.

Episode 8 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 6 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: Best Judies makeover challenge and musical number
  • Tops of the Week: Naomi Smalls and Monet X Change
  • Bottoms of the Week: Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon
  • Lip Sync Song: “Come Rain Or Come Shine” by Judy Garland
  • Lip Sync Winner: Naomi Smalls
  • Eliminated: Manila Luzon

Drag Race All Stars 4: Replacement 4th Boot: Valentina

[Exit, Villain-tina.] Stage left.

Episode 7 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 7 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: Nightclubs
  • Tops of the Week: Trinity the Tuck and Latrice Royale
  • Bottoms of the Week: Naomi Smalls and Valentina
  • Lip Sync Song: “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead Or Alive
  • Lip Sync Winner: Latrice Royale
  • Eliminated: Valentina

Evaluating the Nightclubs

The Black Hole (Monique and Monet). Creative and different, but weird-different. This is not to say weird is a bad thing because they embraced it and owned it. Monique is very quick on her feet.

Club 96 (Naomi and Valentina). Flat and did not have much of an identity. They tried to go high fashion but it got stale and repetitive. Club 96…

Club Hive (Trinity, Manila, and Latrice). The best combination of creative and fun; the rightful winner of the challenge (even though no team technically won as a whole). Also had more humor than the others. These girls had presence.

Was Valentina’s Ouster The Right Decision?

Yes. Latrice was very upset about it, but she made the right call based on tonight. Valentina was uninteresting in the challenge and her track record was spotty. She probably had the worst performance of the night overall, but if “report card” is the criteria for a decision, then it’s debatable. Naomi has won no challenges, though arguably she should have topped in the Snatch Game of Love.

Drag Race All Stars 4: The Lipsync LaLaPaRUza – A Queen Re-Enters

Do the bottoms become the tops, and the tops bottoms? The four eliminated queens took on four queens still in the competition; with a lipsync win, the eliminated queen would take the other queen’s place.

Episode 6 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 6 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: Lipsync LaLaPaRUza
  • Safe, Did Not Lipsync: Manila Luzon, Monet X Change
  • Lipsync #1: Jasmine Masters vs. Trinity The Tuck
  • Lipsync #1 Song: “Peanut Butter” by RuPaul
  • Lipsync #1 Winner: Trinity the Tuck
  • Lipsync #2: Farrah Moan vs. Valentina
  • Lipsync #2 Song: “Kitty Girl” by RuPaul
  • Lipsync #2 Winner: Valentina
  • Lipsync #3: Gia Gunn vs. Naomi Smalls
  • Lipsync #3 Song: “Adrenaline” by RuPaul
  • Lipsync #3 Winner: Naomi Smalls
  • Lipsync #4: Latrice Royale and Monique Heart
  • Lipsync #4 Song: “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul
  • Lipsync #4 Winners: Latrice Royale and Monique Heart

Only one of the four queens, Latrice Royale, re-entered the competition. It was on the final lipsync, the best of the night, that was a double-shantay. This made it back-to-back episodes with a double shantay, so you know numbers will start reducing quickly from here.

Let’s be real, though: had most or all of the eliminated queens come back, it would have been a crime. All went home for valid reasons and a few were clearly behind the rest of the pack. The talent pool would have been reduced, but if anyone was going to come back, I figured it would be Latrice. Now she needs to step up, because her last two challenges were subpar at best.

Farrah served a great runway look tonight and did not do badly on her losing lipsync. I can see her improving as a queen and she should have held out for All Stars 5 or 6. Her craft is not quite there yet but a few years from now, I think you would see her surprising us.

Trinity’s lipsync performance was a knockout though Jasmine did better than I expected. Gia gave Naomi a run and when she started voguing, I thought she might win, but Naomi is too flexible.

Drag Race All Stars 4: Shantay, You All Stay

A RuPaul’s Drag Race cliffhanger!

Episode 5 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 6 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: Roast of Lady Bunny
  • Tops of the Week: Monet X Change and Manila Luzon
  • Bottoms of the Week: Naomi Smalls, Trinity the Tuck, Monique Heart, and Valentina
  • Lip Sync Song: “Jump to It” by Aretha Franklin
  • Lip Sync Winner: Monet X Change and Manila Luzon
  • Eliminated: Nobody
  • GAG of the Week: Next time is the eliminated queen buyback competition

We may never see another roast on RuPaul’s Drag Race, because that’s two out of three that were hit or miss. It’s a fine concept, but only some queens are built to execute it. Individual report cards, since we heard so much about that and GPA tonight:

Monet X Change. Good open by Monet; having seen her live, I know she is no shrinking violet and has the personality to be able to work the crowd. You don’t even have to be drop-dead hilarious if you are fostering good energy with the room. There were luckluster performances elsewhere so grading on a curve, this was an above-average night. Monet was on a negative trend and turned it around with the roast.

Trinity the Tuck. I cringed watching this because I love Trinity. This was her second roast and she fell flat again. Trinity was in her own head and uncomfortable. She better step it up because she just missed the bottom last week, and she was definitely one of the worst this week. If anything would have saved her, had there been an elimination, it would have been her runway, which was S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

Valentina. Not doing her eye makeup for a gag did not work, nor did the rest of her act. Like Trinity, she knows what she’s good at, which is looking pretty (though Trinity has proven better in acting challenges and in doing comedy, or did you forget the sketch she did with Nina Bo’nina?) Saying Lady Bunny is a fat pig is not a joke so much as it’s a declarative statement; tell me why Lady Bunny is a fat pig.

Naomi Smalls. It was not working for Naomi, who had one joke retold in several different ways. She was uncomfortable as well, and in some similar ways as Trinity. She may be the queen at this point with the least impressive resume.

Monique Heart. I appreciate what Monique was trying to sell and that she did a character. To her credit, she did it well. I maybe wanted to see a little more humor but this was not a bad job at all.

Manila Luzon. She was the top performer again, and is now the apparent frontrunner. Manila’s reactions and punchlines were on point. She’s no Bianca Del Rio but she was funny and sharp.

One of these queens missed the boat in doing a character, let’s say, of Lady Bunny’s illegitimate child or scorned ex-lover.

Anything Else?

(1) I did not find Manila wanting to save Latrice as shady, and I wouldn’t think Monet in reality did, either. Anyone who knows the history of the show knows that Latrice and Manila go way back. Latrice will never the less give Monique the business over the elimination next week. (2) Lady Bunny needs to be on Drag Race more. (3) It’s clear that Henny will appear in every remaining episode of the season.

Drag Race All Stars 4: 4th Boot: Latrice Royale

Still chunky, yet funky.

Episode 4 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 7 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: Jersey Justice court show
  • Tops of the Week: Monique Heart and Manila Luzon
  • Bottoms of the Week: Latrice Royale and Monet X Change
  • Lip Sync Song: “The Bitch Is Back” written by Elton John, performed by Tina Turner
  • Lip Sync Winner: Monique Heart
  • Eliminated: Latrice Royale

It was an entertaining challenge, and the Drag Race episode I’ve been awaiting for years. This needed to happen a while ago but I’m glad it has now. Had some of the queens gone more over the top with their caricatures, it could have been epic, but it’s still all in good fun.

Individual Jersey Justice Performances, From Worst to Best

Latrice Royale. This was not Latrice’s night, and this time there was no Gia throwing her off with offensive commentary. She should have been trading barbs with Monique but it was as if she did not know what to say. Her only memorable line was “this is real buttercream” when the cake was being thrown.

Monet X Change. The judges’ critiques were accurate in that Monet was just there. She said words but it wasn’t funny per se and it was hard to follow what her character’s purpose was.

Trinity the Tuck. It was not Trinity’s best night, and I’m not talking about blanking on her name to start the sketch. She started slowly and wasn’t landing any jokes, but she and Valentina closed strong with their bitch fight. Tipping RuPaul like a valet and asking him to get her car was a good save.

Valentina. Acting challenges have not always been kind to Valentina but this was okay. She nailed the cheap stripper look and the attitude was her comedic input. A middle-of-the-road performance that she for sure thought was much better.

Naomi Smalls. She has been surprising me so far. This was another solid performance, especially considering she was in a scene with Manila. The look was on-point and for the most part she had the comedy down, though Naomi seemed to pull up a bit at times.

Monique Heart. Monique is from Long Island originally, parts of which might as well be New Jersey. She knew what she was doing. The sass was there and she stole the spotlight in her scene away from the other two queens.

Manila Luzon. Sold the absolute hell out of her botched makeover. This was much better than her Barbra performance in Snatch Game, which was probably third-best overall. The definite winner of the week, even though the lip sync did not crown her one. As she looked like a French poodle, subtle details like her barking in conversation showed she was on the next level.

Did Latrice Deserve to Go Based on Tonight?

Sadly, yes. This was the second consecutive underwhelming performance in a main challenge. Gia being awful last week gave everyone a pass, but Latrice faded into the background. Where was the sassy queen we all know and love?

Manila was going to save her friend, which is her right, though Latrice was the worst in the challenge. It sucks to see her go but it was not working except on the runway.

Anything Else?

(1) I would be worried for Monet going next. She has been average or worse in the past two challenges, and a fun runway did not save her in this episode. (2) Trinity was a little disappointing but the runway was a LOOK, honey. (3) Manila is challenging for frontrunner status; she turned on the jets after doing sub-par in the girl group challenge. Speaking of, the look of pain in her face when losing the lip sync said it all, knowing she could not save her friend. (4) I do not know where Naomi is going to land but for someone who has not lip synced yet, she is having an above-average season so far.

Drag Race All Stars 4: 3rd Boot: Gia Gunn

She thinks to herself: “At least I beat Farrah.”

Episode 3 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 8 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: The Snatch Game (of Love)
  • Tops of the Week: Trinity the Tuck and Manila Luzon
  • Bottoms of the Week: Valentina and Gia Gunn
  • Lip Sync Song: “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston
  • Lip Sync Winner: Manila Luzon
  • Eliminated: Gia Gunn

Number one and number eight this week in the maxi challenge were very clear. How did the queens do in this newly-formatted Snatch Game?

Individual Snatch Game Performances

Latrice Royale as Della Reese. This is exactly the sort of character you would imagine Latrice would pick. The possibility was there for it to develop but she was harmed by Gia. Latrice became visibly and audibly flustered by Gia’s interruptions, and because she let it get to her, it took away from what could have otherwise been a decent character. To an extent, that panel was all thrown off their game not knowing how to deal with Gia, but instead of contesting it, she should have laughed it off and thrown in a little “Touched By An Angel” theme song. I know Latrice is capable of more but this was a miss. Score: 5/10

Manila Luzon as Barbra Streisand. The mannerisms were amusing and she landed a few lines, but I think this was second place just because Barbra got picked at the end. It was not a blowout win but Barbra was at least funny at times. I would have actually liked to see her go a little more over the top but not a bad job. Score: 7/10

Monet X Change as Whitney Houston. If you are going to do Whitney MF’ing Houston, you better bring it. This was a little flat. She had a few lines that were funny, but “safe” is where she belonged with a middle-of-the-road performance. Monet didn’t even break into song! Score: 5/10

Monique Heart as Tiffany Haddish. You wouldn’t even have to know who Haddish is to get what Monique was selling, which made it a solid performance by her. She was in character the whole time and not only painted an accurate picture, but was funny. She and Manila were neck and neck in the second wave of panelists. Score: 7/10

Naomi Smalls as Wendy Williams. She did a very good job and might have won the heart of Gus Kenworthy if she was not up against Trinity. Naomi served Wendy Williams on a platter and even did the fainting gag at the end, which was a home run. The voice, the jokes, and the mannerisms were on point. Score: 8/10

Trinity The Tuck as Caitlyn Jenner. Who knew Trinity was a comedy queen? She served Caitlyn Jenner in a way I would not have expected by being an ornery old coot, but it worked. In fact, it might have been better than overplaying the “I’m trans” card because that would have gotten stale quickly, and if given enough time, offensive. Not to mention, Trinity’s likeness was super accurate. This was the best of the night. Score: 9.5/10

Gia Gunn as Jenny Bui. Disaster does not begin to describe what was one of the worst Snatch Game performances in Drag Race herstory. Gia wanted to do Caitlyn, Trinity and the queens pushed her out of it, and she had no back-up plan. It showed. She did Jenny Bui, Cardi B’s nail artist, or as most of America knows her, “Who?” I have no idea how you make that funny, and neither did Gia. It’s hard to suggest possible jokes, but whatever they might have been, instead we got a thick Asian stereotype who made a number of homophobic and body-negative statements, a few directed at Latrice. As it became clear she was bombing, she started interrupting other queens more and more with non-sequiturs, accelerating the burn. Her fellow bottom-two queen wasn’t great but she was by far the worst. A trainwreck in every conceivable sense, and a good runway would not have saved her from the bottom. To her credit, she owned it. Score: 0/10

Valentina as Eartha Kitt. The judges were right that Valentina for sure read up on Eartha Kitt and probably watched a lot of YouTube videos. Her problem was that she seemed to go in with a set routine of what she would say and do but was not programmed for any flexibility. The voice was spot on and so was the costume, but nothing was landing and it got boring. Score: 4/10

How About The New Snatch Game Format?

It worked. I would not want to see this permanently replace the classic Snatch Game, but it had a similar feel and got the job done. The typical format needed a break as there have been some very sub-par Snatch Games the last few years. We may see the producers throw more Snatch Game curveballs in future seasons.

As For The Lip Sync…

I thought Trinity won but it was close. Also, I knew that if it was close, they would give Manila the win so we could see if she would bounce Valentina.

Did Gia Deserve to Go Based on Tonight?

Are you kidding?

Anything Else?

(1) Manila made a strategic error by being open about considering dismissing the stronger contender in Valentina, and then not doing it. Villain-tina is now coming for you. (2) Trinity is the frontrunner three episodes into the season. (3) Every queen that has gone home so far deserved it.

Drag Race All Stars 4: 2nd Boot: Farrah Moan

(Moans; wells with tears.)

Episode 2 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 9 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: None
  • Maxi Challenge: Girl Group singing challenge with Stacy Layne Matthews
  • Tops of the Week: Valentina and Monet X Change
  • Bottoms of the Week: Farrah Moan and Monique Heart
  • Lip Sync Song: “Into You” by Ariana Grande
  • Lip Sync Winner: Valentina
  • Eliminated: Farrah Moan

Gia vs. Farrah: The two AS4 queens were friends prior to appearing on this season together. They had a falling out before filming, and the drama followed them to the Werk Room. Gia got her wooden spoon and stirred the pot, annoying Farrah almost to anger and prompting responses out of other queens for her to shut up. Weapons-grade amounts of shade was thrown between the two of them. Going up to Farrah and saying you want to talk things out because tonight looks like it could be it for her is not how you make friends.

We have a villain of the season, in essence the role played by Milk in AS3, and it’s Gia Gunn.

Valentina vs. Farrah: At the Season 9 reunion, Farrah and Valentina had some well-documented issues. They repaired their relationship…and then Valentina slays the lip sync and sends her friend home. You know Villain-tina is coming, and you want it, but you don’t know when. It was still the right decision.

Did Farrah Deserve to Go Based on Tonight?

I think so. She was not terrible in the challenge (but not good, either), and her runway looks tend to be on the gorgeous side, but Farrah was a little out of her depth in All-Stars 4. The quality of the competition is very, very good and if she did not go tonight, it would have been soon. Monique did not have a good week but earned a pass by being a top last time.

Anything Else?

(1) I expected more from Manila and was disappointed in her performance. (2) I want to be best friends with Latrice Royale and Trinity. (3) Valentina was the correct winner of the lip sync. She worked it. (4) The first performance (Team Trinity, “Don’t Funk It Up”) was better overall but the other team did a better job utilizing Henny. (5) Snatch Game OF LOVE next week? Should I be worried?

Drag Race All Stars 4: 1st Boot: Jasmine Masters

She’s Jasmine Masters and she has nothing else to say because she got sent home first.

Episode 1 Tale of the (Tucking) Tape

  • 10 queens at start of the episode
  • Mini Challenge: The Reading Challenge, won by Latrice MF’ing Royale
  • Maxi Challenge: All-American Talent Show
  • Tops of the Week: Trinity The Tuck and Monique Heart
  • Bottoms of the Week: Farrah Moan and Jasmine Masters
  • Lip Sync Song: “Emotions” by Mariah Carey
  • Lip Sync Winner: Trinity
  • Eliminated: Jasmine Masters

And now, a harsh but fair critique of all ten talent show performances, brought to you by the shady bitches that run this internet establishment, purveyor of fine reality television commentary.

Farrah Moan. Her dance routine was thought out, but girl, you better work…on watching where the hell you throw your garments. She slipped and fell straight on her ass in the middle of her number. Farrah was doomed to the bottom thereafter, aside from her act being a little boring, but in that case, you can’t help but feel bad.

Gia Gunn. A nice cultural presentation that had a few appealing visuals. Not one of the best or worst, no T no shade.

Jasmine Masters. She’s funny, but when you go into do stand-up, you have to have more of an idea of what you’re going to do. Further, you have to know your audience. Granted, we did not see much of her set, but the parts we did see were dull. She was funnier in the reading challenge.

Latrice Royale. Dancing, lip syncing, and waving flags, Latrice gave us our lives. Just because she’s a big girl doesn’t mean she can’t move. If she wasn’t top two, she should have been number three.

Manila Luzon. I was worried for Manila with the painting sketch, but it turned out okay. She’s a talented artist, painting the scene upside down and then coming out with the outfit to match. It got the job done but was never going to be a winner.

Monet X Change. You KNEW Michelle Visage would say something about the sponges. It was on-brand for Monet but there will be hell to pay should another sponge be seen. Her act was forgettable outside of the high kicks.

Monique Heart. She sang her original song “Brown Cow, Stunning,” based off something said of her outfit in a Season 10 episode. Monique turned it out singing live, deserving of a spot higher up the list.

Naomi Smalls. Her “Fashion” lip sync number was okay but got boring. Nice touch with the wig revealing the bald spot hairdo as something unexpected, but not memorable.

Trinity The Tuck. Fun song and “demonstration” of the Trinity tucking class. She came out with comedy right away and she didn’t know it on Season 9, but it was her wheelhouse. That’s how we came to love Trinity and she kept us laughing again in this episode.

Valentina. Did a fine job (actually) lip syncing. Throwing shade at herself for “I’d like to keep it on, please” was a nice touch and bumped her up a few points. She’s a very energetic performer and you can tell she wants it. If you think she’s good now, just wait until “Villain-tina” gets to All Stars 4.

Did Jasmine Deserve to Go Based on Tonight?

Yes, based on what we saw. Those jokes were like planes waiting forever to get into LaGuardia — not landing.

Anything Else?

(1) Mama Ru made the right call awarding the win to Trinity, but it was close; a job well done by Monique as well. (2) They are going to play up Farrah crying (again), but is she going to get mad and not take it anymore? (3) Speaking of people who might make her cry, Gia is getting a very mean edit this year. Either that, or she actually was mean to the other queens. Terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme she is not. (4) Finally, how can anyone NOT love Latrice Royale?

Drag Race All Stars 4: Meet The Queens

Farrah Moan

Farrah’s First Time: Came in 8th place on Season 9; no challenges won. Was sent home by Alexis Michelle after invoking her wrath during the reading mini-challenge. Known aptly for her moaning.

Her First Snatch Game: Gigi Gorgeous.

Gia Gunn

Gia’s First Time: Finished in 10th place on Season 6; no challenges won. Was sent home by her friend Laganja Estranja. Since then, she came out as transgender in 2017.

Her First Snatch Game: Kim Kardashian.

Jasmine Masters

Jasmine’s First Time: Finished 12th in Season 7; did not win a challenge. Sent home by Kennedy Davenport. Notably has “something to say.”

Her First Snatch Game: Did not make it that far.

Latrice Royale

Latrice’s First Time: Finished 4th on Season 4 and won Miss Congeniality; won two challenges and a mini-challenge. Was sent home by Chad Michaels.

Latrice’s Second Time: Came in tied for 7th Place on All Stars 1; won one challenge. Lost to Team Rujubee.

Her First Snatch Game: Aretha Franklin (Season 4).

Manila Luzon

Manila’s First Time: Was the runner-up in Season 3; lost to Raja in the finale. Claimed three challenge wins.

Manila’s Second Time: Came in tied for 7th on All Stars 1 as a teammate of Latrice Royale; sent home by Team Rujubee. Won one challenge with Latrice.

Her First Snatch Game: Imelda Marcos.

Monet X Change

Monet’s First Time: Finished 6th on Season 10 and won Miss Congeniality. Sent home by Kameron Michaels. Did not win a challenge. Embraced sponges.

Her First Snatch Game: Maya Angelou.

Monique Heart

Monique’s First Time: Came in 8th Place on Season 10; won one mini-challenge. Was GIF-worthy during Asia O’Hara’s butterfly fiasco. Sent home by The Vixen.

Her First Snatch Game: Maxine Waters.

Naomi Smalls

Naomi’s First Time: Was runner-up on Season 8; lost in the finale to Bob the Drag Queen. Won one mini-challenge and one main challenge. Very, very tall.

Her First Snatch Game: Tiffany Pollard.

Trinity Taylor

Note: Trinity now goes by “Trinity The Tuck.”

Trinity’s First Time: Eliminated in the Season 9 finale bracket semifinals against Peppermint. Won three main challenges. Plastic injectable realness.

Her First Snatch Game: Amanda Lepore.


Valentina’s First Time: Finished in 7th Place on Season 9 and won Miss Congeniality. She won one mini-challenge and one main challenge. Sent home by Nina Bonina Brown. She would like to keep it on, please.

Her First Snatch Game: Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez (Celebrity Big Brother crossover).

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