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RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 4


RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Bracket and Commentary

Want to win All Stars 4? You better work.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone: Drag Race All Stars 4 begins in 2018.

When the calendar year began, we got All Stars 3, starting the reign of Trixie Mattel. Just a few months later, drag superstar Aquaria ran the table and also ran Season 10. This will be our third Drag Race season to find its way into 2018. Who says this year sucked?

Ten of the fierciest queens in the land returned to the Werk Room, and soon we will know the newest member of the Hall of Fame to join Trixie, Chad Michaels, and Alaska. (Note: at DragCon NYC, TBY Editorial Staff almost wished good luck on All Stars 4 to Darienne Lake — it’s a good thing we don’t believe ALL the internet T. Just most of it.)

Find out about the queens and track the progress of the season. We’ll spill it all after every episode, telling you who slayed and who sashayed.

Drag Race All Stars 4 Bracket

Preseason: Begins December 14, 2018

Drag Race All Stars 4 bracket - 10 queens left

Drag Race All Stars 4: Meet The Queens

Farrah Moan

Farrah’s First Time: Came in 8th place on Season 9; no challenges won. Was sent home by Alexis Michelle after invoking her wrath during the reading mini-challenge. Known aptly for her moaning.

Her First Snatch Game: Gigi Gorgeous.

Gia Gunn

Gia’s First Time: Finished in 10th place on Season 6; no challenges won. Was sent home by her friend Laganja Estranja. Since then, she came out as transgender in 2017.

Her First Snatch Game: Kim Kardashian.

Jasmine Masters

Jasmine’s First Time: Finished 12th in Season 7; did not win a challenge. Sent home by Kennedy Davenport. Notably has “something to say.”

Her First Snatch Game: Did not make it that far.

Latrice Royale

Latrice’s First Time: Finished 4th on Season 4 and won Miss Congeniality; won two challenges and a mini-challenge. Was sent home by Chad Michaels.

Latrice’s Second Time: Came in tied for 7th Place on All Stars 1; won one challenge. Lost to Team Rujubee.

Her First Snatch Game: Aretha Franklin (Season 4).

Manila Luzon

Manila’s First Time: Was the runner-up in Season 3; lost to Raja in the finale. Claimed three challenge wins.

Manila’s Second Time: Came in tied for 7th on All Stars 1 as a teammate of Latrice Royale; sent home by Team Rujubee. Won one challenge with Latrice.

Her First Snatch Game: Imelda Marcos.

Monet X Change

Monet’s First Time: Finished 6th on Season 10 and won Miss Congeniality. Sent home by Kameron Michaels. Did not win a challenge. Embraced sponges.

Her First Snatch Game: Maya Angelou.

Monique Heart

Monique’s First Time: Came in 8th Place on Season 10; won one mini-challenge. Was GIF-worthy during Asia O’Hara’s butterfly fiasco. Sent home by The Vixen.

Her First Snatch Game: Maxine Waters.

Naomi Smalls

Naomi’s First Time: Was runner-up on Season 8; lost in the finale to Bob the Drag Queen. Won one mini-challenge and one main challenge. Very, very tall.

Her First Snatch Game: Tiffany Pollard.

Trinity Taylor

Trinity’s First Time: Eliminated in the Season 9 finale bracket semifinals against Peppermint. Won three main challenges. Plastic injectable realness.

Her First Snatch Game: Amanda Lepore.


Valentina’s First Time: Finished in 7th Place on Season 9 and won Miss Congeniality. She won one mini-challenge and one main challenge. Sent home by Nina Bonina Brown. She would like to keep it on, please.

Her First Snatch Game: Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez (Celebrity Big Brother crossover).

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