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2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket


2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket and Information

Thank you MLB for making this into a bracket a couple years ago.

Are you ready for the 2018 MLB playoffs, and by extension the 2018 MLB playoffs bracket?

From ten teams, one champion of Major League Baseball will be crowned at the 2018 World Series. Before we get there, however, much October baseball must be played. In fact, some was already played in two Game 163s around baseball: one to determine the NL Central, and the other the NL West. Those contests also decided the two National League Wild Card teams. Good luck to them, as they turn around and play another playoff game the following day.

No road to the title is easy. At least here, you can see how it looks, and size up the series as we go.

2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket

2018 MLB Playoff Bracket 10-4-18

2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket: American League Seed List

1 Boston Red Sox (108-54) AL East champions
2 Houston Astros (103-59) AL West champions
3 Cleveland Indians (91-71) AL Central champions
4 New York Yankees (100-62) 1st wild card
5 Oakland Athletics (97-65) 2nd wild card Elim. by NYY (ALWC)

2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket: National League Seed List

1 Milwaukee Brewers (96-67) NL Central champions
2 Los Angeles Dodgers (92-71) NL West champions
3 Atlanta Braves (90-72) NL East champions
4 Chicago Cubs (95-68) 1st wild card Elim. by COL (NLWC)
5 Colorado Rockies (91-72) 2nd wild card

2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket: Last Playoff Appearance and World Series Win

Team Last App Last WS Win
Atlanta Braves (90-72) 2013 1995
Boston Red Sox (108-54) 2017 2013
Chicago Cubs (95-68) 2017 2016
Cleveland Indians (91-71) 2017 1948
Colorado Rockies (91-72) 2017 Never
Houston Astros (103-59) 2017 2017
Los Angeles Dodgers (92-71) 2017 1988
Milwaukee Brewers (96-67) 2011 Never
New York Yankees (100-62) 2017 2009
Oakland Athletics (97-65) 2014 1989

2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket: The Division Series

ALDS: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. The Rivalry returns to the postseason after a 14-year absence.

NLDS: Colorado Rockies vs. Milwaukee Brewers. The Crew will be favored to make it to the NLCS for the first time since 2011.

ALDS: Cleveland Indians vs. Houston Astros. The Astros begin their title defense in a meeting of the last two American League champions.

NLDS: Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. Atlanta has not made it beyond the NLDS since 2001.

After The 2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket…

We will add a new team to the list of the best World Series champions ever. Want to see how we rank them all from first to last right now? Check it out at the link and then come back in November 2018 for the update. One lucky team is getting an invite to the club.

2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket: The Wild Card Games

National League: Colorado at Chicago. Colorado loses the NL West tiebreaker, and then has to get on a plane to Chicago and fight in an elimination game the very next day. If it makes the Rockies feel any better, the Cubbies blew their chance at a division, too.

The Cubs and Rockies tied their season series, 3-3. Because we like symmetry, each team scored 33 runs in those six games. Surprisingly, the Rockies took two out of three at Wrigley while the Cubs won the series at Coors Field. Does it all matter? Maybe not: all of those games took place before Cinco de Mayo. Colorado won, 2-1 in 13 innings.

American League: Oakland at New York. The Yankees are back and loaded for battle, but Oakland came out of absolutely nowhere to win 97 games in 2018.

New York and Oakland also split their six-game season series, 3-3. Oakland did, however, outscore the Yankees 33-28 in that timeframe. The Yankees took two out of three in the Bronx in May, while Oakland handed them a series loss in early September at the Coliseum. New York won, 7-2.

Long Before The 2018 MLB Playoffs Bracket…

There was the 2017 Major League Baseball postseason. Maybe you’re a reminiscent Astros fan, or you have nothing better to do. You can click here and view it again.

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