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Survivor David vs Goliath


Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers and Commentary

The 37th season of this unending reality franchise, Survivor David vs Goliath, sent 20 people to Fiji with a goal of one million dollars.

As one might imagine, the survivors are separated into two initial tribes: David and Goliath. Allegedly, the Davids are the underdogs and the Goliaths are the ones with some sort of prowess. As we have seen in past seasons, sometimes, people just get thrown into a tribe. We’ll see, won’t we?

Here is where you will find the Survivor spoilers and various hot takes throughout the course of the season. We don’t have a bracket for this, because Survivor does not eliminate in a bracket system, but we’re still following it. You can’t stop us.

Survivor David vs Goliath: The Cast

1 Alec Merlino 24 San Clemente, CA Bartender
2 Alison Raybould 28 Chapel Hill, NC Physician
3 Angelina Keeley 28 San Clemente, CA Financial Consultant
4 Bi Nguyen 28 Houston, TX MMA Fighter
5 Carl Boudreaux 41 Houston, TX Truck Driver
6 Christian Hubicki 32 Tallahassee, FL Robotics Scientist
7 Dan Rengering 27 Gainesville, FL SWAT Officer
8 Davie Rickenbacker 30 Atlanta, GA Social Media Manager
9 Elizabeth Olson 31 Longview, TX Kitchen Staffer
10 Gabby Pascuzzi 25 Denver, CO Technical Writer
11 Jeremy Crawford 40 New York, NY Attorney
12 Jessica Peet 19 Lakeland, FL Waitress
13 John Hennigan 38 Los Angeles, CA Pro Wrestler
14 Kara Kay 30 San Diego, CA Realtor
15 Lyrsa Torres 36 Boston, MA Airline Agent
16 Mike White 47 Los Angeles, CA Filmmaker
17 Natalia Azoqa 25 Irvine, CA Industrial Engineer
18 Natalie Cole 56 Los Angeles, CA Publishing CEO
19 Nick Wilson 27 Williamsburg, KY Public Defender
20 Pat Cusack 40 Watervliet, NY Maintenance Manager

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: The Whole Season in 23 Minutes

From our YouTube channel, we run through the whole season and the elimination order.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: Status of the Season (Which Is Over)

Updated following the season finale

Survivor David vs Goliath Final

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: Nick Wins

The 37th Sole Survivor is Kentucky Nick, and here’s the quick and sloppy of how it went:

Remaining boot order:

15th: Davie
16th: Alison
Lost Fire-Making Challenge: Kara (vs. Mike)

Final Three: Nick, Angelina, Mike

Final Vote: Nick 7, Mike 3, Angelina 0

Nick, who could have been the first out of the season, ends up winning it. Reminds me of a guy named Josh in a Big Brother season we are attempting to forget. Our winner deserved his victory if, because nothing else, being the only David left, he ran the table in immunity challenges. This comes after a cycle in which he played a unimpressive tribal council but rebounded. Did he play a perfect game overall? No, and he made some strategic errors in the season finale (not flipping on Mike when he would have had the numbers with Kara and Alison, and blowing up over the Davie blindside). Still, Nick was one of the better players this season. He kept the target off of himself long enough and then won out when he needed it.

This is our fair and complete appraisal of each of the final six:

Nick: Down-to-earth and likable, and a strategically okay player. Was in on some of the biggest moves of the season (the few post-merge weeks when the Davids rebelled against the Goliaths) but also made a few unforced errors. Mayor John was correct in that he peaked mid-season, but I would add that he had built up enough forward momentum to carry himself to the end. Earned the respect of a jury that was not bitter. Deserving of his victory.

Mike: As recently as last episode, we said it was difficult to see him winning. And, well, he didn’t, but he had a good final episode. Mike was in the middle of more of the strategy than we’d care to admit. He deserves credit for positioning himself the way he did. He would not have been a horrible winner but would have been tough to swallow in that, frankly, he came off as fake. Rubbed me the wrong way from day one and I never connected with him. I could have lived with him winning but I would not have enjoyed it.

Angelina: Definitely the villain of the season but you know what? I didn’t hate her. Many of her game moves came off a certain way but for a villain, I found her to be a harmless one. Yes, she was extra quite often, but she provided entertainment value, actually knew how to play the game, and I would believe you if you told me she is a nice person in real life. I saw her as more likable than Mike and CBS NEEDS to call her about auditioning for Big Brother 21. CBS also should have bought her a new jacket and a one year’s supply of Uncle Ben’s rice for the LOL factor.

Kara: She blended into the background in the end but she would have made a dent in the final tribal council if she got there. Kara seemed well-liked, was not a pushover in challenges, and understood the fundamentals of Survivor.

Alison: Maybe it was the edit (we can say that about anyone), but she seemed like a very good-natured person. Betrayal and back-stabbing are not her way and I respect her for continuing to tough out challenges even when it was obvious she was out of gas.

Davie: A shame he could not make it to the end, and is another person I think would have been a feel-good winner. Davie seems very centered and I respect that he respects gameplay.

This was a great season and a welcome change from the snoozefest that Ghost Island became. More of this, Jeff, and less of that. Also, please consider next time a RuPaul’s Drag Race-style reunion where they have an hour to go at each other, throw the shade and spill the tea. The people demand entertainment.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 14th Boot: Christian

Farewell, sweet prince. The castaways can’t hurt you now.

Christian, fan favorite (and by that I mean OUR favorite), went home by a one-vote margin in the second-to-last episode of the season. The Florida State professor and roboticist gave it a solid ride, almost all the way to the end. His problems were that (a) he ran out of idols, (b) he ran out of allies, and (c) he was a target for too long. Just about everyone left on the island agreed Christian was a major threat to win a final tribal council vote. It took them several eliminations after realizing this to get rid of him.

Overall, Christian’s game was respectable, with a few sharp moves and then going along with the season’s turning point, the elimination of Carl. That vote was the beginning of the end for the Davids and Christian never should have endorsed the move, as it was also the beginning of the end for him.

His former tribemate, Nick, had a weird and overall negative week. His faking finding an idol was too obvious for some, and then not only did he misplay his real idol at tribal council, he announced prior that he had just played a fake idol to “read” the room. He committed two strategic errors out in the open at tribal. Trying to play a fake idol was not the problem; it’s how he went about it and THEN wasting his real idol. It was not a good look for him, but he is still a favorite to win if he gets to the end. He’s finally been sniffed out as a target, however, though the next episode is the last one for everybody.

Mike, to our surprise, had a decent week winning the immunity competition, but it remains difficult to see him winning it all. He has floated much of the game but will quite possibly make the final tribal council. When you are not seen as a big threat, that makes you an easy choice to bring to the finale.

Davie is beginning to make a nice case for himself if he’s facing the jury next week. He’s positioned himself favorably with most everybody except Angelina, who begged to go on the reward but did not get an invitation. Alison is literally a survivor, week after week, Angelina did a good job getting the target off of herself, and as for Kara, she’s also making a nice case in that it’s late in the game but her name is in nobody’s mouth. She seems to be making the right relationships and striking the right balance.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 13th Boot: Gabby

Christian and Gabby were the duo who made moves throughout the game. Gabby, to her credit, finally realized that she needed to be perceived as making her OWN moves rather that just following Christian. What better move than to turn on the lovable dork who carried her that far and shiv her biggest ally in the game?

As it turns out, it was a move a majority of the remaining players endorsed. Christian and Gabby pissed off their alliance by turning the tables to eject Carl. The fallout has clearly been negative for Christian; even though he strategized that he needed “bigger targets” on the board, HE is now the biggest target. It’s Alison and Angelina that are grateful he’s still around. Carl was a waste of a big move and this confirms it.

Gabby turned around everyone’s annoyance into a play to get rid of the biggest target. Yet, Davie ratted out his buddies and tipped Christian off that Nick and Gabby were against him. It was with this knowledge that Christian played his idol at tribal council, negating five votes that would have sent him home. Among those were all three of his former friends on the David tribe. Davie voted against Christian but was up front with him about the blindside. That’s what we call jury management.

Did we mention the Goliaths split their votes to send Gabby to jury? Because that’s what they did, and that’s what happened. In trying to orchestrate a blindside, Gabby herself was blindsided. It only took two votes to do it. The mystery and wonder of Survivor, ladies and gentlemen.

Also, did you notice that the Davids, who fought so hard for their majority, gave it up again? The Goliaths without Dan are more strategic, and without him pushing a “Goliath Strong” pagonging, the tribes blurred together. (It was also after the Davids gained the advantage and then Gabby and Christian went rogue.) With Nick and Christian now on the outs, David vs. Goliath is very gone. Angelina, Nick, and Alison are enjoying this, as all have power. Nick might be in the best position as he is STILL not being targeted, but we’ll see what happens next week.

Christian is far and away the number one target. If he figures out a way to make it to the final tribal council, he 100 percent deserves to win. He came in underestimated, looking like the kid who gets picked last in gym class every time. Christian endeared himself to almost everyone there and began performing better in challenges. He proved himself (mostly) to be a strategic force and in so doing, became a massive target. Final Seven means he still has a long way to go, which means lots of idol hunting coming in the near future. He also has no real allies left in the game. Should he find a way in the face of such staggering odds, how can you deny him the win?

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 11th and 12th Boots: Alec & Carl

There was a lot to take in with the two-hour episode. Since it was a Survivor doubleheader, we’re going to do two things for you. First, we’ll offer general thoughts on how the game played out over those two eliminations, and second, we will analyze each player’s shot in front of a jury based on what we know as of today.

Stream of Consciousness Notes

  • Alec looks better with the beard.
  • In the first elimination, they got out a physical threat, and in the second, they got rid of someone who won one reward challenge only because he annoyed them. Gabby I don’t think is a world-beater but Christian had been playing a great game. You’re making your first move against your alliance and you’re going to waste it on Carl? Then again, he did say he wants to keep bigger targets on the beach as meat shields (my words, not his).
  • Nevertheless, with Christian and Nick both having idols, both should get at least a little further down the track.
  • Tribal lines finally blurred; it took almost two months, but this is not David vs. Goliath anymore. At least until next week; who knows who will realign with whom. It took the Davids knocking three Goliaths out in a row before the Goliaths were ready to play ball.
  • These tribals were not as shocking or riveting as the past two, but they did not have to be.

Jury Positioning of Each Remaining Contestant

  • Alison: Somewhat of a physical threat who has won competitions. Has people on both sides working with her. Would make a decent case for herself.
  • Angelina: A threat who has managed to take the target off of herself. One of the smartest people in the game. Scored rice for the rest of the tribe for the rest of the season, but took a knock for eating nachos instead of playing for immunity. She is a contender to win the game.
  • Christian: Let’s see how this move to oust Carl goes for his game. He is more of a physical threat than he lets on, and is very intelligent. Strategy has been on point, pending the fallout from the Carl move. No reason he cannot win.
  • Davie: Playing the idol for Christian was his only big move so far. Decent at competitions and appears to be likeable. Not the thickest resume.
  • Gabby: Not a competition threat. Has not been targeted, probably because the others do not see her as a problem. Would struggle to get jury votes if there are strong contenders next to her, and especially if her buddy Christian is sitting with her. If she pulls a big move soon, however, that can change.
  • Kara: Dark horse potential as someone who has not yet been targeted, but just OK in competitions. Might stand a chance with the jury but not making big moves, either.
  • Mike: Probably the least likely to win a jury vote out of the eight left. Thin resume and not a competition threat. He is ignored until someone comes campaigning for a vote.
  • Nick: A serious contender to win. Not bad in competitions, strategically sound, and not being targeted yet.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 10th Boot: Dan

They saved a great tribal council for the night before a major holiday. Some people are still running it off of their DVRs on Sunday. When they do, they will see how Dan, former Goliath, went home.

The Davids used the advantages they had to send home another member of the erstwhile Goliath tribe. Last week, they weakened Dan by sending home his ally, John. This week, they took down Dan himself. These are the notes from this episode and how we got here:

  • Dan made himself a target of the other side by being “Goliath Strong” and refusing to work with the Davids. He, Angelina, and Mike were also leading the charge to get rid of Christian. Dan was a physical threat, but not a strategic threat.
  • Alec, Alison, and Kara are a group within the Goliaths who made overtures to the Davids, but they also elected to stay “Goliath Strong.” Nick and the Davids made it clear that they don’t trust them by stealing Alison’s vote.
  • Mike is certainly not to be trusted if you are a David. He reneged on an alliance with Nick and Christian (among others) almost immediately, and has tried to vote Christian out each of the last two tribals. He is one of the reasons why the tribes still line up on their original configuration; the Davids had to band together to save themselves, knowing they would get “pagonged.” The Davids stuck together for self-preservation because the Goliaths did to get them out; now, both have to hold strong.
  • Again, the Davids played their advantages to perfection. It was the only way they would climb out of the hole. Will anyone flip next week or will they go to rocks?

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 9th Boot: John

Ladies and gentlemen: the Mayor of Slamtown has been impeached.

What happens when the blindsiders get blindsided? Well, in this particular episode, it meant two idols got flushed out, an alliance was blown up, and the Davids played their strategy right. Davie saved Christian’s fanny by playing that idol, and Dan lost an idol on someone who did not have the votes to go, anyway. By the Davids splitting their votes, they got out an unsuspecting Goliath and now, with Nick’s new steal-a-vote advantage, have a real chance to level back up with the Goliaths next week.

Davie had to do it, and he knew it, because the Goliaths were, in fact, trying to pick off the Davids one by one. At a 7-4 disadvantage, they would have next to no shot of any of them surviving unless the Goliaths fractured. Mike was a key component of Christian’s six-person alliance being destroyed, and with all those votes going against Christian, there is no way he will trust any of them again. The desire of someone like Alec to work with Christian seemed genuine, but Mike was the holdout who started unraveling it and he went along with Angelina’s original plan of getting rid of Christian. Until they didn’t.

The key to the season seems to be Alec. Had he not told Nick in an honest moment that the Goliaths were planning to blindside Christian, the latter might have been gone. This is the second time he has gone behind his alliance’s back. If the Davids are going to have any chance of getting near the finale, and not sitting on the jury, he will be involved.

As for Christian, Comptroller of Slamtown, he will be sworn in as mayor at noon tomorrow.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 8th Boot: Elizabeth

The country girl from Texas is going to jury, as Elizabeth was the first post-merge elimination. I’m just glad it wasn’t Christian.

Original Davids are now in a 7-5 hole, and need to catch some breaks just for one of them NOT to be the next to go. We will see if Alec’s bipartisan alliance will stick.

It was the second-straight tribal in which Angelina felt the heat. She is positioning herself as the new leader of her side of the merged tribe, but you know, when they start talking too much, they might as well be pulling out the red paint and drawing circles on their fronts and backs. We’ll soon see how her tribe really feels about her. At least she didn’t ask for Elizabeth’s jacket tonight.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 7th Boot: Lyrsa

Halloween Night turned out to be a scare for Angelina, but it was truly a fright for Lyrsa, who was the seventh boot of the Survivor season. Her Jabeni tribe did horribly in the immunity challenge, not even completing the first phase, and someone had to go. They already kicked Natalie out, so someone had to be next.

It was between Angelina and Lyrsa, and even though nobody particularly trusted Angelina, they sent Lyrsa out as a weak link. The tribes merge next time, anyway.

Enough about Lyrsa and the Jabeni tribal council. Let’s get to Christian. We have not talked about him, but maybe we should. You would look at him and think he’s not very big, not very athletic, and is as nerdy as anyone you have ever witnessed in your life. Yet, he persists on Survivor. Why is that? He’s quite endearing.

There are people out there watching this show thinking maybe they were too smart for their own good and did not have a lot of friends growing up. Maybe they weren’t the fastest or the most physically gifted. Finally, maybe for all those reasons and others, they were on the outside looking into the popular circles. Those people see a lot of themselves in Christian. He is by all accounts a genuine, likeable man, and one who has used the talents he has to his advantage. Christian is doing it all now, and to him we say keep it up.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 6th Boot: Natalie

We just have one thing to say this week, to a tribe of mostly Goliaths that voluntarily forfeited their majority so they would not have to spend another few days or weeks with Natalie:

You all should have brought jackets.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 4th and 5th Boots: Bi and Natalia

It was a two-fer!

The October 17 episode book-ended with departures from the island. First, Bi announced that her knee injury would cause her to leave the game. Jeff Probst, however, was not about to throw the episode away. Tribes switched early, the number went from two to three, Carl was exiled (and found an “idol nullifier”), and the new Vuku tribe (orange) lost the immunity challenge.

All three new tribes had a majority of former Goliaths; Christian accurately called it “gerrymandering.” (If you want to see some more gerrymandered districts, check out Electionarium’s coverage of the 2018 US House elections.) The only way a David would survive on any tribe would be through some combination of cunning, idol play, and/or wooing a Goliath.

Following the Vuku loss, the editors wanted to make sure we saw how unpopular Natalia was at camp. Acting cocky, talking down to people, and fometing discord and distrust. Davie and Elizabeth were outnumbered, Kara was going to go along with “the plan,” but Alec grew tired of Natalia and pondered making a big move. During tribal council, he started whispering in Elizabeth’s ear, and the big move was in motion. Natalia took it about as well as one would expect given what I just described.

Davie did not have to play his idol, Natalia and Kara split their votes, and the rest ejected Natalia. Carl joins the tribe as her replacement.

Someone has to make big moves, and Alec did it. On the other hand, Natalia would have made herself a bigger target down the road, so it may have been too early. Not to mention, he gave up the Goliaths’ majority on the tribe.

Quote of the episode: “Why are you smiling right now? Dont be sorry; shut up!” – Natalia to her ex-tribe after being voted out.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 3rd Boot: Jeremy

Jeremy tried being nice to Natalie, who isn’t apparently nice to anyone. What he ended up doing was making a powerful enemy, and the entire tribe dismissed him as Goliath finally lost.

Well, okay. Natalie is a formidable woman, but she wasn’t the one who got Jeremy off the island. Jeremy bombed at tribal, and Angelina helped push him over the cliff. Was it too early to make that move? Only time will tell. You can be free to feel Natalie is not going to win Survivor unless she pulls a Big Brother Dr. Will and evil-geniuses her way to the finale.

Now, let’s spill the real tea: they’re doing a tribe switch next week? With 17 people left? Speaking of things too early.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 2nd Boot: Jessica

When was the last time a 19-year old won Survivor? Oh, that’s right: never.

After an awful performance in the immunity challenge, the David tribe went to tribal council. This was their first of the season after Pat’s untimely departure cancelled a more ceremonious ejection. Nick was likely the person to get that boot, but now, he has survived twice. Jessica was the choice of the tribe by a 5-4 vote.

The initial plan amongst Davids was to vote out Lyrsa as a weak link, but Elizabeth and Lyrsa teamed up to flip the vote. Christian and Nick, the “Mason-Dixon Line” secret alliance, sided with Lyrsa and got Jessica off the island.

David might want to think long and hard about who they’re eliminating. They already lost Pat, who was nothing if not strong. Now, Jessica’s game you wouldn’t write home about, but Lyrsa and Gabby left much to be desired. Goliath has them outmanned both literally (numbers) and physically. When you think about a game like Big Brother, you want the strongest players out first, or those who appear the strongest and play the hardest. Survivor has different layers in that you play in a team (to start) and everyone on the losing tribe is a nominee. It’s an act of balancing what’s best for your tribe and what’s best for the longevity of your own game.

As presently constituted, David will continue to struggle in the physical aspect.

Survivor David vs Goliath Spoilers: 1st Boot: Pat

How can you not feel bad about how Pat left Survivor? Sure, maybe he would have been voted out, but probably not (Nick). Instead, a rogue wave and a turbulent boat ride knocked him out, and his state was bad enough to result in a medical evacuation. Pat is a hard-working, blue-collar man who would have shown some grit if he stayed, but it’s not to be.

Too early in the season to get a read on anyone else, except I’m already sick of the budding Dan-Kara showmance.

Before Survivor David vs Goliath…

…was Survivor: Ghost Island, which we followed at that particular page. Wendell Holland was the winner.

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