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Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked

College Basketball

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked

Sorry, Coppin State, you didn’t make it.

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As much as the history of the school itself, a college sports team’s logo is an identifying mark. These are the 50 best college sports logos ranked; those symbols that we love to love, hate to hate, love to hate, or hate to love. I just wanted to make sure we nailed down every combination of that saying.

There are well over 300 Division I schools from which to choose, and with college football and basketball coming, this is a large sampler appetizer. In order to compile this list, without even considering organizing it, we had to painstakingly review each and every logo. They were judged on form, appeal, and presence. (No, seriously, it was just the ones we liked the best.) I am sorry to report that the Alcorn State big “A” did not make the top 50; hate mail may be directed to my secretary. Click on the link for the relevant contact information.

Finding 50 logos we liked was easy; ranking them was hard. Let The Bracket Yard know if you agree or disagree. Generally speaking, I say you can stuff your disagreements where the Sun don’t shine, but everyone deserves to be heard. For now.

What are the 50 best college sports logos, you ask? First, we begin with the honorable mentions. “Honourable” if you’re one of our friends from Canada who enjoys college sports, which they have up there.

Because we don’t want the copyright black helicopters circling over the Bracket Yard Headquarters, to see the logos themselves, we have ample links.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: Honorable Mentions

North Carolina A&T Aggies. I could take or leave the bulldog logo, but the AT logo is looking sharp. Blue and gold is a classic high school/college sports color scheme.

Northern Arizona Lumberjacks. They have a burly, muscly looking man running next to one of the nicer fonts you will see for a college sports logo. They also stuck a mountain inside the “A,” which was a nice enough touch to get them onto the honorable mention list.

UC Irvine Anteaters. UCI’s old-school logo wasn’t even fit for Looney Tunes, but their newer one — the interlocking UCI — is classy and visually appealing. Usually, one sees two letters interlock, but they made it work with three, and for that, we say good on ya.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #50

Northern Illinois Huskies. There are several schools sporting a husky as its logo. Why not: after all, it is one of the finest dogs one will ever find; those who disagree may kindly blow it out their corn chutes. NIU captures the majesty of the husky here, and if I’m being honest, I just plain like the color scheme. Right here is one of the MAC’s best logos.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #49

Marquette Golden Eagles. Between the nice typeface and the favorable use of the famous blue and gold combination (including strains of lighter blue), Marquette’s logo is visually agreeable. Them’s some snazzy hoops uniforms they have as well, but we’ll save some content for a future article.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #48

California Golden Bears. This is among the most simple college sports logos ranked on this list. Again, we go to the classic blue and gold to see what Cal did here. The Golden Bears’ symbol is uncomplicated but classy. If only their football team could win a couple more games for the fans out in Berkeley.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #47

Cal State Northridge Matadors. Unique logos tend to stand out, whether for a positive or negative reason. In the case of the CSUN Matadors, it’s a good thing. The only “Matadors” in Division I sports, their matador logo with the waving red cape catches the eye right away. It’s one of those logos you also never see on television because they’ve never on it.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #46

Boston College Eagles. Those who have a grip on the editorial leanings of this website and the Logomachian Network in general know why this is here. Maroon and gold are a damn fine color combination. Eagles fans tend not to like the modernized logo, but this one is here and looking sharp. Word on the street is that a new logo is coming down the pike someday, and we’ll see then if it has cache up the yin-yang.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #45

Troy Trojans. Troy’s logo might just be a fancy T, but that it also looks like a sword is a terrific quirk. The typeface also associated with Troy Athletics follows the same embossed form. It’s one of the more underrated logos in college sports, except for the logo with the yelling Trojan. Put that one back on the shelf.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #44

UT-Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros. To answer your first question, yes, it is a Division I program. As for your second question, the school is in Edinburg, Texas. Finally, answering your third question, it’s down at the southern tip of Texas, about an hour from Brownsville. This school did a relatively recent update of their logos and they’re awesome. We like the “V” logo but the edition with the vaquero (cowboy) on the horse is cash money. If you had heard of the school, you would know all this already.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #43

Tennessee Volunteers. Not crazy about the big and bold 1970s “VOLS” print, but when you look at that big orange T, instantly one thinks of Tennessee. When it comes to the checkers, it looks great in the end zone at Neyland, but I can take it or leave it in the main logo. Either way, it may seem like just a big capital T, but the creamsicle scheme they have going on in Knoxville works for me. Creamsicles also work for me.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #42

Harvard Crimson. How does one get a college logo to say “my school is better than yours?” By putting your very classy letter H in the middle of a crest. Harvard stayed on-brand with their Crimson logo, which, of course, is crimson (and white). Now, whether or not you actually think Harvard is better than your school, that’s up for you to debate amongst yourselves (I hear you in the back, Yale), but don’t knock the logo.

The 50 Best Division I College Sports Logos Ranked: #41

Radford Highlanders. A few years ago, Radford would not have made the list. Their old athletics logo was an “RU” next to each other that looked like it was a poster board project at Michael’s. Then came the update, a much fancier “R,” and a checkered background. The color scheme was also applied to an alternate logo of a highlander dude. The amount of improvement from one logo to the next is stark.

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