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The Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament


The Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament

32 sitcoms, a lot of laughs, but only one champion.

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What was the best sitcom of the 1990s? This is where the Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament comes in to solve the ageless question.

For this exercise, we have assembled the 32 best sitcoms of the 1990s and ranked them, helping us all come to a conclusion once and for all. Get ready for fierce competition and hopefully some fond memories.

Before going ahead, if television and pop culture are your thing, we’ve done other brackets as well. You can get access to those on our Pop Culture Brackets homepage.

ALERT: We have moved on to this tournament’s Regional Finals! Vote on the matchups on Page 2.

The Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament: Format

At great pains, we selected the 32 best sitcoms from the 1990s across a variety of different American television networks. Once we had the field of 32, we arranged them in an S-curve from 1 to 32. An explanation of how we arrived at some of the contenders is featured below.

The tournament will play out in four regions “hosted” by the top seeds. Much like in the NCAA basketball tournament, there are four number-one seeds, but each region only has eight teams as opposed to basketball’s 16.

The Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament: The Field of 32 S-Curve

1 Seinfeld
2 Friends
3 Frasier
4 The Simpsons
5 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
6 Everybody Loves Raymond
7 Roseanne
8 Married…With Children
9 Home Improvement
10 The Nanny
11 Will & Grace
12 Wings
13 That 70s Show
14 The King of Queens
15 Boy Meets World
16 Family Matters
17 3rd Rock from the Sun
18 Saved By The Bell
19 Full House
20 The Drew Carey Show
21 Spin City
22 Mad About You
23 The Larry Sanders Show
24 Murphy Brown
25 Coach
26 Sabrina The Teenage Witch
27 NewsRadio
28 Step by Step
29 Blossom
30 Sister, Sister
31 Martin
32 Grace Under Fire

The Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament: Snubs

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper
Dharma & Greg
Just Shoot Me

The Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament: Questions and Answers

Where’s Cheers? It started in the 1980s and its run was primarily in the 80s; it only lasted a year or two in the 90s. The 90s can’t take credit for it. Besides, they have a spinoff AND another related show in this bracket.

But you have That 70s Show and Will & Grace! These shows’ runs began in the 90s; we’ll allow it. As a rule, if a show started its run in the 1990s, but most of it ran in another decade, we’ll count it.

And you have Saved By The Bell and Murphy Brown! They started in the 80s, but most would probably associate them for their air time in the 1990s.

Where’s The Wonder Years? It’s not really a sitcom.

As for The Simpsons? The Simpsons is a show that transcends time these days. Nevertheless, it ran throughout the entire 1990s and arguably was at its peak then. You can’t tell me that 2017-18 Simpsons is better than, say, 1995-96 Simpsons. Not even close.

The Best 90s Sitcoms Tournament Bracket

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