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Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers and Commentary


Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers and Bracket

Survivors ready for the 36th time.

The Survivor Ghost Island spoilers and state of play bracket lives here. 36 seasons and Jeff Probst still isn’t bored.

This is our first rodeo tracking a Survivor season on The Bracket Yard, but we are establishing reality television credentials through following Big Brother and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The season begins on February 28, 2018 with a total of 20 contestants. Prepare to ogle people in their swimsuits weekly until they are systematically eliminated.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: The Final Bracket

Survivor Ghost Island finale

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Wendell Wins

First, how we got here. Sebastian went out in sixth place after his plan to jump Domenick with an extra-vote sneak attack backfired (thanks in part to Angela, who to that point had done almost nothing, spilling). Dom’s power play with the fake idol worked, and Sebastian took a hike.

Then, after weeks of appearing to be “the next to go,” Donathan finally did. The dude from Kentucky just plain ran out of runway, though at fifth place, he got a lot further than most would have expected. Several people were also safe, and with that small a pool of candidates, it was his time.

Moving on to the final four, where Dom won his way into the finale and took Laurel with him. Wendell mopped the floor with Angela in the fire-making contest, cementing the final three. Dom made the right decision in making Wendell earn it, knowing that Wendell was the most likely person to beat him in the jury vote.

After a spirited debate during the jury questioning, we had the first 5-5 tie in the history of the show. Laurel’s deciding vote gave the win to Wendell. She stayed loyal to her friend through the end. Yes, even though she was pissed at him for not taking her on the steak reward, he did give her immunity in the final five.

Wendell was arguably the second-best player of the season, with Domenick being the best. The best player doesn’t always win, though it’s not like anyone can complain that Wendell took it (you know, aside from Dom). It was their alliance that ran the game and for whatever reason, nobody ever had the brains, balls, or skill to split it. Lots of people talked about it but nobody ever did it. When you let players like that get to the end, don’t be surprised at the final result.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Kellyn’s Elimination

Good old Donathan did everything he could this week to light a match to his game, because as he said, he needed to “go for broke.” Instead, it was Kellyn who left after a tie vote was recast. Donathan was shaking things up and stirring drama, but really, who came out ahead in this one? Domenick, the person they’ve been telegraphing for the last few weeks is going to win. He got his target out, again, and with the season finale next week and just a few votes left, it may be too late to take a shot at him.

Not that keeping Donathan around is a bad move, because he’s not good at challenges. But nobody is going after the person (or duo) that is clearly out in front of the rest of them.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Chelsea’s Elimination

Now, you have to be more savvy at watching Survivor than to believe what the producers feed you. If you followed the edit of this episode, you would think Wendell was in trouble. After all, the ladies (who all got screwed out of family time) got together and decided they needed to break up the Dom-Wendell alliance. Domenick had an idol, and immunity, so flipping Donathan made it a done deal for Wendell. Then they go to the extent of showing Wendell blowing a huge advantage in the immunity challenge. Finally, when Donathan ran his mouth at tribal, cut to Wendell’s shocked face.

The truth is, he was in danger, until he wasn’t, because Chelsea went home, 5-3. Laurel and Donathan, the only old Malolo nomads left, got an old Naviti girl out of the game, and one who won a few challenges. They were the two swing votes to send Chelsea out, and now we’ll see if they answer for that next time.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Jenna and Michael’s Eliminations

Get a load of the right side of our infographic, which was Original Malolo. They’re almost all gone. Think about Big Brother 19, when it was the Paul Syncophants vs. Everyone Else. The pro-Paul majority got rid of the other side, and then they began to cannibalize each other. Now, Domenick is not quite Paul, but he is the ringleader. His side is about to turn on itself, which is the inevitable fate of a group that has its way.

Original Naviti has controlled Survivor: Ghost Island. When they go after each other, even though they know it’s coming, some will feel slighted. Who will those bitter jury members be? Will they be bitter at all?

In any event, we know Jenna and Michael are on it. Jenna was an afterthought in the episode, and Michael’s departure was assured as soon as he lost immunity. Was it the most drama, no, but they don’t all have to be dramatic.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Desiree’s Elimination

Next week could finally be the end of the line for Michael, what with the double elimination and all, but it wasn’t this week. He was as good as gone entering this episode if the majority bloc stayed together. It didn’t, as Desiree stirred the pot, and differing versions of a conversation about “the plan” made the rounds. She seemed to piss off all the wrong people, and she was the surprise departee.

Watching someone’s game spontaneously combust makes for good television. Desiree went from flying under the radar and being a non-factor to the one who stepped on her own proverbial grenade. If you’re going to make a big move, or try to, don’t irritate everyone in the process.

Someone please tell Sebastian it’s not spelled “Dezeray.”

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Libby’s Elimination

Last week, we saw a clueless Survivor player go to the jury with an idol in his pocket. Tonight, we were witness to someone playing an idol and actually saving himself. That was Michael, who would have been toast had he not used his advantage. Just think, he ate fish eyes and sea slugs but still wasn’t immune from the will of the tribe. He better win next week, however, or he’s in big trouble.

Because Michael actually made a smart play, someone had to go, and it was Libby with just four votes. She was one of the people that was higher up the list of those to go. The eject-Libby train was picking up votes the last few episodes. Please note that still only one person has voted out the eventual winner, Donathan.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Chris’s Elimination

Oh boy, Chris. You went home with an idol in your pocket right after saying you were going to “reverse the curse” of the jinxed idol that some other guy went home with in his pocket. That’s not “reality TV editing,” that’s making a lousy mistake. They set this up when Chris got his “advantage” and snuck away to Ghost Island. He got the idol and then decided to needlessly chance it twice. Instead of being guaranteed safety AND casting a vote, he lost his vote, and then took his idol back with him to the hotel due to arrogance.

Think about it: Domenick, your enemy and the other very likely person to get votes, put his idol around his neck. You’re target number one. Chris still thought he was safe and saved his idol for a tribal council he never survived to see. Ignorance of what’s going on around you is a fatal flaw in Survivor, but going home with an advantage is real numbskullery.

And I suspect that Wendell’s vote confessional went on for about 20 minutes and they had to edit it down.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Bradley’s Elimination

The moral of the story: Don’t be a dick, kids. (At least, a person that is edited to be a dick by reality television producers.)

Bradley even said he knew he could be a dick to people, but that’s a difficult thing to suppress. His tribe blindsided him after they flopped in the immunity challenge. Poor Bradley just missed the merge by one week, and Survivor: Ghost Island is without its (not very evil) villain.

The good news for Malolo is that it wasn’t them this time.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: James’s Elimination

If looks could kill, the look James gave at his vote off the island would have vaporized at least two of his (former) tribemates. All of them voted to eject him.

The tribal switcheroo resulted once again with Michael in a minority alliance, and even at that, he voted to boot the only other guy who might have aligned with him. At least it was one way of making sure James would go and not him.

Once Malolo bombed in the immunity challenge, again, it was back to tribal council. The girls plus Michael voted out James, whom Evel Dick found to be…lacking.

Michael would seem to have to pray he makes it to the merge without his tribe losing any more immunity challenges. Generally speaking, the old Malolo tribe is getting decimated. Just take a look at our infographic. It’s not a coincidence at this point that they’re getting picked one by one. Only King Donathan will rise from the ashes.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Stephanie’s Elimination

The Malolo Tribe as presently (in terms of chronological display of episodes) constructed stinks. They don’t win challenges, and that’s bad news for the shrinking old Malolo clique. Another one of them got picked off in a boring episode; this time, it was Stephanie J.

Ringleader of the majority alliance, Bradley, is the king of the junkyard. His tribe is clearly inferior, and when they switch tribes again next week, that whole group could be in for some trouble. Whatever the case, there was little drama in tonight’s elimination, only in which of the three in the minority left. Had there been no tribe switch next week and Malolo lost again, that would have been even more boring.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Brendan’s Elimination

First, the Malolo Tribe blows a huge lead in the immunity challenge. Then, there’s almost a minority revolt within the tribal council. Fortunately for Bradley, the “ringleader” of the majority alliance, Michael guessed wrong on using his idol. Knowing that someone from his smaller alliance would go, he announced he had a double-idol before the vote. It wasn’t, but in so doing saved himself.

He could not, however, save Bradley from being voted off the island. It was his suspicion that Stephanie was the target of the majority alliance, and used the idol on her. But no, it was poor Bradley, voted out in a party-line 5-4 vote. Had Michael guessed correctly, it would have been a major power play. Unless Michael and company can somehow convince Sebastian to join them, or they switch tribes again, the three left from old Malolo are sitting ducks.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Morgan’s Elimination

When the episode started, Jeff asked Morgan a question about the switch and she was all so bubbly and happy and ready to go. At this point, I exclaimed “she’s next.”

It’s like on MasterChef how they would very obviously foreshadow who would go home right at the beginning of the episode.

Nothing like a good old blindside when the ejected competitor looks safe and then picks up every remaining vote. Morgan’s time on Survivor will be remembered for…er, well, I’m sure it will be remembered for something eventually.

Of course, this is all setting up nicely for Donathan’s victory.

Survivor Ghost Island Spoilers: Gonzalez and Jacob’s Eliminations

What does a two-hour premiere usually mean? Two people going right back out the proverbial door, if one existed. Stephanie (Gonzalez) and Jacob of Malolo were the first two to go after Malolo lost immunity twice.

Donathan was spared twice by his tribe, to the detriment of both of the ones who went home. It’s hard to form opinions about almost anyone in the first episode, but had Jacob stayed, he was absolutely getting the “asshole edit.” Taking the rice, poor social skills, lying about Ghost Island (which is part of the game), and so forth — it would have happened. Someone has to get it, after all. The next most-likely candidate is Domenick on Naviti. Well, at least he’s on Naviti now, because they’re already switching tribes.

Survivor Ghost Island: Naviti Tribe (Season Start)

Angela Perkins Cincinnati, OH
Bradley Kleihege Los Angeles, CA
Chelsea Townsend Los Angeles, CA
Chris Noble Brooklyn, NY
Desiree Afuye Brooklyn, NY
Domenick Abbate Nesconset, NY
Kellyn Bechtold Denver, CO
Morgan Ricke Orlando, FL
Sebastian Noel Satellite Beach, FL
Wendell Holland Philadelphia, PA

Survivor Ghost Island: Malolo Tribe (Season Start)

Brendan Shapiro Herndon, VA
Donathan Hurley Kimper, KY
Jacob Derwin Brooklyn, NY
James Lin New York, NY
Jenna Bowman Venice Beach, CA
Laurel Johnson Minneapolis, MN
Libby Vincek Houston, TX
Michael Yerger Los Angeles, CA
Stephanie Gonzalez Chicago, IL
Stephanie Johnson Chicago, IL

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