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RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers - Bracket Commentary


RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers & Bracket

In a world full of nines, be a ten!

Tens, tens, tens across the board — it’s RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 spoilers and the bracket discussion.

Who’s slaying and who’s sashaying (away)? We have all the fresh tea as it is being spilled. Season start is March 22, 2018. The season finale aired on June 28, 2018.

If you missed RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, first off, what’s wrong with you? Check how that season went with our tracker page.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: The Bracket

Click on the infographic for a visualization of how the season went.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Winner: Aquaria

Aquaria is a very deserving winner. She was the best queen the whole season and the most consistently excellent. RuPaul loved her all the way, and it was an obvious choice for the Season 10 crowned queen.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a positive show, and it’s easy to see why it has caught on to a worldwide stage. Drag makes people feel good about themselves and everything around, even if the drag has a pointed political message. It’s meant to be fun, and Season 10 was.

As for the finale:

On Asia’s butterfly mishap: It was a huge gamble that would have been visually stunning if it worked. The problem is that it depended on insects coming out of stasis at the right time, and it did not work. She feels terrible about it but even if it worked, I still don’t know that she would have won the lip sync. Kameron worked it hard and Asia was scrambling.

The Season 1 vs. 10 lip syncs: A lot of fun; they should bring back past queens for performances at the finale on a regular basis.

On the Aquaria vs. Eureka lip sync: A thousand times better than the first one. Unlike Eureka’s first double shantay this season, this one was earned. Both queens wanted it and it showed.

The final lip sync of the season: Asia’s gag didn’t work, but Aquaria’s gag (the confetti cannons) did. That’s a more low-risk, high-reward thing with just as much visual appeal. Aside from that, all three queens did a great job but Aquaria’s sight gags put her over the top. I think even if it was a tie or Aquaria was a little behind, she still would have won given that she was the “chosen one” for the season. Her track record to that point justified the crowning.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Miz Cracker’s Elimination

The foreshadowing was strong but the preseason Reddit T was stronger, and the lip sync we all saw coming — Kameron vs. Cracker — happened. That lip sync was underwhelming. Think about the final five lip sync in Season 9 of Peppermint vs. Alexis to “Macho Man.” That was one hell of a good battle; this one, “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6, not so much.

The “Double Trouble” challenge was interesting and the top two were clearly Aquaria and Asia. As much as I’m becoming an Aquaria stan, I think Asia winning would have been very fair. Eureka has a real presence but I don’t know that she went far enough. Kameron and Cracker definitely didn’t go far enough, and this is why they lip synced. Cracker’s second look, her evil twin, did not seem to be a high-effort one. (I am not saying she’s lazy, I’m saying a little basic, so SNAP OUT OF IT!)

Here’s the thing, though: how much further would YOU have been willing to go? You’re talking about your inner saboteur, after all. It’s not a comfortable topic for most people, much less on television. I do not fault Kameron and Cracker if they did not go as far as some of the others. How many of us could have gone out there and talked about our issues like that?

As for Miz Cracker, she was the “comedy queen” of the season that did not get me feeling like she was a Bianca or Katya. Maybe it was the editing.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Monet’s Elimination

A week after the no-elimination episode, we were back to ejecting queens into the drag sun. Sadly, it was the end of the road for Monet, even though she served a decent look for herself.

This is our homegrown T on the queens, their partners, and their looks, ranked in order from best to worst.

Miz Cracker Chester See The resemblence was uncanny; they legitimately looked related. Everything about the look was on point.
Eureka O’Hara Frankie Grande The outfits matched and the looks were similar enough to see the resemblance. Of course Eureka would choose Frankie, who is basically in drag when he wakes up, for herself. It worked.
Asia O’Hara Raymond Braun I wasn’t as crazy about the resemblance between the two as the judges but it wasn’t a big miss, either. They sold it with their act.
Monet X Change Tyler Oakley I think I saw more resemblance here than the judges did, but the look was more basic.
Aquaria Kingsley Not Aquaria’s best effort, as the outfits (other than being the same color) did not tell the same story. The makeup work was where it needed to be, and that’s why Aquaria wasn’t in RuPaul’s bottom two.
Kameron Michaels Anthony Padilla The most basic look of the evening and there was not a strong resemblance. The hair was too far off and the outfits, meh.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Double Shantay!

The T said it was going to happen, and it happened. Kameron and Eureka both landed in the bottom, and they turned out the lip sync. Both remain in the competition as RuPaul gave us the ol’ “shantay you both stay.” (She didn’t say that, but it’s what she meant.)

Breastworld was a strange challenge, entertaining in parts and plain odd in others. Asia had a nice rebound performance as the faux Sarah Palin. Aquaria took what she thought was a bad role as Dyslexa and turned it into something humorous. Monet wasn’t terrible but faded into the background. Cracker, Eureka, and Kameron were a deserved bottom three as none of them sold their roles (though none were awful). Kameron was essentially the main character and it just never happened.

One wonders when Miz Cracker’s time to go is coming. She has been in the middle almost all the way through, and the middle is shrinking. The season is almost over and she has yet to bust through.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: The Vixen’s Elimination

Three lip syncs in a row, and it was finally time for The Vixen to go.

Her star was waning during the last three challenges, and in the (unauthorized) Cher Rusical, her performance was not authentic Cher. SHNAP OUT OF IT, GIRL. Meanwhile, it was another weak performance by Asia O’Hara, and the excuses in Untucked were a bad look for a queen who otherwise comes off as very pleasant and considerate. This was the bottom two, and in a relatively close lip sync, Asia prevailed.

The Vixen is going to be remembered for being combative. After all, when she walked into the Werk Room for the first time, she said she was there to fight. Her relationships with the girls at the time of the show had their ups and downs. I’m sure that now, they’re all one big, happy sisterhood at DragCon. Let’s not be too quick to cast stones at The Vixen for her time on Drag Race, however. Aside from irrationally insisting Eureka was on the bottom weekly, she called it as she saw it. Last season, you recall, some also complained that there was no drama. The Vixen brought the drama. Who would have guessed that Aquaria vs. Miz Cracker would be a minor subplot this year?

Congratulations also to Kameron for the challenge victory as 60s Cher. In order and determined by us, here’s how the ladies placed in the challenge: Kameron, Eureka, Monet, Miz Cracker, Aquaria, The Vixen, Asia.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Monique’s Elimination

The producers hit us with every barrel they could this week: the Reading Challenge, the Snatch Game, Bianca Del Rio, Alex Trebek, AND a wild Untucked. This is what we came to see, folks. Drag Race brought it. This week, unfortunately for Miss Monique Heart, it was the end of the line. The Reddit T indicated she would go home by not knowing the words, and guess what: that’s the real T, hennies.

We know that Eureka and The Vixen can’t stand each other; it’s amazing that this is the rivalry of the season, not Aquaria and Miz Cracker (yet). It boiled over again after the Snatch Game, a challenge that separates the contenders from the pretenders. (Editor’s note: It didn’t in All Stars 3, in which Trixie Mattel bombed but still won the season; this is in part because BenDeLaCreme quit and also because Shangela got shafted.)

Because of the magnitude of the Snatch Game in the course of a Drag Race season, we decided to rate all eight performances from best to worst.

Aquaria Melania Trump Aquaria says she’s not funny, but she is. Melania’s mannerisms were there, but aside from that, she poked fun at the character, her husband, and RuPaul. Truly a job well done.
Eureka O’Hara Honey Boo Boo If it wasn’t Aquaria winning Snatch Game, it would have been Eureka. Honey Boo Boo is big and over the top, just like Eureka. It was a great character choice and even though it was really just one joke, she kept it fresh and amusing.
Monet X Change Maya Angelou This was a much better Maya Angelou than the last one we saw. Aside from the poetry, Monet put a very sassy side to the late poet that scored well.
Kameron Michaels Chyna It wasn’t a bad impersonation, and it was right up Kameron’s alley as Chyna was a bodybuilder and a masculine woman. Not a particular standout, but she landed a few jokes.
Miz Cracker Dorothy Parker Cracker is the kind of person who could win Snatch Game, but she picked a person few have heard of, and it took away some of the sparkle. It was just a woman in black tossing one-liners.
Monique Heart Maxine Waters Monique’s first problem was picking someone who isn’t funny, and then not doing much to make her funny. Those who do well at Snatch Game pick people with personality; a sitting congresswoman is NOT a logical first choice. Monique was too literal in how she played Waters, kind of like how Thorgy was too literal in playing Stevie Nicks.
The Vixen Blue Ivy Blue Ivy (aka Beyonce’s 6-year old daughter) was an odd choice, but odd choices can often be the best ones. It was not for The Vixen. There was nothing to the character except a little whining. This is what the pitfalls are of picking a 6-year old without the boldness of a Honey Boo Boo. She had one joke and it didn’t work.
Asia O’Hara Beyoncé Please, let’s institute a moratorium on doing Beyonce in Snatch Game. Nobody has made it work. Asia played Beyonce as an angry schoolmarm type, and it was a bad miss. This was the worst of the night and she was lucky not to have lip synced.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Blair’s Elimination

Today’s episode just felt dirty because of how it ended. First, how it began. The main challenge was for the nine remaining queens to create faux RuPaul’s Drag Con panels. They got worse as the episode progressed, and Mama Ru got the top and bottom groups correct. Eureka’s was the best with their “proportionizing,” whereas Blair’s group fell flat with their hair convo. It was boring and incoherent, but to their credit, they didn’t have two people doing makeup at the same time like Aquaria’s middle group.

Had the queens been judged individually, Asia O’Hara might have been closer to the top because her dandelion runway look stole the show. She was at least in the middle group, saving her for the first group into Untucked.

Ultimately, Blair and The Vixen were the lip syncers. This was after Blair confessed that she was raped in college in a shocking and sad moment. Vixen won the lip sync fair and square, and our dear Blair went home on a very low note. Blair was starting to look like an understated contender, but she got swept out in a challenge that required public speaking ability and connecting with the fans. It was her idea to be “super likable,” but apparently that didn’t happen. I’m sure she wouldn’t want any of us to feel sorry for her after her story, however. Instead, we tip our extravagant hats to an extraordinary queen who was brave enough to show her vulnerability.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Mayhem’s Elimination

There are two Mayhems that come to mind: Allstate and Miller. Television wasn’t big enough for the both of them, though the former had nothing to do with getting rid of the latter.

The “Bossy Rossy Show” idea had a lot of potential. Only a few queens truly delivered on it, namely Eureka and Miz Cracker. Anyone who has seen a trashy daytime TV talk show knows that the characters are over the top. When Cracker came out dressed as a pickle, Mayhem needed to be running around screaming like they do on Maury. The Vixen and Asia were not on the same page the whole time and didn’t do enough to mimic one another. Blair needed to find her inner bitch when Monique stole her cactus husband. Monet and Kameron needed to beat their strange addictions until they were dead and twitching.

(I realize that anyone reading this without the proper context is not going to know what the hell is going on here.)

The Vixen could have easily found herself in the lip sync, but she lives to slay another week. Maybe only about two episodes from the Snatch Game now.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Dusty’s Elimination

Well, time to be hitting the old “Dusty” trail. Get it?

It wasn’t Dusty Ray Bottoms’ night on RuPaul’s Drag Race, as the “Last Ball Ever” was Dusty’s finale on the show. The three looks she served varied in quality; while one thing would be a hit, some other element was a miss. As much as I like Aquaria, I didn’t quite think she nailed the theme aspect of it (she looked like a feather duster in the Miami look), but the looks were stunning. In poor Dusty’s case, she didn’t hit the theme or have the sharpness of the top queens. For what it’s worth, my least favorite look of the night was Asia’s “Alaska” look, which was a brown bathing suit with cotton balls on it. (I wish someone LITERALLY dressed like Alaska, as in Thunderfuck 5000 from the planet Glamtron.)

I’m just glad Monet had looks other than a red jumpsuit, and she slayed that lip sync which wasn’t as close as Mama Ru made it sound.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Yuhua’s Elimination

A strange challenge that only landed a few funny moments yielded the end of Yuhua Hamasaki on Drag Race. So much for these “new” dating apps; just stick to Tinder and Grindr, folks.

That was one vicious edit had by Yuhua; her Werk Room stunk, her challenge stunk, and her excuses stunk. We see what the producers want us to see, and what we saw was someone who had a really bad day. She was obviously headed for the lip sync, which Mayhem dominated.

Remember this episode and the succeeding Untucked for the drama, which you all missed in Season 9. Vixen said she’s here to fight, and she ain’t lyin’, girl. Aquaria has the personality to be involved in a lot of these verbal altercations, and plenty of these queens are there to fan the flames of T.

Oh, and Monique’s runway look was again stunning. That’s two out of three runways where she had my favorite look and got jack squat in terms of recognition for it.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Kalorie’s Elimination

RuPaul’s Drag Race must have gone on a diet, because it cut Kalorie this week. I’ll show myself out.

But seriously, the PharmaRusical had a clear bottom two, Kalorie Karbdashian Williams and Eureka O’Hara. Kalorie wasn’t a star in the challenge, and Eureka completely botched the lip syncing from start to finish. They knew it in Untucked, and we knew it before Ru said it. Even after surviving last week, Ms. Karbdashian Williams was the clear weak link. Thankfully for Eureka, what she failed at in the challenge lip sync, she made up for in the elimination lip sync.

Week two’s stray thoughts:

  • The producers definitely heard some of the criticism of Season 9 and cast more drama queens. The Vixen is here for the T, Asia isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and Aquaria and Cracker can’t stand each other.
  • LIVING for the 90 minute episodes plus Untucked.
  • Rumors are that Aquaria becomes the bitch of the season, but whatever the case, she’s obviously very talented.
  • Monique probably shouldn’t have been third from the bottom; Yuhua perhaps.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: Vanessa’s Elimination

Season 10 is off to a great start — all shade, all T, some Christina, and lots of Drag Race alumni. For the first challenge, they recreated the first challenge ever in Drag Race her-story: Drag On A Dime. With their dollar-store looks, the bottom two was clear for Mama Ru: Kalorie and Vanessa. In the lip sync, it first appeared Kalorie was on the way out, but she twerked her way into a stay of elimination. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t the best lip sync, but they will get better as the “filler” queens go away.

Other stray thoughts on the beginning of Season 10:

  • This is NOT RuPaul’s Best Friend Race anymore. Picking two queens that loathe each other (Cracker and Aquaria) was one way to ensure that.
  • Monique was robbed; that card deck look was stunning.
  • LOVING that Untucked is on TV. Sure, who doesn’t like Saturday morning Untucked on YouTube but…er, never mind.
  • Yuhua is giving me Bianca Del Rio vibes, but I need more. MORE.
  • There was a lot of crying for the first episode.
  • Ben and Shangela should have a show like Trixie and Katya.

RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Spoilers: The Queens

Aquaria aka Giovanni Palandrani Brooklyn, NY
Asia O’Hara aka Antwan Mason Lee Dallas, TX
Blair St. Clair aka Andrew Bryson Indianapolis, IN
Dusty Ray Bottoms aka Dustin Rayburn New York, NY
Eureka O’Hara aka David Huggard Johnson City, TN
Kalorie Karbdashian Williams aka Daniel Hernandez Albuquerque, NM
Kameron Michaels aka Dane Young Nashville, TN
Mayhem Miller aka Dequan Johnson Riverside, CA
Miz Cracker aka Maxwell Heller New York, NY
Monét X Change aka Kevin Bertin Bronx, NY
Monique Heart aka Kevin Richardson Kansas City, MO
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo aka Jose Cancel Tampa, FL
The Vixen aka Anthony Taylor Chicago, IL
Yuhua Hamasaki aka Yuhua Ou New York, NY

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