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Celebrity Big Brother US


Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers, Commentary, and State of Play

11 celebrities, 1 house.

Celebrity Big Brother US begins on February 7, 2018, with eleven celebrities vying for $250,000.

This is only a 26-day stint for the various C and D-listers (let’s be honest), while the broadcast season airs on CBS from February 7 to February 25, 2018. There will be two-hour eviction episodes each Friday during the series run, with one-hour eviction episodes on Mondays. And yes, there will be live feeds.

How Do I Watch Celebrity Big Brother Live?

With the aforementioned live feeds, of course. To see the broadcast show, the air schedule can be found here. All times Eastern and it’s on CBS.

Celebrity Big Brother US: Current State of Play

You can always enlarge the state of play by clicking on it — opens in a new tab.

Season over!

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Marissa Wins

The Final Five whittled to a winner in about two hours time, with Marissa Jaret Winokur taking the first Celebrity Big Brother title. She beat Ross Mathews in the finale, 6 to 3. Her victory in the final HOH got her to that pairing, and almost certainly won her the game, as she might not have won against someone else.

In order, they went home: Omarosa, Ariadna, Mark, and Ross. The speeches were done well by Ross, and the season was done well by Ross, but the jury saw it differently. (Ross won America’s Favorite Player, anyway.) If you want to say the jury was bitter, that’s fine. It was in Big Brother 19 as well. Paul completely dominated that game from Day 1 but his minions flipped him the finger when he turned on them one by one. Ross’s former allies turned on him as well for the same reason. It is what it is, and move on. May future players know that jury management is just as important as winning a comp here and there. Ross got proverbial blood on his hands, and Marissa had nowhere near as much. That, and most of the jury saw everything from home.

Marissa was not the best player this season, but the best player doesn’t always win. Sometimes, floaters do that, but you have to be a decent floater to get that far. Congratulations to Marissa in any case, in what was an entertaining season.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: The Double Eviction

Nothing like a double eviction in Big Brother to shake up the house. When said double eviction comes two days before the finale, chaos ensues. On Friday night, two people who can’t stand each other, James and Brandi, went out the door. Brandi first, and then James. Meanwhile, congratulations are in order to Big Brother production and Alison Grodner on Omarosa getting to finale night.

Who’s going to win Celebrity Big Brother? Who knows. It comes down to a comp before half of the remaining house gets evicted. There may never have been a finale in Big Brother history with so little known and so little indication of what will happen.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Metta’s Eviction

For the first time, the Ross Axis was in trouble, with both Ross and Brandi on the block during Omarosa’s HOH. Again, a week was torpedoed by a houseguest wanting out. This time, it was Metta World Peace. Give Omarosa credit, though: she damn near shook up the house. Taking down one of Ross or Brandi would have done it.

Omarosa forged a counter-alliance of the underdogs in the house — herself, Mark, Metta, and James. Yet, on her HOH, someone from her own alliance went home. Ross winning the lousy VIP Veto by a split-second secured his place.

If you are looking for a gripe in what has otherwise been an entertaining season, it’s that two evictions were overshadowed by someone pleading to leave. In a normal Big Brother season, houseguests self-evict from time to time, but three months is no joke. Some were having meltdowns over being there three weeks, regardless of the reason why. In Keshia’s case, sending her home was the right thing to do, though it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to be on the show in the first place. Metta made it clear from the start that he wanted to exit. Perhaps that is the problem with these celebrity seasons: they are more likely to go stir-crazy than your average age 24 unemployed Joe Blow from Tapiocaville.

With a double eviction looming, it could be the end of Omarosa or James, but there’s no telling which way this can turn.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Shannon’s Eviction

A few days ago, Keshia’s eviction of compassion had the potential to royally screw up Ross, Marissa, Brandi, and Ari’s plan to get Shannon out before Shannon got them. They are very fortunate that she lost the veto and went out the door. Those who play hard right out of the gate tend to go home sooner than everyone else. Shannon was another, and in a regular season might have been a “pre-jury flop” if playing that tough out of the chute. Making yourself a target by being tough as nails is a good way to go home.

Ultimately, that was Shannon’s downfall. Those who betrayed her survived, but James in the house is an ongoing issue for them. Omarosa in the house is a problem for everyone. Stirring the pot is a leisure activity for her, whether about the White House or another houseguest. Give Omarosa credit for being interesting and a magnificent liar, both of which are positive traits for a houseguest.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Keshia’s Eviction

For the last few days, after putting Keshia and Omarosa on the block, a plan bubbled to backdoor Shannon. Ross and his apparent ride-or-die, Marissa, engineered the whole thing with the help of Brandi and Ari. They had the votes to evict Shannon, and owned had a high probability of one of them getting the veto. When Shannon went out in the veto competition, she looked as good as gone.

Marissa beat Omarosa in the final round to win the veto, and then, as CBS tried to go to commercial, Keshia started bawling about going home to her child because of breastfeeding. A noble cause indeed. She begged to go home, and Marissa declined to use the veto. As a personal compassion move, it was the right one, but as a game move, it’s going to be a major problem for Ross and company. There is almost no chance Shannon fails to find out about the foiled backdoor plan. The question is, will it be a bigger issue for Ross and Marissa or Brandi and Ari, the latter of whom started the rumblings in the first place?

If Marissa didn’t want to get blood on her hands, anyway, she should have thrown it to Omarosa. It worked out for Keshia, who wanted to go home to her child and breastfeed. Now the fireworks will begin.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Chuck’s Eviction

The first one out of the Reality TV Octagon was none other than former UFC star Chuck Liddell. If you like a good old fashioned house flip, here it is. James looked like he was as good as gone, but then, in just a few days, the campaign began to save James and out Chuck went. What’s impressive is that the rumblings were there about the flip, but it actually happened.

We’ve already seen more game play in this compact Celebrity Big Brother season than in all of Big Brother 19. There’s no Paul to decree to the minions what has to happen, and there are few or no followers.

Celebrity Big Brother US: About The Celebrity Big Brother Cast

Ariadna Gutierrez Former Miss Colombia; subject of Steve Harvey’s famous “oops” moment.
Brandi Glanville Cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a former contestant on Celebrity Big Brother UK.
Chuck Liddell Retired MMA/UFC fighter and member of the UFC Hall of Fame.
James Maslow Formerly an actor on Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush, and a contestant on Dancing With The Stars 18.
Keshia Knight Pulliam Played Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show.
Marissa Winokur Broadway actress who won a Tony Award for her performance in Hairspray, and a Dancing With The Stars 6 contestant.
Mark McGrath Lead singer of band Sugar Ray.
Metta World Peace Previously known as Ron Artest; a retired NBA forward who won the 2010 title with the Los Angeles Lakers.
Omarosa Manigault Contestant on The Apprentice and former White House staffer for President Donald Trump.
Ross Mathews Known for appearing on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and as a regular judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Shannon Elizabeth Film actress from American Pie and Scary Movie.

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